International Lefthanders Day – August 13: History, Activities & Quotes

August 13 marks a day of celebration for those who use their left hand as their dominant hand. International Lefthanders Day aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by left-handed individuals and celebrate their uniqueness.

Are you someone who favors their left hand over their right? If so, you’re not alone. Every year on August 13, the world celebrates International Lefthanders Day, a day dedicated to honoring and appreciating the uniqueness of left-handed individuals. From famous historical figures to the challenges faced by lefties in a right-handed world, this article delves into the fascinating world of left-handedness.

History of International Lefthanders Day

International Lefthanders Day is an international day observed annually on August 13 to celebrate the uniqueness and differences of left-handed individuals. The day was first observed in 1976 by Dean R. Campbell, founder of Lefthanders International, Inc.

Campbell was inspired to create the day after reading a book about the history of left-handedness. He was surprised to learn that left-handed people had been persecuted throughout history and that they still faced discrimination in many parts of the world. He decided to create a day to celebrate left-handedness and to raise awareness of the issues faced by left-handed people.

The first International Lefthanders Day was a small event, but it quickly grew in popularity. Today, it is celebrated by left-handed people all over the world. There are events and activities held in schools, businesses, and community centers. People wear green, the color of left-handedness, and celebrate their uniqueness.

International Lefthanders Day is a time to celebrate the diversity of human beings. It is also a time to raise awareness of the challenges faced by left-handed people. Left-handed people make up about 10% of the population, but they still face discrimination in many areas of life. They may have difficulty finding left-handed products, and they may be forced to use tools and equipment that are designed for right-handed people.

International Lefthanders Day is a day to celebrate the differences that make us unique. It is also a day to advocate for the rights of left-handed people. We should all be proud to be left-handed, and we should work to create a world where left-handed people are treated equally.

5 Lefty Facts to Make RIGHTIES GO, “HMMM”

A Creative Edge:

Studies have shown that left-handed individuals often excel in creative fields, showcasing their unique approach to problem-solving and innovation.

The Brain Connection:

Did you know that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body? That’s why lefties are often considered to be “right-brained” thinkers.

Historical Legends:

Many historical figures, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Joan of Arc, were left-handed, contributing significantly to art, science, and history.

Sports and Surprise:

In sports, left-handed athletes can catch their opponents off guard due to their unusual playing style. This element of surprise can be a game-changer.

Lefty Longevity:

Some studies suggest that left-handed individuals might have a slight advantage in certain competitive situations, which could contribute to their longevity.

International Lefthanders Day Activities

Lefty Creativity Workshop:

Host a workshop where left-handed participants can explore their creativity through activities like painting, writing, or crafting.

Trivia Night:

Organize a trivia night with fun facts about famous left-handed individuals, historical milestones, and myths associated with left-handedness.

Left-Handed Games:

Create a mini Olympics-style event with left-handed versions of traditional games to showcase the unique skills of left-handed individuals.

Awareness Campaign:

Use social media to spread awareness about International Lefthanders Day. Share facts, stories, and anecdotes related to left-handedness.

Charity Drive:

Collaborate with a local charity or organization and host a charity drive to support causes that matter to left-handed individuals.

Lefty-Friendly Products Showcase:

Set up a display of left-handed tools and gadgets that make everyday tasks easier for lefties.

Community Meetup:

Organize a meetup for left-handed individuals to connect, share their experiences, and celebrate their uniqueness.

International Lefthanders Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

“Embrace your left-handed uniqueness today and every day! Happy International Lefthanders Day!”

“To all the lefties out there, may your day be as bright as your creativity. Happy Lefthanders Day!”

“Being left-handed isn’t just a trait, it’s a mark of individuality. Here’s to celebrating the beauty of being unique. Happy International Lefthanders Day!”

“Left-handed and proud! Wishing you a fantastic International Lefthanders Day filled with joy and appreciation.”

“May your left-handed spirit continue to inspire and innovate. Happy Lefthanders Day!”

“Raise your left hand high and celebrate the awesomeness that is being left-handed. Happy International Lefthanders Day!”

“On this special day, we salute the creativity and determination of all left-handed individuals. Happy Lefthanders Day!”

“To the southpaws who add a unique twist to the world, happy International Lefthanders Day!”

The Science Behind Left-Handedness

Researchers have long been intrigued by the origins of left-handedness. While genetics play a role, the exact factors that determine handedness are still not fully understood. Studies suggest a complex interplay between genes and environmental factors.

Left-Handed vs. Right-Handed Brains: Unveiling Differences

Neuroscientists have found subtle differences between the brains of left-handed and right-handed individuals. These differences extend to how the brain processes language and emotions, shedding light on the unique cognitive abilities of lefties.

Challenges Faced by Left-Handed Individuals

Living in a right-handed world can pose challenges for left-handed individuals. From using tools designed for right-handed people to navigating everyday objects, lefties often find themselves adapting to an environment that may not cater to their needs.

Famous Left-Handed Personalities

Throughout history, many famous individuals have been left-handed. From Leonardo da Vinci to Oprah Winfrey, left-handed people have excelled in various fields, breaking stereotypes and inspiring others.

International Lefthanders Day Dates

2023August 13Sunday
2024August 13Tuesday
2025August 13Wednesday
2026August 13Thursday
2027August 13Friday


Why is International Lefthanders Day celebrated on August 13?

International Lefthanders Day is celebrated on August 13 to honor the uniqueness of left-handed individuals and raise awareness about their experiences.

Are there any famous left-handed historical figures?

Yes, many historical figures such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Julius Caesar were believed to be left-handed.

What are some challenges faced by left-handed individuals?

Left-handed individuals often face challenges using tools and objects designed for right-handed people, leading to inconvenience and adaptation.

Can left-handedness be influenced by genetics?

Yes, genetics play a role in determining handedness, but the exact mechanisms are still being studied.

How can I participate in International Lefthanders Day?

You can participate by attending local events, raising awareness on social media, and learning about the experiences of left-handed individuals.


International Lefthanders Day serves as a reminder that our world is rich with diversity, and each unique trait should be celebrated. By acknowledging the challenges faced by left-handed individuals and appreciating their contributions, we take a step closer to creating an inclusive society.

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