International Teddy Bear Picnic Day – July 10: Activities & Quotes

International Teddy Bear Picnic Day: Are you ready to embrace your inner child and celebrate a day filled with joy, laughter, and cuddly companions? Mark your calendars because July 10th is International Teddy Bear Picnic Day! This delightful holiday is dedicated to the beloved teddy bear, a timeless symbol of comfort, love, and companionship. So, grab your favorite teddy bear, pack a picnic basket, and join in the festivities of this heartwarming celebration.

International Teddy Bear Picnic Day is a delightful occasion that brings together people of all ages to celebrate the cherished teddy bear. Whether you’re a child or an adult, there’s something undeniably special about the bond between a teddy bear and its owner. This day encourages us to relive our fondest childhood memories and create new ones as we enjoy a picnic with our fuzzy friends.

The History of Teddy Bears

The history of teddy bears dates back to the early 20th century. It is said that the inspiration for the first teddy bear came from an incident involving the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. During a hunting trip in 1902, President Roosevelt refused to shoot a defenseless bear cub. The incident caught the attention of a political cartoonist, who illustrated the event, giving birth to the term “teddy bear.”

The Significance of Teddy Bear Picnics

Teddy bear picnics hold a special place in our hearts because they evoke feelings of warmth, nostalgia, and innocence. These picnics provide an opportunity for children and adults alike to escape the pressures of daily life and immerse themselves in a world of imagination and playfulness. They also promote social interaction, as friends and families gather to enjoy the company of their teddy bears.

Planning Your Teddy Bear Picnic

To ensure a successful and memorable teddy bear picnic, some planning is necessary. Here are a few steps to guide you:

  • Choose a picturesque outdoor location, such as a park or garden.
  • Create a guest list and invite your friends, family, and their teddy bears.
  • Prepare a picnic basket filled with delicious treats, sandwiches, and refreshing beverages.
  • Don’t forget to bring a blanket or picnic mat for a comfortable seating area.
  • Consider organizing games and activities that involve teddy bears to keep everyone entertained.

Teddy Bear-Themed Activities

During your teddy bear picnic, you can engage in various teddy bear-themed activities. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Teddy bear scavenger hunt: Hide small teddy bears around the picnic area and let the participants search for them.
  • Teddy bear fashion show: Dress up your teddy bears in different outfits and have a fashion show.
  • Teddy bear storytelling: Take turns telling stories about your teddy bears’ adventures.
  • Teddy bear tea party: Set up a mini tea party with teddy bear-sized cups, plates, and treats.

Teddy Bear Crafts and DIYs

Unleash your creativity with some teddy bear crafts and DIY projects. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make your own teddy bear: Sew a teddy bear using fabric, stuffing, and buttons.
  • Teddy bear masks: Create masks using paper plates and decorate them to resemble teddy bears.
  • Teddy bear accessories: Craft tiny hats, scarves, or bows to accessorize your teddy bears.

Teddy Bear Songs and Storytime

Sing along to teddy bear songs and indulge in a delightful storytime session. Here are some popular teddy bear songs you can enjoy:

  • “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear” – a classic nursery rhyme.
  • “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” – a whimsical song that captures the magic of a teddy bear picnic.
  • “I’m a Little Teddy Bear” – a cheerful song to get everyone in a joyful mood.

Gather around in a circle and take turns reading teddy bear-themed storybooks. Let your imagination soar as you embark on enchanting adventures with your teddy bears.

Teddy Bear Picnics Around the World

International Teddy Bear Picnic Day is celebrated in various parts of the world, each with its unique twist. Some countries organize large-scale teddy bear picnics, inviting people to come together and enjoy a day of fun-filled activities. These events often support charitable causes, spreading joy and goodwill.

Capturing Memories: Photography Tips

Preserve the memories of your teddy bear picnic by taking photographs. Here are a few tips to help you capture the essence of the day:

  • Experiment with different angles and perspectives to showcase the teddy bears and their owners.
  • Utilize natural lighting for warm and inviting photographs.
  • Focus on the small details, such as the teddy bears’ expressions or their paw prints in the grass.
  • Candid shots can capture genuine moments of joy and laughter.

Teddy Bear Safety Tips

While enjoying your teddy bear picnic, it’s essential to prioritize safety. Here are a few safety tips:

  • Ensure that teddy bears and accessories are free from small parts that could pose a choking hazard, especially for young children.
  • Be mindful of any allergies when selecting picnic treats and snacks.
  • Avoid leaving teddy bears unattended in outdoor areas where they could get damaged or lost.

