National Flitch Day – July 19: Celebrating Love and Loyalty

July 19 marks an exciting and unique celebration known as National Flitch Day. This day honors an ancient tradition that revolves around the awarding of a flitch of bacon to a married couple who can prove their devotion and loyalty to one another. Let’s delve into the origins, customs, and significance of National Flitch Day, and discover how you can partake in the festivities.

National Flitch Day is a time-honored tradition that celebrates marital harmony and commitment. It is a day to recognize and reward couples who have demonstrated unwavering love and loyalty to each other. This delightful occasion allows us to reflect on the enduring power of love in our lives.

The History and Origins of National Flitch Day

The roots of National Flitch Day can be traced back to medieval England. The term “flitch” refers to a side of bacon, and the tradition originated from an ancient custom known as the “Flitch Trials.” These trials were held in Dunmow, Essex, England, and were first recorded in history around the year 1104.

The Tradition of the Flitch Trials

The Flitch Trials were a unique event held every four years, where married couples could come forward to prove their devotion and loyalty. The couple had to kneel on pointed stones and publicly declare their love for one another. They were then judged by a jury, which included bachelors and maidens, who would determine if their love was indeed genuine and enduring.

Flitch Trials: Eligibility and Process

To be eligible for the flitch, couples had to satisfy strict criteria. They had to provide evidence of being married for at least a year and a day, residing within the area, and having never regretted their marriage. The Flitch Trials were renowned for their stringent standards, ensuring that only the most devoted couples would be granted the honor.

Significance of National Flitch Day

National Flitch Day holds immense significance as it recognizes the value of love, trust, and fidelity in a committed relationship. It serves as a reminder that true love withstands the test of time and tribulations. This day is an opportunity to cherish the bond shared between partners and to celebrate the dedication and loyalty that keeps their love strong.

Celebrations and Customs Associated with National Flitch Day

On National Flitch Day, various customs and festivities take place. Many communities organize flitch trials where couples can participate and proclaim their love. The event often includes parades, music, dancing, and feasts, creating a jubilant atmosphere that celebrates the enduring spirit of love.

Flitch Day Festivities Around the World

While the Flitch Trials originated in England, the celebration of National Flitch Day has spread to different parts of the world. Communities across the globe have embraced this tradition and incorporated their own unique customs and rituals into the festivities. From the United States to Australia, people come together to honor love and loyalty on this special day.

Traditional Flitch Day Recipes

National Flitch Day is not just about honoring love but also about indulging in delicious food. Traditional recipes are passed down through generations, adding flavor and joy to the celebrations. Some popular dishes include bacon-wrapped delicacies, hearty bacon stews, and mouthwatering bacon desserts. These culinary delights pay homage to the flitch of bacon awarded to deserving couples.

Flitch Day in the Digital Age

In today’s digital era, National Flitch Day has taken on new dimensions. Social media platforms buzz with messages of love and appreciation, spreading the essence of the day to a wider audience. Online communities organize virtual flitch trials, allowing couples from different corners of the world to participate and share their stories of enduring love.

How to Celebrate National Flitch Day

To celebrate National Flitch Day, you can start by expressing your love and gratitude to your partner. Plan a special day together, create a romantic atmosphere, and engage in activities that strengthen your bond. You could also host a flitch-themed gathering with friends and family, complete with delectable bacon-infused dishes and joyful festivities.

Flitch Day Quotes and Sayings

National Flitch Day inspires heartfelt sentiments and expressions of love. Here are a few quotes and sayings that capture the essence of this special day:

“Love is the bacon that sizzles and nourishes our hearts.” – Unknown

“A flitch of bacon represents a lifetime of love shared.” – Anonymous

“In a world of fleeting romances, let our love be as enduring as the flitch.” – Author Unknown

The Future of National Flitch Day

As we look ahead, National Flitch Day continues to hold significance in our ever-changing world. Its message of lasting love and loyalty resonates with people across generations. The celebration of National Flitch Day serves as a reminder of the power of commitment and inspires couples to cultivate enduring relationships.

National Flitch Day Dates

2023July 19Wednesday
2024July 19Friday
2025July 19Saturday
2026July 19Sunday
2027July 19Monday

National Flitch Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

“Wishing all the couples a happy National Flitch Day! May your love and commitment continue to grow stronger with each passing day.”

“On this special day, let’s celebrate the power of love and loyalty. Happy National Flitch Day to all the couples who inspire us with their enduring bond.”

“May the spirit of National Flitch Day fill your hearts with joy and gratitude for the love you share. Wishing you a day filled with happiness and cherished memories.”

“Sending heartfelt wishes to all the couples on Flitch Day. May your love story be as timeless and beautiful as the tradition it honors.”

“Happy National Flitch Day! Here’s to the couples who have stood the test of time and proved that love knows no bounds. Cheers to your unwavering commitment!”

“On this day, we celebrate the essence of love, loyalty, and togetherness. May your journey as a couple be filled with happiness, understanding, and everlasting love. Happy Flitch Day!”

“Wishing a wonderful Flitch Day to all the couples who have found their true soulmates. May your love be as eternal as the tradition that honors it.”

“To all the couples celebrating Flitch Day, may your love be as precious as the flitch of bacon awarded to deserving hearts. Enjoy this special day with your loved one.”

“Happy National Flitch Day! May the bond you share as a couple be filled with laughter, warmth, and unwavering devotion. Cherish each other today and always.”

“Sending you warm wishes on Flitch Day. May the love you share continue to be a guiding light, bringing joy and fulfillment to your lives.”


National Flitch Day is a cherished occasion that celebrates the love and dedication shared between couples. With its rich history, colorful customs, and delectable traditions, this day serves as a reminder to treasure the bonds we hold dear. So, on July 19, join the festivities, share your love story, and embrace the joyous spirit of National Flitch Day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can unmarried couples participate in the Flitch Trials?

A: Unfortunately, the Flitch Trials are reserved for married couples only.

Q: Is National Flitch Day celebrated worldwide?

A: While National Flitch Day originated in England, it is now celebrated in various countries around the globe.

Q: How can I organize a flitch-themed gathering?

A: You can plan a flitch-themed gathering by incorporating bacon-inspired dishes, decorations, and activities that celebrate love and loyalty.

Q: Are virtual flitch trials popular?

A: Yes, virtual flitch trials have gained popularity, allowing couples from different locations to participate and share their stories.

Q: Are there any alternative names for National Flitch Day?

A: National Flitch Day is also known as Flitch Bacon Day or Flitch of Bacon Day.

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