National Tim Day – December 28: History, Activities & Quotes

Hey there, fellow readers! Have you ever wondered if there’s a day dedicated to celebrating someone named Tim? Well, guess what? There is! Welcome to the world of National Tim Day, celebrated every December 28th. Let’s dive deep and explore this unique day dedicated to all the Tims out there.

History of National Tim Day

Timothy, colloquially known as Timmy, Timmie, Timbo, or Timo, transcends its traditional moniker. Predominantly associated with ancient Hellenic epochs, this nomenclature only permeated the lexicon of English-speaking communities during the Renaissance period.

While it once dominated the rosters of newborn boys, its zenith spanned the mid-20th century, especially culminating in 1967 when a staggering 1,607 male infants were christened Timothy, securing its 11th position in nomenclature charts. Intriguingly, while conventionally male-centric, the appellation, albeit rarely, adorned female progeny. By 1970, the disparity was glaring: a male-to-female ratio of 153 to 1. 

However, the subsequent decades witnessed its waning allure, plummeting to a mere 0.121% prevalence by 2018, relegating it to the 165th spot. Nevertheless, within its cohort, Timothy persisted as a predominant choice. Fast forward to 2020, and 1,985 male infants assumed this distinguished name, marking a prevalence of one in 923 newborn males.

Does the ubiquity of Timothys astound you? Under a hypothetical scenario, mirroring 2020’s demographic and birth trends, a cohort of 10,000 individuals would encompass six bearers of the Timothy title. Hence, encountering another Timothy, given such parameters, would be an almost inevitable occurrence, with odds surpassing 99.608%.

National Tim Day Activities

  • Tim Trivia Challenge: Organize a trivia game focused on famous Tims from history, movies, or literature. Participants can test their knowledge and learn some interesting facts about notable Tims.
  • Tim Appreciation Wall: Set up a space where friends and family can write notes, memories, or reasons they appreciate the Tims in their lives. It’s a heartfelt way to celebrate and show gratitude.
  • Tim-themed Movie Marathon: Gather some classic films featuring actors named Tim (like Tim Robbins or Tim Allen). Create a cozy movie night with popcorn, snacks, and cinematic fun.
  • Crafting Time: Get creative with DIY crafts. Whether it’s making personalized Tim-themed cards, creating Tim-inspired artwork, or crafting decorative items, let the imagination run wild.
  • Tim Cook-off: Challenge participants to prepare dishes that either begin with or include ingredients starting with the letters T, I, and M. It’s a tasty way to celebrate while indulging in delicious treats.

5 Actors Named Tim

  • Tim Robbins: An American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer with a long and acclaimed career. He has won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Mystic River (2003) and has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director for Dead Man Walking (1995). Some of his other notable films include Bull Durham (1988), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), and Invictus (2009). 
  • Tim Allen: An American stand-up comedian, actor, and voice actor. He is best known for his role as Tim Taylor in the sitcom Home Improvement (1991-1999), for which he won a Golden Globe Award. He has also starred in films such as Toy Story (1995), Galaxy Quest (1999), and Wild Hogs (2007). 
  • Timothee Chalamet: An American actor who rose to fame with his role as Elio Perlman in the coming-of-age drama Call Me by Your Name (2017). He has since starred in films such as Lady Bird (2017), Little Women (2019), and Dune (2021). He has been nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Call Me by Your Name and Best Supporting Actor for Dune. 
  • T.I. (Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.): An American rapper, songwriter, actor, record executive, and activist. He has starred in films such as ATL (2006), American Gangster (2007), and Ant-Man (2015). He has also won three Grammy Awards. 
  • Timothy Spall: An English actor with a long and distinguished career in both film and television. He has won two BAFTA Awards for Best Supporting Actor, for Secrets & Lies (1996) and The Last Bus Stop (2008). He is also known for his roles in the Harry Potter films and the Mr. Turner biopic (2014). 

National Tim Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“Happy National Tim Day! Here’s to the Tims who make every day brighter with their unique charm.”

“To the Tims around the world, may your day be filled with joy, laughter, and countless memories. Cheers to you!”

“Celebrating all the incredible Tims today. Your name might be common, but there’s nothing ordinary about you. Shine on!”

“From one Tim to another, embrace the love and appreciation coming your way. Happy National Tim Day!”

“For all the moments you’ve made special, for all the laughs and memories shared, today is your day, Tim!”

“Here’s a shoutout to all the Tims who’ve made a difference, big or small. Happy National Tim Day!”

“Wishing every Tim out there a day filled with happiness, love, and all the good things life has to offer.”

“It’s not just about the name; it’s about the spirit! Celebrating the essence of every Tim on this special day.”

“Cheers to the Tims who’ve touched our lives, made us smile, and reminded us of the beauty in simplicity. Happy National Tim Day!”

“To all the Tims who stand tall, shine bright, and spread positivity, today and always – Happy National Tim Day!”

Why We Love National Tim Day

  • Celebrating Individuality: At its core, National Tim Day celebrates individuals named Tim. It’s a beautiful reminder that every name, every individual, has its own story, journey, and significance.
  • Building Connections: Whether you’re a Tim or know someone named Tim, this day fosters connections. It’s an opportunity to reach out, reconnect, or strengthen bonds with Tims in our lives.
  • Shared Moments: National Tim Day often brings people together. From shared memories to creating new ones, it’s a day filled with laughter, stories, and moments that become cherished memories.
  • Appreciation and Gratitude: It’s not every day that someone gets an entire day dedicated to them! National Tim Day is a heartfelt way to show appreciation, gratitude, and love towards the Tims we know and love.
  • A Sense of Community: Knowing that many others are celebrating and appreciating Tims around the world creates a sense of community. It’s a day where everyone comes together, united by a shared purpose and joy.

National Tim Day Dates

2023December 28Thursday
2024December 28Saturday
2025December 28Sunday
2026December 28Monday
2027December 28Tuesday


What is National Tim Day?

National Tim Day is an annual celebration dedicated to individuals named Tim, appreciating their contributions and presence in our lives.

When is National Tim Day?

National Tim Day is celebrated every December 28th.


In a world filled with various celebrations, National Tim Day stands out as a testament to the uniqueness and camaraderie of individuals named Tim. As we wrap up this exploration, let’s remember to cherish the Tims around us and look forward to many more celebrations in the years to come.

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