National Sticky Bun Day – February 21, 2024

National Sticky Bun Day is a delightful celebration dedicated to the indulgence of one of the most beloved sweet treats – sticky buns. Observed annually on February 21st, this day is an ode to the warm, gooey goodness of these delicious pastries. As sticky bun enthusiasts eagerly await the arrival of this delectable holiday, let’s delve into the history, activities, and reasons why we cherish National Sticky Bun Day.

History of National Sticky Bun Day

The origins of National Sticky Bun Day trace back to the rich culinary traditions of early European settlers in America. With them, they brought recipes for various pastries, including the sticky bun. Over time, this sweet treat gained popularity across the nation, captivating the taste buds of generations to come. Today, National Sticky Bun Day serves as a tribute to the timeless appeal of this mouthwatering delight.

National Sticky Bun Day Activities

  • Visit your local bakery and grab some freshly baked sticky buns. Be sure to ask about their specialty flavors, or if they offer any unique takes on the classic recipe.
  • Bake your own sticky buns from scratch. There are endless recipe variations online, so you can find one that suits your taste and skill level.
  • Put a twist on the traditional recipe. Try adding different fruits, nuts, or spices to your dough or filling. You could even experiment with different glazes or frostings.
  • Host a National Sticky Bun Day party. Invite your friends and family over to enjoy sticky buns together. You could even have a contest for the best homemade sticky bun.
  • Share your love for sticky buns on social media using the hashtag #NationalStickyBunDay. Post pictures of your creations, your favorite bakery’s sticky buns, or simply your enjoyment of this delicious treat.

5 Facts About Sticky Buns


Sticky buns are believed to have originated in Germany, where they were known as “Schnecken,” meaning snails, due to their spiral shape.


Traditional sticky bun recipes typically include flour, sugar, cinnamon, butter, and nuts, all rolled together to create a deliciously sweet and sticky pastry.


While the classic sticky bun recipe remains popular, there are countless variations, including pecan sticky buns, caramel apple sticky buns, and even savory versions with bacon and cheese.

Cultural Significance:

Sticky buns hold cultural significance in many regions, often being served as a staple breakfast or dessert item during holidays and special occasions.

Global Appeal:

Sticky buns have garnered a worldwide following, with bakeries and cafes in various countries offering their own unique interpretations of this beloved pastry.

National Sticky Bun Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“Indulge in the sticky sweetness of life on National Sticky Bun Day!”

“Wishing you a day filled with warm hugs and sticky buns!”

“Sticky buns: the perfect excuse for a little extra sweetness in your day.”

“May your National Sticky Bun Day be as delightful as the gooey center of a freshly baked bun.”

“Here’s to embracing life’s sticky situations – especially when they involve sticky buns!”

“Sending you warm wishes and sticky bun kisses on this delicious holiday.”

“Let’s stick together and celebrate National Sticky Bun Day with joy and indulgence!”

“Life is short – eat the sticky bun!”

“Sticky buns: a little slice of heaven in every bite.”

“On National Sticky Bun Day, may your heart be as full as your stomach!”

Why We Love National Sticky Bun Day

Comfort and nostalgia:

The aroma of a baking sticky bun instantly conjures up warm and cozy feelings. For many, it evokes childhood memories of happy moments spent around the kitchen table, making or enjoying these sweet treats. It’s a taste of comfort and familiarity.

Sweet satisfaction:

Sticky buns are undeniably delicious. The combination of soft, fluffy dough, gooey caramel or brown sugar filling, and sometimes warming spices like cinnamon creates a flavor explosion that satisfies any sweet tooth.

Endless variety:

Unlike many other pastries, sticky buns aren’t bound by strict rules. Variations abound, from classic cinnamon swirls to ones filled with fruits, nuts, or even chocolate chips. This allows everyone to find a version they love and keeps things exciting.

Sharing and celebrating:

Sticky buns are a wonderful treat to share with friends and family. Whether you bake them yourself or grab some from a local bakery, enjoying them together creates a sense of connection and celebration.

No judgment:

Unlike some desserts, sticky buns are generally viewed as universally appealing. It’s hard to imagine someone not being at least a little tempted by their gooey goodness. Sharing them makes for a carefree and inclusive way to celebrate the day.

National Sticky Bun Day Dates

2024February 21Wednesday
2025February 21Friday
2026February 21Saturday
2027February 21Sunday
2028February 21Monday


As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of National Sticky Bun Day on February 21st, let’s take a moment to appreciate the joy and indulgence that this delightful holiday brings. Whether you’re a longtime fan of sticky buns or have yet to experience their deliciousness, there’s no better time to join in on the celebration. So, gather your friends, preheat your ovens, and get ready to indulge in the warm, gooey goodness of sticky buns!

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