National Logan Day – August 26: History, Activities & Quotes

National Logan Day, celebrated every year on August 26, is a day dedicated to celebrating individuals named Logan and the contributions they make to our lives. This unique holiday provides an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the impact that Logans have on our society. Whether it’s in the realm of fiction, history, or everyday life, National Logan Day brings people together to honor the name and the people who bear it.

History of National Logan Day

National Logan Day is a holiday celebrated on August 26 to honor and commemorate the life and legacy of General John A. Logan. Logan was a Civil War veteran, politician, and author who played a significant role in the establishment of Memorial Day.

Logan was born in Murphysboro, Illinois, on February 14, 1826. He served in the Illinois House of Representatives from 1853 to 1855 and the United States House of Representatives from 1855 to 1861. When the Civil War broke out, Logan volunteered for the Union Army and quickly rose through the ranks. He was appointed a brigadier general in 1862 and a major general in 1863.

Logan fought in many of the major battles of the Civil War, including Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Atlanta. He was a fierce and effective leader, and his troops affectionately called him “Black Jack.”

After the war, Logan served as a United States senator from Illinois from 1871 to 1877. He was also the commander in chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, a veterans’ organization for Union Civil War veterans.

In 1868, Logan issued General Order No. 11, which designated May 30 as a day for the “strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land.” This order is considered to be the official establishment of Memorial Day.

Logan died on August 26, 1886, at the age of 60. He is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.

National Logan Day was first observed in Murphysboro, Illinois, in 1914. It is now celebrated in many parts of the country, particularly in Illinois. On this day, people gather to honor Logan’s legacy and to remember the sacrifices of all those who have served in the military.


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National Logan Day Activities

On National Logan Day, communities come together to organize a range of activities that celebrate the spirit of the name. From local gatherings and picnics to charity events and volunteer initiatives, the day is a chance to bond with fellow Logans and create lasting memories.

Why We Love National Logan Day

National Logan Day holds a special place in our hearts because it’s a reminder of the diversity of human experiences. People named Logan come from all walks of life, and this day allows us to appreciate their unique stories, struggles, and triumphs. It’s a celebration of resilience, connection, and the power of a shared name.

10 Best National Logan Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

“Wishing a fantastic National Logan Day to all the Logans out there! Your name carries a legacy of strength and character.”

“May your National Logan Day be filled with joy, laughter, and the warmth of companionship.”

“Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate being a Logan on this special day. Happy National Logan Day!”

“To the Logans who light up our lives with their presence, wishing you a day as extraordinary as you are.”

“Every Logan has a story worth celebrating. Here’s to a day of sharing memories and making new ones.”

“On National Logan Day, let’s raise a toast to the name that brings us all together.”

“Sending heartfelt wishes to the Logans who bring positivity and inspiration to the world.”

“Celebrate the essence of being a Logan – a name synonymous with courage and authenticity.”

“May your National Logan Day be a chapter filled with love, adventure, and fulfillment.”

“As we celebrate National Logan Day, let’s remember that our name is a source of pride and unity.”

National Logan Day Dates

National Logan Day is observed annually on August 26th. This date serves as a reminder to honor the legacy of those named Logan and the significance they hold in our lives.

2023August 26Saturday
2024August 26Monday
2025August 26Tuesday
2026August 26Wednesday
2027August 26Thursday


Is National Logan Day celebrated internationally?

Yes, National Logan Day is celebrated by individuals and communities around the world.

Can non-Logans participate in the celebrations?

Absolutely! National Logan Day is a day for everyone to join in the festivities and celebrate unity.

Are there any specific colors associated with National Logan Day?

While there are no official colors, some people choose to wear blue and green as representative colors.

Can I share my own Logan-related story on this day?

Certainly! National Logan Day is the perfect occasion to share personal stories, experiences, and connections.

How can I start celebrating National Logan Day in my community?

You can start by organizing a small gathering or simply spreading awareness about the day’s significance.


National Logan Day is more than just a celebration of a name; it’s a celebration of the individuals who bear that name and the impact they make on the world. As we come together on August 26th each year, let’s remember the stories, achievements, and connections that define the Logan experience. Whether it’s through fictional characters or real-life heroes, National Logan Day serves as a reminder of the richness that diversity brings to our lives.

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