National Singles Day – September 23: History, Celebrate & Quotes

National Singles Day is a day to celebrate self-love and independence, no matter your relationship status. It is a day to appreciate all of the things that make you unique and special, and to celebrate your accomplishments.

National Singles Day originated in China in the 1990s, and has since become a global holiday. It is celebrated on November 11th, which is also known as “Singles’ Day” because the date 11/11 resembles four ones, or four singles.

National Singles Day is a reminder that it is perfectly okay to be single. It is a day to embrace your singlehood and enjoy all of the benefits that it has to offer. You are not alone, and there are millions of other people around the world who are also single.

The History of National Singles Day

National Singles Day, celebrated on September 23rd each year, is a day dedicated to honoring and celebrating the lives of single individuals worldwide. It’s a day to recognize the importance of self-love, independence, and the unique experiences of those who are not in romantic relationships.

The origins of National Singles Day can be traced back to China. This special day was initially known as “Guanggun Jie,” which translates to “Bare Sticks Holiday.” It was created in the early 1990s by university students who wanted to counteract the societal pressures and stigmas associated with being single. Over time, the holiday gained popularity, and its name was changed to “Singles’ Day.” It became a day for singles to celebrate their status, treat themselves, and connect with others who were also single.

How National Singles Day Started in China

In China, Singles’ Day gained momentum as a commercial event, largely thanks to e-commerce giant Alibaba. They transformed the day into a massive online shopping extravaganza, offering discounts and promotions to attract singles who wanted to pamper themselves with gifts. This shopping festival, also known as “Double 11” because it falls on November 11th (11/11), has become the world’s largest online shopping event, surpassing even Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How National Singles Day has become a global holiday

The concept of celebrating National Singles Day has spread beyond China’s borders and is now observed worldwide. Singles from different cultures and backgrounds embrace this day as an opportunity to focus on self-love, personal growth, and self-care. It’s a day to break free from societal expectations and embrace one’s individuality.

The importance of self-love and independence

What is self-love?

Self-love is the practice of caring for and valuing oneself. It involves recognizing your worth, being kind to yourself, and prioritizing your physical and mental well-being. Self-love is not about being narcissistic; it’s about acknowledging that you deserve happiness and fulfillment.

Why is self-love important?

Self-love is essential for maintaining good mental health and overall well-being. When you love and accept yourself, you’re better equipped to handle life’s challenges, form healthy relationships, and pursue your goals with confidence.

What is independence?

Independence is the ability to rely on oneself, both emotionally and financially, without depending on others for validation or support. It means being self-sufficient and making choices that align with your values and aspirations.

Why is independence important?

Independence fosters personal growth and resilience. It allows individuals to pursue their passions, make decisions that align with their values, and live authentically. Independence empowers singles to lead fulfilling lives on their terms.

Ways to Celebrate National Singles Day

Celebrate your own company

Take this day as an opportunity to enjoy your own company. Treat yourself to a solo adventure, indulge in your favorite activities, or simply relax at home with a good book or movie.

Treat yourself to something special

Pamper yourself with a treat or gift that brings you joy. Whether it’s a spa day, a new gadget, or a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant, use this day to show yourself some love.

Spend time with loved ones

National Singles Day isn’t just for singles; it’s for celebrating all forms of love. Spend quality time with friends and family who support and uplift you.

Do something you enjoy

Engage in activities that make you feel alive and fulfilled. Whether it’s pursuing a hobby, taking a dance class, or going on a nature hike, prioritize what brings you happiness.

Give back to your community

Spread love and positivity by giving back to your community. Volunteer your time, donate to a cause you’re passionate about, or perform random acts of kindness.

National Singles Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“Celebrate your singularity; it’s a chance to shine brightly on your own terms.”

“Embrace your independence, and the world will follow your lead.”

“Your worth isn’t measured by your relationship status.”

“Today, choose self-love and self-care above all else.”

“Being single is an opportunity, not a limitation.”

“The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself.”

“Happiness is found within; you don’t need a partner to complete you.”

“Celebrate your journey, for it has led you to this moment of self-discovery.”

“You are enough, just as you are.”

“Your individuality is your superpower; let it shine.”

National Singles Day Dates

2023September 23Saturday
2024September 21Saturday
2025September 27Saturday
2026September 26Saturday


What is National Singles Day?

National Singles Day is a day dedicated to celebrating and honoring individuals who are not in romantic relationships. It promotes self-love, independence, and personal growth.

When is National Singles Day?

National Singles Day is observed on September 23rd each year.

Why is National Singles Day important?

National Singles Day is important because it challenges societal stigmas surrounding singlehood and encourages individuals to prioritize self-love, personal growth, and independence.


National Singles Day is a day for all individuals to embrace their uniqueness, celebrate self-love, and cherish their independence. Whether you’re single by choice or circumstance, this day reminds us that our worth is not defined by our relationship status. So, on September 23rd, join the global celebration of National Singles Day and let your individuality shine.

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