National Horchata Day – September 24: History, Celebrate & Quotes

National Horchata Day, celebrated on September 24th, is a delightful occasion that pays tribute to the rich and refreshing beverage known as horchata. This unique drink has a fascinating history, and a distinct flavor profile, and holds a special place in the hearts of many. 

History of Horchata

Horchata’s roots can be traced back to ancient civilizations, particularly in Egypt and Spain. It was originally made from tiger nuts and known as “hordeata” in Valencian. Over time, it spread to different parts of the world, including Mexico and Central America.

What is horchata?

Horchata is a refreshing, milky beverage made from a variety of ingredients depending on the region. The most common types include rice-based horchata, almond-based horchata, and tigernut-based horchata. Each variation offers a unique taste and texture.

Where did horchata originate?

Horchata’s origins can be traced to the Mediterranean region, specifically Valencia, Spain. It was initially made using tigernuts and gained popularity in Europe before making its way to the Americas during the colonization period.

How has horchata evolved over time?

Throughout history, horchata recipes have evolved, incorporating local ingredients and flavors. In Mexico, for instance, rice-based horchata is flavored with cinnamon and sweetened with sugar, creating a creamy and aromatic beverage.

Different types of horchata

  • Rice Horchata: This is the most common type, made from rice, water, cinnamon, and sweeteners. It has a smooth and subtly sweet taste.
  • Almond Horchata: Almonds are the primary ingredient in this variation, giving it a nutty and rich flavor.
  • Tigernut Horchata: Originating from Spain, this version uses tigernuts, water, and sugar to create a unique taste and texture.

Why is Horchata so Popular?

Horchata’s unique flavor profile

Horchata’s popularity can be attributed to its exquisite blend of flavors. The combination of creamy textures, aromatic spices, and sweetness makes it a delightful treat for the taste buds.

Horchata’s health benefits

Horchata, particularly almond-based horchata, is rich in nutrients like vitamin E, calcium, and healthy fats. It can aid in digestion and provide an energy boost.

Horchata’s cultural significance

Horchata holds a special place in Mexican and Spanish cultures. It’s often served at celebrations and family gatherings, adding a touch of tradition to these events.

How to Celebrate National Horchata Day

Make your own horchata at home

Try your hand at making horchata from scratch. There are countless recipes available online that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences.

Visit a local Mexican restaurant and order horchata

Support local businesses and treat yourself to a glass of authentic horchata. Pair it with your favorite Mexican dish for a complete culinary experience.

Host a horchata tasting party

Invite friends and family over for a horchata tasting party. Prepare different types of horchata and encourage everyone to vote for their favorite.

Share your love of horchata on social media

Join the online conversation by sharing your horchata experiences, recipes, and photos on social media platforms using the hashtag #NationalHorchataDay.

National Horchata Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“Sip, savor, and celebrate the goodness of horchata on National Horchata Day!”

“Here’s to a day filled with the creamy goodness of horchata. Cheers!”

“May your National Horchata Day be as sweet as the first sip.”

“Horchata: where tradition meets refreshment. Happy National Horchata Day!”

“Raise a glass and toast to the drink that brings joy to every sip. Happy National Horchata Day!”

“Celebrate the heritage of horchata on this special day. Salud!”

“Horchata: the taste of culture and tradition in every drop. Happy National Horchata Day!”

“A day without horchata is a day wasted. Enjoy every moment of National Horchata Day!”

“Let’s make memories one horchata sip at a time. Happy National Horchata Day!”

“In a world full of beverages, choose horchata. Happy National Horchata Day!”

National Horchata Day Dates

National Horchata Day is celebrated annually on September 24th.

2023September 24Sunday
2024September 24Tuesday
2025September 24Wednesday
2026September 24Thursday
2027September 24Friday


What is National Horchata Day?

National Horchata Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the delicious and refreshing beverage known as horchata. It is an opportunity for people to enjoy and appreciate this traditional drink.

When is National Horchata Day?

National Horchata Day is celebrated on September 24th each year.

Who created National Horchata Day and why?

The origins of National Horchata Day are not well-documented, but it likely emerged as a grassroots celebration among horchata enthusiasts who wanted to promote and share their love for this beverage.


National Horchata Day is a delightful occasion that allows us to immerse ourselves in the world of this unique and delicious beverage. Whether you choose to make your own horchata, visit a local Mexican restaurant, or simply savor a glass at home, this day is a celebration of tradition, flavor, and the joy of sharing. So, on September 24th, raise your glass and say, “Salud” to National Horchata Day!

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