National Paula Day – December 29: History, Activities & Quotes

National Paula Day, celebrated on December 29, is a unique day dedicated to all the Paulas around the world. The name Paula, derived from Latin, means “small” or “humble.” This day emphasizes the importance and significance of celebrating every Paula, recognizing their individuality and contributions to society.

History of National Paula Day

In the annals of American nomenclature, Paula stands as an enduring testament, tracing its lineage to the year 1880. As the 20th century dawned in 1900, Paula’s prominence was modestly acknowledged. 

However, by 1943, it had ascended to the echelons of the nation’s coveted Top 100 names, clinching the 93rd spot and receiving registrations for 3,042 female infants. Yet, the Grand Canyon State, Arizona, displayed a contrasting trend in 1940, where a mere ten newborns were christened Paula, despite its resonance with 1,381 infants across the nation every annum. 

The Ocean State, Rhode Island, witnessed a Paula renaissance in 1953, with 107 cherubic Paulas, positioning it at a commendable 19th rank.

Venturing into the cradle of New England, Massachusetts, Paula reigned supreme as a preferred feminine moniker from 1934 to 1976. The zenith of its popularity was 1963, a year that beheld 10,144 nascent Paulas. For three fruitful decades, Paula’s allure persisted within the coveted Top 100 cadre, only to recede in 1974.

From its inception in 1880 to the close of 2018, Paula graced the Social Security Administration’s voluminous database 279,246 times. However, the 1980s heralded a gradual wane in its allure. By 2016, it languished at a less-prominent 821st rank. Intriguingly, the Hispano-Italian variant, ‘Paola,’ garners greater favor within American shores.

Across the vast expanse of Europe and South America, Paula’s resonance varies. Spain reveres it, positioning it at a lofty 4th rank. Catalonia extends its admiration, pegging it at 8th. Croatia acknowledges its charm at 31st, Austria at 40th, and Chile at a respectful 64th.

National Paula Day Activities

Personalized Greetings:

Send heartfelt messages, cards, or handwritten notes to Paulas you know. Express your appreciation and celebrate their unique identity.

Host a Paula-themed Gathering:

Organize a small get-together or a virtual meetup with friends, family, or colleagues named Paula. It’s a fantastic way to foster connections and create lasting memories.

Explore the History of the Name:

Dive deep into the origins and meanings associated with the name Paula. Discuss its cultural, historical, and linguistic roots, fostering a deeper appreciation for the name’s heritage.

Paula-inspired Crafts or DIY:

Get creative! Design personalized gifts, crafts, or artwork inspired by the name Paula. It could be anything from custom jewelry to hand-painted mugs.

Paula Movie or Music Marathon:

Enjoy a movie night or music session featuring famous Paulas like Paula Abdul or Paula Patton. Celebrate their contributions to the entertainment world and enjoy some quality entertainment.

Share on Social Media:

Use hashtags like #NationalPaulaDay to share stories, photos, or memories related to the name Paula. Engage with online communities, spreading positivity and celebrating the day’s spirit.

5 Hit Songs By PAULA ABDUL 

While Paula Abdul has numerous hits, five iconic songs stand out:

  • “Straight Up” – A dance-pop anthem that topped charts.
  • “Rush Rush” – A romantic ballad that captured hearts.
  • “Opposites Attract” – Known for its catchy chorus and memorable music video.
  • “Cold Hearted” – A sassy track that showcased Abdul’s versatility.
  • “Forever Your Girl” – A song that resonates with love and commitment.

National Paula Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“To all the Paulas who light up our lives, Happy National Paula Day!”

“Paulas are not just names; they are legacies.”

“Cheers to the Paulas who inspire us daily.”

“For every Paula out there, you are celebrated today and always.”

“May this National Paula Day be filled with love, laughter, and joy for you.”

“Paulas, your name holds power, grace, and beauty.”

“Wishing every Paula a day as wonderful as they are!”

“Celebrating the essence and spirit of every Paula today.”

“To the Paulas who make a difference, today is your day!”

“May the world always recognize the magic in Paulas.”

Why We Love National Paula Day

  • Recognition of Identity: Names are more than mere labels; they carry histories, stories, and legacies. Celebrating National Paula Day is a testament to recognizing the significance of names in shaping individual identities.
  • A Day of Appreciation: In our hectic lives, it’s easy to overlook the small things that make people special. National Paula Day serves as a dedicated moment to pause, reflect, and appreciate the Paulas in our lives, fostering feelings of gratitude and warmth.
  • Highlighting the Individual: Every Paula brings something unique to the table, be it their talents, perspectives, or contributions to their communities. This day emphasizes the importance of recognizing and valuing these individual qualities.
  • Cultural and Historical Significance: Names often carry cultural, historical, or familial significance. By celebrating National Paula Day, we acknowledge and honor the rich tapestry of stories and traditions associated with the name Paula.

National Paula Day Dates

2023December 29Friday
2024December 29Sunday
2025December 29Monday
2026December 29Tuesday
2027December 29Wednesday


Origin of the name Paula?

The name Paula is of Latin origin, meaning “small” or “humble.”

Who are some famous Paulas?

Famous Paulas include Paula Abdul, Paula Patton, and Saint Paula of Rome.

How can I celebrate National Paula Day?

Celebrate by sending wishes, learning about the name’s history, or hosting a Paula-themed gathering.


National Paula Day serves as a beautiful reminder of the significance of names and identities. It’s a day to cherish, celebrate, and honor every Paula, highlighting their unique contributions to the world. To all the Paulas reading this: you are cherished, celebrated, and loved.

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