National Martha Day – December 27: History, Activities & Quotes

December 27th National Martha Day; it’s a celebration that honors a remarkable woman – Martha Stewart. If you’ve ever wondered about the origins, significance, or how to partake in this special day, you’re in the right place!

Martha Stewart’s journey began in New Jersey. From a young age, her passion for the finer things in life was evident. This drive and determination paved the way for her illustrious career.

History of National Martha Day

Martha, from the New Testament’s Bible, is recognized by many. She’s the sister to Mary and Lazarus, whom Jesus famously brought back to life. Living in Bethany, the trio shared a close bond with Jesus. 

Once, when Jesus visited, Mary sat attentively to his teachings, while Martha was engrossed in hosting. Feeling overwhelmed, Martha voiced her concerns to Jesus. He responded, suggesting Mary’s choice was wiser. This story underscores the importance of choosing our priorities.

Over time, Martha’s image as a diligent homemaker became iconic. She’s honored as the patron of homemakers, chefs, and servers. Drawing a contemporary parallel, Martha Stewart built a vast enterprise from her culinary beginnings. While she’s known for her exacting standards, her complexities, including friendships and legal issues, add depth to her character.

Across Scandinavia, Martha is seen as a name of distinction, often linked with royalty. And when a band like The Beatles dedicates a song, “Martha My Dear,” to someone, it speaks volumes. In this song, Martha is portrayed as playful and endearing. Each tale associated with Martha reminds us of her unpredictability, making her universally cherished.

National Martha Day Activities

Narrative Symposium:

Commence the dawn with narratives of Martha, traversing from age-old scriptures to contemporary renditions akin to Martha Stewart. Encourage attendees to divulge cherished tales or myths centered around Martha.

Culinary Seminar:

Honor Martha’s culinary legacy by orchestrating a gastronomic seminar. Enthusiasts can delve into crafting time-honored delicacies reminiscent of Martha’s epoch or locale.

Artisanal Alcove:

Institute an artisanal hub, allowing participants to fabricate bespoke household artifacts or embellishments evoking Martha Stewart’s signature elegance. Ponder sophisticated table arrangements, ornate vessels, or artisan candles.

Botanical Assembly:

Given Martha’s ties to Bethany, contemplate a verdant-themed soiree. Curate a floristry workshop or horticultural masterclass, spotlighting flora and blooms resonant with Martha’s narrative.

Harmonic Homage:

Arrange a musical soirée spotlighting compositions that reference Martha, exemplified by The Beatles’ “Martha My Dear.” Motivate attendees to partake in melodious revelry.

Deliberative Symposium:

Convene a scholarly discourse on Martha’s multifaceted portrayal across epochs, spanning from her biblical depiction to contemporary reinterpretations. Extend invitations to erudite scholars, theologians, and societal analysts.

Altruistic Endeavors:

In homage to Martha’s intrinsic benevolence, curate a communal feast or allocate provisions to indigenous sanctuaries. Accentuate the imperative essence of communal reciprocity and guardianship.


  • Martha started her catering business in her basement.
  • She’s authored numerous best-selling books.
  • Martha was the first woman to become a self-made billionaire.
  • She has a vast collection of award-winning TV shows.
  • Martha is passionate about gardening and has her own line of products.

National Martha Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“Homemaking is an art, and Martha Stewart is its greatest artist.”

“Celebrating the spirit of creativity and elegance with Martha.”

“Every home deserves a touch of Martha’s magic.”

“Cheers to a day dedicated to the queen of crafts!”

“Martha Stewart: Redefining elegance, one project at a time.”

“Wishing you a Martha-inspired day filled with joy and creativity.”

“Here’s to celebrating Martha’s timeless wisdom and grace.”

“May your day be as fabulous as a Martha Stewart centerpiece.”

“Craft, cook, create – all in the spirit of Martha!”

“Embracing Martha’s ethos: Excellence in every endeavor.”

Why We Love National Martha Day

Celebrating Hospitality:

Martha, both in biblical narratives and modern interpretations, embodies the spirit of hospitality. National Martha Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the art of welcoming others into our homes and lives.

Culinary Delights:

From biblical feasts to modern-day cooking shows, Martha is associated with culinary excellence. This day allows us to indulge in the joy of cooking and savoring delicious dishes, fostering a sense of connection through shared meals.

Inspiration from Tradition:

Martha’s timeless stories inspire us to honor tradition while adapting to contemporary times. National Martha Day encourages us to reflect on the importance of balancing modern lifestyles with the timeless values of family, community, and gracious living.

Creative Expression:

Whether it’s through crafting, cooking, or decorating, National Martha Day invites us to express our creativity. Embracing the DIY spirit, we find joy in creating items that add warmth and charm to our homes.

Community Bonding:

Martha’s emphasis on community is a central theme of this day. Engaging in group activities fosters a sense of belonging and reminds us of the strength found in supportive communities.

National Martha Day Dates

Mark your calendars! National Martha Day is celebrated annually on December 27th. It’s a day to pause, reflect, and immerse ourselves in all things Martha.

2023December 27Wednesday
2024December 27Friday
2025December 27Saturday
2026December 27Sunday
2027December 27Monday


What is National Martha Day?

National Martha Day celebrates the legacy of Martha Stewart and her contributions to homemaking, cooking, and crafts.

When is National Martha Day?

National Martha Day is celebrated annually on December 27th.


National Martha Day is more than just a date; it’s a celebration of creativity, elegance, and passion. As we honor Martha Stewart’s legacy, let’s remember to embrace these values in our own lives.

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