National Gooey Butter Cake Day – August 12: History, Activities & Quotes

Are you ready to satisfy your sweet tooth and celebrate a delicious treat? August 12th marks the delightful occasion of National Gooey Butter Cake Day. This indulgent dessert is a St. Louis specialty that has captured the hearts and taste buds of people all around the country. Join us as we dive into the gooey goodness of this delectable cake, its origins, and why it deserves a spot on your dessert menu.

History of National Gooey Butter Cake Day

National Gooey Butter Cake Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of April every year. The first observance of the day was in 2017, and it was created by the Gooey Butter Cake Trail, a group of bakeries in St. Louis, Missouri that specialize in the dessert.

Gooey butter cake is a type of cake that is made with a buttery crust and a gooey, custard-like filling. It is thought to have originated in St. Louis in the early 1900s, and it is now a popular dessert throughout the Midwest.

The exact origins of gooey butter cake are unknown, but there are a few theories about how it came to be. One theory is that it was created by a baker named Charles Mahn in the early 1900s. Mahn was a German immigrant who owned a bakery in St. Louis. He is said to have accidentally created a gooey butter cake when he accidentally added too much butter to a cake batter.

Another theory is that gooey butter cake was created by a baker named Rose Strebeigh in the 1930s. Strebeigh was a homemaker who lived in St. Louis. She is said to have created gooey butter cake when she was experimenting with different cake recipes.

The Origin Story of Gooey Butter Cake

The story of Gooey Butter Cake dates back to the 1930s in St. Louis, Missouri. Legend has it that a baker accidentally mixed up the proportions of ingredients while making a traditional coffee cake, resulting in a gooey and rich texture. Instead of discarding the “failed” creation, the cake was put out for customers to taste, and the rest is history. The accidental mishap turned into a beloved dessert, showcasing the beauty of culinary serendipity.

National Gooey Butter Cake Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

“May your National Gooey Butter Cake Day be as delightful and gooey as the cake itself! Indulge and savor every bite.”

“Sending you a slice of happiness on National Gooey Butter Cake Day! May your day be as sweet as the treat itself.”

“Life is better with gooey goodness, and today we celebrate the irresistible charm of Gooey Butter Cake. Happy National Gooey Butter Cake Day!”

“Wishing you a day filled with gooey smiles, sweet moments, and the joy of indulging in Gooey Butter Cake. Happy celebration!”

“Here’s to a day of gooey goodness, cherished memories, and the simple pleasures of life. Happy National Gooey Butter Cake Day!”

“Just like Gooey Butter Cake brings people together, may this day bring you closer to joy, laughter, and happiness. Happy celebration!”

“As you relish in the sweetness of Gooey Butter Cake, may your day be filled with moments that make you smile. Happy National Gooey Butter Cake Day!”

“Life is a little sweeter on National Gooey Butter Cake Day. Here’s to treating yourself and savoring every gooey bite!”

5 Tantalizing Facts About Cakes

Cakes have held a special place in our hearts and celebrations for centuries. Here are five fascinating facts that make cakes even more delightful:

Ancient Beginnings:

The history of cakes dates back to ancient civilizations like Egypt and Rome. Early cakes were often made with honey, nuts, and fruits, and they symbolized celebration and happiness.

Birthday Cake Traditions:

The tradition of birthday cakes can be traced back to ancient Greece, where people offered round cakes to the moon goddess, Artemis, as a tribute. The candles on modern birthday cakes are said to represent the moon’s glow.

Royal Wedding Cakes:

In 1840, Queen Victoria’s wedding cake set a trend for elaborate and multi-tiered wedding cakes. The cake’s design and grandeur have since become a symbol of opulence and celebration.

Cake Mix Revolution:

The 1930s brought a revolution in cake baking with the introduction of cake mixes. These convenient mixes made baking cakes at home easier and more accessible to everyone.

