National Hummingbird Day – September 2, 2023

National Hummingbird Day, celebrated on September 2nd, is a day dedicated to these tiny, enchanting birds that bring joy and wonder to our lives. These remarkable creatures are known for their vibrant plumage, incredible agility, and unique hovering abilities. 

National Hummingbird Day is a holiday that is celebrated on the first Saturday in September each year. The holiday was founded in 1986 by the National Audubon Society to raise awareness about the importance of hummingbirds and to encourage people to take steps to protect them.

The Importance of Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds play a crucial role in our ecosystems. They are excellent pollinators, transferring pollen from one flower to another as they feed on nectar. This process helps in the fertilization of plants and the production of fruits and seeds. Without hummingbirds, many plants would struggle to reproduce, affecting the entire food chain.

5 Facts About Hummingbirds

Extraordinary Metabolism: Hummingbirds have an incredible metabolism. Their hearts can beat up to 1,200 times per minute, and they need to feed every 10-15 minutes to sustain their energy levels.

Diverse Species: There are over 300 species of hummingbirds worldwide, with the smallest one, the Bee Hummingbird, measuring just 2 inches in length.

Brilliant Plumage: Hummingbirds are famous for their iridescent feathers that can shimmer in various colors, depending on the angle of light.

Remarkable Flying Skills: These birds can hover in mid-air, fly backward, and even perform acrobatic maneuvers. Their wings can beat up to 80 times per second.

Migration Marvels: Some hummingbirds undertake incredible migrations. For example, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird travels up to 2,000 miles from North America to Central America for the winter.

Different Species of Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are incredibly diverse, with unique characteristics and habitats. Some common species in North America include the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Anna’s Hummingbird, and the Rufous Hummingbird. Each species has its own distinct markings and behaviors, making them a joy to observe.

Where to Find Hummingbirds

To spot hummingbirds, you’ll need to visit regions with suitable habitats. They can be found in various environments, including gardens, forests, and even urban areas. Look for them near nectar-rich flowers, where they feed and nest.

How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard

Attracting hummingbirds to your yard is a rewarding experience. To invite these delightful birds, consider planting nectar-producing flowers, using bright red or orange feeders, and keeping the area pesticide-free. Providing a water source and maintaining a clean feeding area will also make your yard more appealing to hummingbirds.

The Benefits of Having Hummingbirds in Your Yard

Having hummingbirds in your yard offers several benefits. They help pollinate your garden, making it more fruitful. Additionally, their presence adds natural beauty and a touch of magic to your outdoor space. Observing these tiny creatures can be a calming and joyful experience.

National Hummingbird Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“May your day be as vibrant and joyful as a hummingbird in flight. Happy National Hummingbird Day!”

“Wishing you a day filled with the beauty and wonder of hummingbirds. Happy National Hummingbird Day!”

“Let your spirit soar like a hummingbird’s wings on this special day. Happy National Hummingbird Day!”

“In the presence of hummingbirds, we learn the art of patience and appreciation for the small wonders in life. Happy National Hummingbird Day!”

“May your heart be as light as a hummingbird’s song on this National Hummingbird Day. Enjoy the magic they bring!”

“Hummingbirds remind us that even the tiniest beings can make the world a more beautiful place. Happy National Hummingbird Day!”

“Wishing you a day filled with the grace and charm of hummingbirds. Happy National Hummingbird Day!”

“As hummingbirds sip nectar, may you savor the sweet moments of life. Happy National Hummingbird Day!”

“On National Hummingbird Day, let’s celebrate the tiny miracles that flutter into our lives and make them brighter.”

“May your day be filled with the enchantment of hummingbirds and the magic of nature. Happy National Hummingbird Day!”

National Hummingbird Day Dates

2022September 3Saturday
2023September 2Saturday
2024September 7Saturday
2025September 6Saturday
2026September 5Saturday


What is National Hummingbird Day?

National Hummingbird Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating the beauty and significance of hummingbirds. It’s a time to raise awareness about these remarkable creatures and promote their conservation.

When is National Hummingbird Day?

National Hummingbird Day is celebrated on September 2nd every year.

Why is National Hummingbird Day Celebrated?

National Hummingbird Day is celebrated to appreciate the vital role hummingbirds play in pollination and to foster a love for these captivating birds. It’s also an opportunity to educate people about the importance of preserving their habitats.


On National Hummingbird Day, we celebrate the wonders of these tiny birds that bring color and vibrancy to our world. Their importance in pollination, their incredible feats of flight, and their ability to captivate our hearts make them deserving of a dedicated day. So, this September 2nd, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of hummingbirds and consider how you can help protect their habitats and ensure their continued presence in our lives.

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