Thailand Mother’s Day – August 12: Dates, History, Activities & Quotes

Thailand’s Mother’s Day celebrated on August 12th, is a special occasion that holds immense cultural and emotional significance for the Thai people. This day is an opportunity to express love, gratitude, and respect toward mothers and mother figures in Thai society. The celebration is not just about biological mothers; it extends to grandmothers, aunts, and anyone who plays a nurturing role.

History Thailand Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in Thailand is celebrated on August 12, which is the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. She is the mother of the current king of Thailand, King Maha Vajiralongkorn, and is widely respected and loved by the Thai people.

Mother’s Day was first celebrated in Thailand in 1950, but the date was changed to August 12 in 1976 to commemorate the queen’s birthday. On this day, people across Thailand celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children.

Traditional Thai Mother’s Day celebrations involve giving alms to monks, visiting temples, and spending time with family. Children often give their mothers gifts, such as flowers, jewelry, or other tokens of their appreciation.

In recent years, Mother’s Day in Thailand has become more commercialized, with businesses offering special discounts and promotions for mothers. However, the core traditions of the holiday remain the same, and it remains a special day for Thai families to come together and honor their mothers.

Thailand’s Mother’s Day Activities

Thailand Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the nurturing and caring spirit of mothers. Here are some activities to make this day extra special:

Cook Her Favorite Meal:

Show your appreciation by cooking a delicious meal for your mother. It’s a thoughtful way to pamper her and create cherished memories.

Create a Handmade Gift:

Get creative and make a heartfelt handmade gift. Whether it’s a personalized card, a piece of artwork, or a craft, your effort will touch her heart.

Visit a Temple Together:

If your mother is spiritually inclined, consider visiting a local temple together. You can light incense, offer prayers, and spend quality time in a serene environment.

Organize a Family Gathering:

Bring the family together for a special Mother’s Day gathering. Whether it’s a picnic in the park or a cozy dinner at home, being surrounded by loved ones will bring her joy.

Spa and Relaxation Day:

Treat your mother to a day of relaxation and self-care. Book a spa day or create a spa-like atmosphere at home with soothing music, scented candles, and pampering treatments.

5 Facts About Thailand That Will Blow Your Minds

Thailand is a land of rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Here are five fascinating facts about Thailand that are sure to amaze you:

Land of Smiles:

Thailand is often referred to as the “Land of Smiles” due to the friendly and welcoming nature of its people. Whether you’re exploring bustling cities or serene villages, you’ll always be greeted with a warm smile.

Temples Galore:

Thailand is home to over 40,000 Buddhist temples, known as “wats.” The intricate architecture, stunning sculptures, and spiritual ambiance make these temples a must-visit for travelers.

Exotic Fruits:

From the spiky and aromatic durian to the sweet and tangy rambutan, Thailand offers a wide variety of exotic fruits that are a treat for your taste buds.

Floating Markets:

The vibrant floating markets of Thailand are a unique sight to behold. Vendors sell fresh produce, handicrafts, and delicious street food from their boats, creating a colorful and bustling atmosphere.

Elephant Reverence:

Elephants hold a special place in Thai culture. They are revered as symbols of strength, wisdom, and good fortune. Visitors can experience these majestic creatures in ethical elephant sanctuaries across the country.

Thailand’s Mother’s Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

Thailand Mother’s Day is a special occasion that allows us to express our love and appreciation for the incredible women who have shaped our lives. Sending heartfelt quotes, wishes, and messages on this day is a wonderful way to make the day even more memorable. Here are some thoughtful words to convey your feelings:

“To the one who taught me the meaning of love and sacrifice, Happy Mother’s Day. Your strength and kindness inspire me every day.”

“Wishing a happy and joyful Mother’s Day to the woman who has showered me with endless love and warmth. You are my guiding star.”

“On this Thailand Mother’s Day, I want to thank you for being my rock, my comfort, and my greatest supporter. Your love is my strength.”

“A mother’s love knows no bounds. May your day be filled with the same boundless love and happiness you’ve given me. Happy Mother’s Day!”

“To the Queen of our family, Happy Mother’s Day! Your grace and wisdom are an inspiration to us all. May your day be as beautiful as you are.”

Thailand’s Mother’s Day Dates

2023August 12Saturday
2024August 12Monday
2025August 12Tuesday
2026August 12Wednesday
2027August 12Thursday


Q1: Is Thailand’s Mother’s Day a public holiday?

Yes, August 12th is a public holiday in Thailand dedicated to celebrating mothers.

Q2: Can Mother’s Day celebrations vary from region to region?

While the essence remains the same, specific customs and traditions might vary slightly across different regions of Thailand.

Q3: Is it common for people to visit temples on Mother’s Day?

Yes, visiting temples and making offerings is a common practice on Mother’s Day to seek blessings for mothers, both living and deceased.

Q4: How does the younger generation participate in Mother’s Day celebrations?

Schools and educational institutions organize various activities to teach students about gratitude and respect for mothers. Students often create handmade gifts and cards for their mothers.

Q5: Are men also involved in the celebrations?

Absolutely, men are actively involved in the celebrations, expressing their love and appreciation for mothers and mother figures through gifts, gestures, and kind words.


Thailand’s Mother’s Day on August 12th is a cherished occasion that honors the vital role that mothers and mother figures play in society. Rooted in tradition and history, this day serves as a reminder to express love and appreciation for these nurturing figures. It’s a celebration that brings families, communities, and the entire nation together to commemorate the essence of motherhood.

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