World Sketchnote Day – January 11, 2024

World Sketchnote Day is an annual celebration that takes place on January 11th, bringing together a global community of Sketchnoters, visual thinkers, and enthusiasts. This day is dedicated to the art of Sketchnoting, a technique that combines hand-drawn visuals with written content to enhance understanding and retention.

History of World Sketchnote Day

The origins of written human history are rooted in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia, dating approximately between 3400 B.C. and 3300 B.C. However, the art of capturing and preserving thoughts has always been a coveted skill. 

One such avenue is the vibrant exercise of ideation, where congregations amalgamate their cognitive prowess, intertwining visuals, and linguistic constructs to birth innovative concepts. A progression from this is Sketchnoting, wherein an individual encapsulates insights in an aesthetically captivating manner.

The inception of sketchnoting, a confluence of sketches and annotations, can be traced back to the nascent months of 2007. It was during this period that the visionary designer, Michael Rohde, embarked on an exploratory journey, aiming to augment comprehension amidst the act of diligent note-taking.

 Amidst the ambience of a design symposium, constrained by the limitations of a diminutive pocket journal, Rohde pivoted his approach. He pivoted towards a synthesis of auditory perceptions, visual impressions, and introspective musings, transmuting them into an amalgam of calligraphy and illustrative artistry. 

Thus, the innovative praxis of sketchnoting—melding sketches with annotations—was ushered into existence, subsequently garnering a cohort of adherents.

This craft harnesses the potential of the Visual Alphabet, an assemblage of geometric configurations and symbolic motifs, adeptly wielded to craft an expansive spectrum of visual narratives. 

Analogous to the manner in which phonetic characters coalesce to formulate lexicon, rudimentary geometrical entities—be it specks, arcs, or polygons—can be maneuvered, contorted, and amalgamated at will. Individuals, wielding these symbolic constructs, carve out personalized lexicons, enriched by their semantic resonances and interpretative nuances.

World Sketchnote Day Activities 

  • Choose a topic that interests you: It could be anything from your favorite book or movie to a recent lecture or podcast you listened to.
  • Start brainstorming visually: Don’t worry about perfection, just let your ideas flow onto the page using simple shapes, icons, and arrows.
  • Experiment with different layouts and styles: There are no hard and fast rules in sketchnoting, so have fun and see what works for you.
  • Post your sketchnotes on social media using the hashtag #WorldSketchnoteDay. This is a great way to connect with other sketchnoters and get feedback on your work.
  • Participate in the #WorldSketchnoteDay Challenge: Every year, the Sketchnote Army hosts a challenge with a specific theme. This year’s theme is “Brave New Worlds,” so get creative and imagine the future!

5 Facts About World Sketchnote Day

  • World Sketchnote Day was inspired by the Sketchnoting Handbook, a seminal work by Mike Rohde.
  • The celebration encourages both beginners and experienced sketchnoters to participate and share their work.
  • Sketchnoting is not limited to paper – digital sketchnoting on tablets and other devices is also popular.
  • The community often uses the hashtag #SNDay to connect and share their creations on social media.
  • World Sketchnote Day is a testament to the power of visual thinking in enhancing communication and learning.

World Sketchnote Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages

“A sketchnote is worth a thousand words, and a thousand times more fun to create.” – Mike Rohde, author of “The Sketchnote Handbook”

“World Sketchnote Day is a celebration of visual thinking, learning, and creativity. Grab your pens and let your ideas flow!”

“May your sketches be bold, your lines be vibrant, and your connections be clear. Happy World Sketchnote Day!”

“Sketchnoting is not about being perfect, it’s about capturing the essence of ideas and making them your own.” – Austin Kleon, author of “Steal Like an Artist”

“Let’s raise a toast (or a coffee mug) to the power of visual storytelling. Happy World Sketchnote Day!”

“The world needs more sketchnoters. Share your visual voice and inspire others to think differently.”

“From mind maps to masterpieces, World Sketchnote Day is your chance to unleash your inner artist and embrace the joy of visual note-taking.”

“Today, let’s sketchnote the world, one idea at a time. Happy World Sketchnote Day!”

“May your pens be mighty, your notebooks be boundless, and your creativity be contagious. Happy World Sketchnote Day!”

“The best way to predict the future is to create it. So grab your pen and start sketching your dreams. Happy World Sketchnote Day!”

Why We Celebrate World Sketchnote Day

To embrace the joy of visual thinking:

Sketchnoting isn’t just about drawing pretty pictures; it’s about using visual metaphors and symbols to represent abstract concepts. This process allows us to tap into our visual intelligence and think in a different way.

To promote diversity and accessibility:

Unlike traditional note-taking, sketchnoting doesn’t require perfect grammar or spelling. It’s a visual language that everyone can understand and use, regardless of their learning style or ability.

To foster a global community:

World Sketchnote Day is a chance for sketchnoters around the world to connect, share their work, and learn from each other. Through social media and online communities, sketchnoters can inspire and motivate one another to keep exploring the power of visual thinking.

To celebrate Mike Rohde, a pioneer of sketchnoting:

The date, January 11th, coincides with the birthday of Mike Rohde, the author of “The Sketchnote Handbook” and a leading figure in popularizing sketchnoting as a learning and communication tool.

World Sketchnote Day Dates

2024January 11Thursday
2025January 11Saturday
2026January 11Sunday
2027January 11Monday
2028January 11Tuesday


What is World Sketchnote Day?

World Sketchnote Day is an annual celebration dedicated to the practice of sketchnoting, a technique that combines hand-drawn visuals with written content for effective communication and learning.

When is World Sketchnote Day?

World Sketchnote Day is observed on January 11th each year.


World Sketchnote Day is  a celebration of doodles and drawings; it’s a recognition of the transformative power of visual thinking. As the global sketchnoting community continues to grow, so does the impact of this unique and expressive form of communication. So, let the pens doodle, the ideas flow, and the creativity soar on every World Sketchnote Day!

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