World Records in Baking:

The world’s largest cake, weighing over 6 tons, was baked in 1989 in the United Kingdom. And in 2011, a team of bakers created the longest cake, measuring a staggering 3,820 meters (almost 2.4 miles).

National Gooey Butter Cake Day Activities

Make the most of National Gooey Butter Cake Day by indulging in these delightful activities that celebrate the gooey goodness:

Baking Extravaganza:

Gather your ingredients, put on your apron, and bake your own Gooey Butter Cake at home. Experiment with flavors and toppings to create your unique twist on this classic treat.

Cake Tasting Party:

Invite friends and family for a cake-tasting party. Prepare an assortment of Gooey Butter Cakes, each with a different flavor or topping. Rate and discuss your favorites!

Cake Decoration Contest:

Get creative and host a Gooey Butter Cake decoration contest. Provide various toppings, icings, and decorations for participants to design the most visually appealing cake.

Share the Love:

Bake extra Gooey Butter Cakes and share them with neighbors, colleagues, or local community centers. Spread smiles and sweetness wherever you go.

Cake-Inspired Crafts:

Get crafty with cake-inspired activities. Create cake-themed artwork, design greeting cards with cake motifs, or even make cake-scented candles for a multisensory experience.

Visit a Bakery:

Support local bakeries by visiting them on this special day. Treat yourself to a slice of Gooey Butter Cake and explore their other delectable offerings.

Social Media Celebration:

Share your love for Gooey Butter Cake on social media. Post pictures of your homemade creations, share recipes, and use relevant hashtags to join the online celebration.

Baking Gooey Butter Cake at Home

Don’t just limit the joy of Gooey Butter Cake to restaurants and bakeries – try baking it at home! With the right ingredients and a little bit of patience, you can recreate this St. Louis masterpiece in your own kitchen. From the moment the aroma starts wafting through your home to the first delightful bite, the experience of baking Gooey Butter Cake at home is a reward in itself.

Why We Love National Food Holidays

National Food Holidays like Gooey Butter Cake Day give us a reason to pause our busy lives and indulge in the simple pleasures of life. They remind us to appreciate the culinary wonders that bring us joy and connect us with cultures and traditions around the world. So, go ahead, mark your calendar, and join the celebration of all things gooey and delicious.

The Global Spread of Gooey Delight

While Gooey Butter Cake originated in St. Louis, its reputation has spread far beyond its birthplace. Food enthusiasts and bakers worldwide have embraced this delightful dessert, putting their unique spin on the classic recipe. The global popularity of Gooey Butter Cake showcases the universal appeal of its comforting flavors and gooey indulgence.

National Gooey Butter Cake Day Dates

2023August 12Saturday
2024August 12Monday
2025August 12Tuesday
2026August 12Wednesday
2027August 12Thursday


What is the history behind Gooey Butter Cake?

The cake’s origin dates back to the 1930s when a baker accidentally altered a traditional coffee cake recipe, resulting in the creation of Gooey Butter Cake.

Can I customize Gooey Butter Cake with different flavors?

Absolutely! You can experiment with various toppings, such as chocolate, fruits, nuts, and spices, to create your perfect Gooey Butter Cake.

Is Gooey Butter Cake difficult to make at home?

While it requires precision, Gooey Butter Cake can be successfully made at home with the right ingredients and careful following of the recipe.

What’s the best way to serve Gooey Butter Cake?

Gooey Butter Cake is best enjoyed warm, with a scoop of ice cream or a cup of coffee, enhancing the flavors and textures.

Why is Gooey Butter Cake so popular?

Its unique blend of textures and simple yet indulgent flavors make Gooey Butter Cake a beloved treat that’s hard to resist.


National Gooey Butter Cake Day on August 12th is a celebration of culinary serendipity and delightful indulgence. The accidental discovery of this gooey delight has turned into a beloved tradition that spans generations and crosses borders. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or someone with a sweet tooth, this day offers a chance to relish in the simple joy of a dessert that has captured hearts worldwide.

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