National Pancake Day – September 26: History, Celebrate & Recipe

National Pancake Day is a delightful occasion celebrated on September 26th each year. This scrumptious day is all about indulging in one of the most beloved breakfast dishes – pancakes. 

History of National Pancake Day

The origins of National Pancake Day can be traced back to a tradition that has been around for centuries. Pancakes, in various forms, have been enjoyed by people across the globe for a long time. However, the specific celebration of National Pancake Day as we know it today has its roots in the United States.

This delicious day was popularized by the International House of Pancakes (IHOP), a renowned pancake house chain. IHOP started celebrating National Pancake Day as a way to give back to the community. They began offering a free stack of pancakes to customers who visited their restaurants on this day, and in return, encouraged patrons to make voluntary donations to children’s hospitals.

How to Celebrate National Pancake Day

Celebrating National Pancake Day is a piece of cake – or rather, a stack of pancakes! Here are some fun and delicious ways to make the most of this special day:

1. Visit Your Local Pancake House

Head to your favorite pancake house or restaurant and treat yourself to a hearty stack of pancakes. Whether you prefer classic buttermilk pancakes or more exotic varieties, this is the perfect day to indulge.

2. Host a Pancake Breakfast

Gather your friends and family for a pancake breakfast feast. Set up a DIY pancake bar with various toppings like fresh berries, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and maple syrup.

3. Try Different Pancake Recipes

Experiment with different pancake recipes at home. You can make fluffy American pancakes, thin and crispy crepes, or savory options like potato pancakes.

4. Volunteer and Donate

Follow IHOP’s tradition of giving back. Consider donating to a children’s hospital or participating in local charity events.

Different Types of Pancakes

Pancakes come in a wide variety of forms, each with its own unique flavor and texture. Here are some popular types:

1. American Pancakes

These are thick and fluffy, often served with butter and maple syrup.

2. Crepes

Thin and delicate, crepes can be filled with sweet or savory fillings.

3. Belgian Waffles

Though not traditional pancakes, they share similar ingredients and are known for their crispy texture.

4. Blinis

Russian pancakes that are smaller and thicker are typically served with caviar or sour cream.

Popular Pancake Toppings

Enhance your pancake experience with these delightful toppings:

1. Maple Syrup

The classic pancake companion, with its sweet and rich flavor.

2. Fresh Berries

Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries add a burst of freshness.

3. Whipped Cream

A dollop of whipped cream adds a delightful creaminess.

4. Chocolate Chips

For those with a sweet tooth, chocolate chips are a perfect choice.

Pancake Recipes

Classic Buttermilk Pancakes


1 cup all-purpose flour

1 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup buttermilk

1 egg

2 tablespoons melted butter


In a bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients.

In another bowl, whisk buttermilk, egg, and melted butter.

Combine wet and dry ingredients until just mixed.

Cook on a hot griddle until golden brown.

National Pancake Day Events

Many restaurants and communities host special events on National Pancake Day. These events often include pancake breakfast fundraisers, cooking contests, and pancake-themed activities for children. Keep an eye out for local happenings in your area!

National Pancake Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“May your National Pancake Day be filled with stacks of joy!”

“Pancakes make the world a fluffier place.”

“Wishing you a day as sweet as maple syrup.”

“In the kingdom of breakfast, pancakes reign supreme.”

“Eat pancakes, be happy, repeat.”

“Life is short, eat pancakes first.”

“Pancakes: because adulting is hard.”

“Pancakes are love on a plate.”

“Today, we pancake!”

“Cheers to pancakes and endless possibilities!”

National Pancake Day Dates

National Pancake Day falls on September 26th each year, so mark your calendars and get ready to flip some delicious pancakes!

2023September 26Tuesday
2024September 26Thursday
2025September 26Friday
2026September 26Saturday
2027September 26Sunday


What is National Pancake Day?

National Pancake Day is an annual celebration dedicated to the love of pancakes. It’s a day to enjoy this beloved breakfast dish and often involves charity initiatives.

When is National Pancake Day?

National Pancake Day is celebrated on September 26th every year.

Why is National Pancake Day celebrated?

National Pancake Day is celebrated to enjoy and appreciate the deliciousness of pancakes. It is also a day when many restaurants raise funds for children’s hospitals through pancake giveaways.


National Pancake Day, celebrated on September 26th, is a delightful occasion to relish the joy of pancakes. Whether you prefer traditional buttermilk pancakes or adventurous creations, this day is all about indulging your taste buds. It’s also an opportunity to give back to the community through charity initiatives inspired by the International House of Pancakes. So, mark your calendar, stack those pancakes high, and savor the sweetness of this beloved breakfast treat.

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