Pet Remembrance Day – July 5, 2023

Pet Remembrance Day is a holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom on July 5 every year. It is a day to commemorate the lives of beloved companion animals that have passed away. The holiday was created by Pets Magazine and Lars Anderson, founder of Arty Lobster (a 3D printing company).

On Pet Remembrance Day, pet owners gather together to share fond memories of their deceased pets, their photos, and the beautiful moments they had when they were alive. Some people may also choose to hold a memorial service for their pet on this day.

The Significance of Pet Remembrance Day

Pet Remembrance Day holds great significance for pet owners around the world. It serves as a time to acknowledge the deep emotional bond we shared with our pets and recognize the impact they had on our lives. This day allows us to express our love and gratitude for the joy, companionship, and unconditional love our pets brought into our homes. It also provides an opportunity to grieve and find solace in the company of others who have experienced similar losses.

Honoring Our Beloved Pets

On Pet Remembrance Day, we can honor our beloved pets by creating a special tribute to commemorate their lives. This can involve setting up a memorial display with their photographs, favorite toys, and collars. Additionally, planting a tree or dedicating a small garden in their memory can serve as a lasting tribute. Sharing stories and memories of our pets with family and friends can also be a meaningful way to honor their presence in our lives.

Coping with Grief and Loss

Losing a pet can be an overwhelming experience, and it’s important to acknowledge and process our grief. On Pet Remembrance Day, it can be helpful to participate in support groups or online communities where individuals share their experiences and provide comfort to one another. Engaging in activities that bring solace, such as journaling or creating a scrapbook of cherished memories, can also aid in the healing process.

Celebrating Our Pet’s Life

Instead of dwelling solely on the sadness of their passing, Pet Remembrance Day encourages us to celebrate the life our pets lived. We can organize a gathering with loved ones to reminisce about the joy and happiness our pets brought into our lives. Sharing funny anecdotes, watching videos, or looking through photo albums can evoke laughter and remind us of the special moments we shared with our furry companions.

Creating Lasting Memorials

To ensure our pets’ memories live on, we can create lasting memorials in their honor. Donating to animal welfare organizations or volunteering at local shelters are meaningful ways to make a positive impact on the memory of our pets. Additionally, establishing a scholarship or fund that supports veterinary care or animal rescue efforts can leave a lasting legacy of compassion and love.

Supporting Others in Their Grief

Pet Remembrance Day also encourages us to support others who are going through the grieving process. Offering a listening ear, sending a thoughtful card, or sharing resources on coping with pet loss can provide comfort to those who are mourning. By reaching out and acknowledging their pain, we show compassion and understanding, helping them navigate through their journey of healing.

Helping Children Understand Pet Loss

The loss of a pet can be particularly challenging for children, as it may be their first encounter with death. On Pet Remembrance Day, parents and guardians can engage in open and age-appropriate conversations about the cycle of life and the emotions associated with loss. Reading books about pet loss together and encouraging children to create drawings or write letters to their departed pets can aid in their understanding and healing process.

Healing and Moving Forward

While the pain of losing a pet may never completely fade, Pet Remembrance Day offers an opportunity for healing and moving forward. Engaging in self-care activities, such as taking walks in nature or practicing meditation, can help restore inner peace. Adopting another pet or fostering animals in need can also bring new love and companionship into our lives, honoring the legacy of our departed pets.

Remembering Our Pets Every Day

Although Pet Remembrance Day is observed on July 5th, it’s important to remember and honor our pets every day. We can keep their memories alive by displaying their photos, setting up a memorial corner in our homes, or lighting a candle in their honor. Engaging in acts of kindness towards animals, such as volunteering or donating to shelters, can be a meaningful way to pay tribute to our beloved pets’ legacies.

Pet Remembrance Day Dates

2023July 5Wednesday
2024July 5Friday
2025July 5Saturday
2026July 5Sunday
2027July 5Monday

Pet Remembrance Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages 

“Forever in our hearts, never forgotten. Happy Pet Remembrance Day.”

“To the fur angels who brought joy to our lives, we honor your memory on this Pet Remembrance Day.”

“In loving memory of our faithful companion. May your spirit continue to brighten our days. Happy Pet Remembrance Day.”

“Though you may be gone, your love and paw prints remain forever etched in our hearts. Remembering our beloved pet on this special day.”

“Today, we celebrate the cherished memories and unconditional love our pets brought into our lives. Happy Pet Remembrance Day.”

“In honor of our furry friends who crossed the Rainbow Bridge, we light a candle and remember the joy they brought. Happy Pet Remembrance Day.”

“To the loyal companions who enriched our lives with their love and loyalty, may you find eternal peace. Happy Pet Remembrance Day.”

“Gone but never forgotten. Today, we honor the precious souls who left their paw prints on our hearts. Happy Pet Remembrance Day.”

“May the memories of our beloved pet bring comfort and warmth as we remember them on this Pet Remembrance Day.”

“In loving memory of our furry family member, who will always hold a special place in our hearts. Happy Pet Remembrance Day.”


1. Is Pet Remembrance Day a global observance?

Yes, Pet Remembrance Day is observed worldwide as a day to honor departed pets and remember their significance in our lives.

2. How can I cope with the loss of my pet?

Coping with the loss of a pet can be challenging. Engaging in support groups, memorializing your pet, and allowing yourself to grieve are some ways to cope with the loss.

3. Can children participate in Pet Remembrance Day activities?

Absolutely. Pet Remembrance Day offers an opportunity for parents and guardians to help children understand pet loss and engage in activities that support their healing process.

4. Are there any online resources for pet loss support?

Yes, there are numerous online communities, forums, and resources dedicated to supporting individuals who have lost their pets. These platforms provide a space for sharing experiences and finding solace.

5. How can I create a lasting memorial for my pet?

Creating a lasting memorial can involve setting up a memorial display, donating to animal welfare organizations, or establishing a scholarship or fund that supports veterinary care or animal rescue efforts.


Pet Remembrance Day provides a special occasion to commemorate our beloved pets and reflect on the profound impact they had on our lives. It is a day to honor their memory, find solace in shared grief, and celebrate the joy and unconditional love they brought into our homes. Whether through creating lasting memorials, supporting others in their grief, or finding ways to heal and move forward, Pet Remembrance Day serves as a reminder that our pets will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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