National Bakewell Tart Day – August 11: History, Activities & Quotes

Do you have a sweet tooth that’s always craving delectable treats? Well, mark your calendars because August 11th is celebrated as National Bakewell Tart Day! This delightful day is dedicated to honoring a classic British dessert that has been tantalizing taste buds for generations. From its humble beginnings in a picturesque town to becoming a beloved treat around the world, the Bakewell tart has earned its spot in the pantheon of iconic pastries. 

Imagine a dessert that perfectly balances the richness of almonds, the sweetness of jam, and the flakiness of a buttery crust. The Bakewell tart does just that, and August 11th is the day to savor its scrumptiousness.

History of National Bakewell Tart Day

National Bakewell Tart Day is celebrated on August 10th every year to commemorate the delicious dessert that originated in the town of Bakewell in Derbyshire, England. The tart is made with a pastry base, a layer of jam, and a filling of frangipane (a mixture of ground almonds, eggs, sugar, and butter). It is typically topped with flaked almonds and baked until golden brown.

The history of Bakewell Tart is somewhat murky, but it is believed to have originated in the 18th century. One story credits the creation of the tart to a cook named Mrs. Byng, who was working at the Duke of Devonshire’s Chatsworth House in Bakewell. Mrs. Byng is said to have accidentally added eggs to a pastry crust that was intended to be filled with stewed fruits. The result was a delicious and custardy tart that became known as Bakewell Tart.

Another story credits the creation of Bakewell Tart to a local baker named William Cunliffe. Cunliffe is said to have invented the tart in the early 1800s. He is said to have added ground almonds to the filling, which gave the tart its distinctive flavor.

National Bakewell Tart Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

Celebrate the sweetness of National Bakewell Tart Day with these delightful quotes, wishes, and messages that capture the essence of this scrumptious treat:

“Wishing you a Bakewell Tart Day filled with layers of joy and a sprinkle of sweetness!”

“May your day be as rich and delightful as a freshly baked Bakewell tart. Happy National Bakewell Tart Day!”

“Indulge in the flavors of tradition and let the Bakewell tart melt your worries away. Happy celebration!”

“Here’s to a day filled with bites of happiness and memories as sweet as Bakewell tarts. Cheers to National Bakewell Tart Day!”

“May your life be as colorful and satisfying as the layers of a Bakewell tart. Enjoy the day!”

5 Interesting Facts About Bakewell and Its Tarts

Accidental Creation:

The Bakewell tart’s origin is attributed to a happy accident, where a cook mistakenly spread the almond mixture on top of a jam tart.

Variety Galore:

Besides the classic raspberry jam, Bakewell tarts come in various flavors, from cherry to chocolate, offering a diverse range of tastes.

Global Fame:

The fame of Bakewell tarts has spread worldwide, with enthusiasts experimenting with their own regional twists on this English classic.

Derbyshire’s Pride:

The town of Bakewell in Derbyshire, England, takes immense pride in being the birthplace of this delectable dessert.

Tart vs. Pudding:

Many mistake the Bakewell tart for the Bakewell pudding, but the two are distinct: the tart has a shortcrust pastry base, while the pudding boasts a puff pastry base.

National Bakewell Tart Day Activities

Baking Bonanza:

Spend the day in the kitchen, baking your own Bakewell tarts from scratch and savoring the sweet aroma that fills your home.

Tasting Tour:

Explore local bakeries and cafes to sample different variations of Bakewell tarts, appreciating the unique twists each place offers.

Recipe Swap:

Host a Bakewell tart recipe exchange with friends and family, sharing your favorite versions and trading baking tips.

Bakewell Art:

Get creative by painting or crafting your interpretation of a Bakewell tart, using vibrant colors and imagination.

Picnic Pleasure:

Pack a picnic with an assortment of Bakewell tarts and head to your favorite outdoor spot to enjoy a delicious al fresco meal.

Why We Love National Bakewell Tart Day

National Bakewell Tart Day is more than just a celebration of a delightful dessert; it’s a day that brings us together to revel in the pleasures of tradition and innovation. We love it because it reminds us of the simple joy that a slice of Bakewell tart can bring, and how it has evolved from its accidental beginnings to become a beloved treat enjoyed by people across the globe. It’s a day to indulge our senses, explore new flavors, and honor the craftsmanship of the bakers who create these delectable creations. So, whether you’re a fan of the classic version or enjoy exploring new twists, let’s raise a fork to National Bakewell Tart Day and the happiness it brings!

National Bakewell Tart Day Dates

2023August 11Friday
2024August 11Sunday
2025August 11Monday
2026August 11Tuesday
2027August 11Wednesday


Q1: Can I freeze Bakewell tarts?

Absolutely! You can freeze both baked and unbaked Bakewell tarts. Just make sure to wrap them well to maintain their freshness.

Q2: Is there a gluten-free version?

Yes, you can easily find gluten-free Bakewell tart recipes that use alternative flours without compromising on taste.

Q3: What’s the best jam to use?

Traditional raspberry jam is the classic choice, but feel free to experiment with different jams like apricot or blackberry.

Q4: Can I use pre-made pastry?

Of course! While homemade pastry is delightful, using pre-made pastry cuts down on prep time without sacrificing flavor.

Q5: What’s the origin of the name?

The name “Bakewell” refers to the town of its origin, Bakewell in Derbyshire, England.


National Bakewell Tart Day is more than just an occasion to indulge in a delicious dessert. It’s a celebration of tradition, creativity, and the joy of sharing a timeless treat with loved ones.

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