Teddy Bears for a Good Cause

Teddy bears have long been associated with comfort and solace, making them perfect companions for individuals facing challenging times. Many organizations collect teddy bears and donate them to hospitals, orphanages, and individuals in need. Consider contributing to these initiatives by donating new or gently used teddy bears.

The Magic of Teddy Bear Picnics

Teddy bear picnics hold a special kind of magic. They transport us to a world where imagination knows no bounds, where friendships are treasured, and where love and warmth abound. So, on July 10th, gather your loved ones, pack a delicious picnic, and celebrate the joy of International Teddy Bear Picnic Day.

7 Fun Facts About Teddy Bears

  • The Teddy Bear’s Origin: The teddy bear got its name from an incident involving President Theodore Roosevelt. In 1902, Roosevelt spared the life of a bear cub while on a hunting trip. This event inspired the creation of the iconic stuffed toy.
  • The First Teddy Bear: The first teddy bear was created by Morris Michtom in 1902. Michtom was a toymaker who was inspired by Roosevelt’s act of compassion. He made a bear-shaped stuffed toy and named it “Teddy’s Bear.”
  • A Global Icon: Teddy bears have become a universal symbol of comfort and companionship. They are adored by people of all ages, and their popularity extends worldwide.
  • Record-Breaking Teddy Bear: The world’s largest teddy bear was created in 2008. This enormous bear stood at a whopping 55 feet tall and weighed over 2,000 pounds! It was made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the teddy bear.
  • Teddy Bear’s Picnic: The concept of a teddy bear picnic originated from the popular song “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic.” The song was written by John Walter Bratton and Jimmy Kennedy in 1907 and has since been a beloved tune associated with teddy bears.
  • Teddy Bears in Space: In 2010, a British student named Matthew Ho launched a teddy bear into space using a weather balloon. The bear reached an altitude of about 93,000 feet before descending back to Earth.
  • Teddy Bear Museums: There are several teddy bear museums around the world dedicated to showcasing the history and charm of these beloved toys. These museums display a wide range of teddy bears, including vintage bears, artist bears, and unique collectibles.

International Teddy Bear Picnic Day Dates

2023July 10Monday
2024July 10Wednesday
2025July 10Thursday
2026July 10Friday
2027July 10Saturday

International Teddy Bear Picnic Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

“Wishing you a delightful International Teddy Bear Picnic Day filled with cuddles, laughter, and cherished memories!”

“May your teddy bear picnic be a day of pure joy and happiness. Happy International Teddy Bear Picnic Day!”

“Sending you a big bear hug and warm wishes on International Teddy Bear Picnic Day. Enjoy your special day with your favorite teddy bear!”

“On this special day, let’s celebrate the magic and comfort that teddy bears bring. Happy International Teddy Bear Picnic Day!”

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“On this special occasion, may your teddy bear picnic be a magical adventure filled with love, laughter, and lifelong memories. Happy International Teddy Bear Picnic Day!”

“Here’s to a day of fun, friendship, and furry cuddles. Happy International Teddy Bear Picnic Day! Enjoy your picnic with your beloved teddy bear.”

“May your teddy bear picnic be a day of imagination, playfulness, and pure delight. Wishing you a wonderful International Teddy Bear Picnic Day!”


International Teddy Bear Picnic Day on July 10th is a delightful occasion to embrace your inner child and celebrate the enduring charm of teddy bears. Whether you’re organizing a picnic, engaging in teddy bear-themed activities, or simply relishing the company of your favorite cuddly friend, this day offers an opportunity to create precious memories that will last a lifetime. So, mark this date on your calendar, and let the magic of teddy bears brighten your day.


1. When is International Teddy Bear Picnic Day?

International Teddy Bear Picnic Day is celebrated on July 10th each year.

2. Can adults participate in the Teddy Bear picnic?

Absolutely! Teddy bear picnics are enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a chance to relive childhood memories and embrace the joy of being playful.

3. Are there any specific picnic locations for the Teddy Bear picnic?

You can choose any outdoor location that provides a serene and picturesque setting. Parks, gardens, or even your backyard can be perfect for a teddy bear picnic.

4. How can I donate teddy bears for a good cause?

Many organizations accept donations of teddy bears to distribute to those in need. Contact local charities, hospitals, or orphanages to inquire about donation opportunities.

5. Can I celebrate International Teddy Bear Picnic Day if I don’t have a teddy bear?

While teddy bears are the stars of the day, you can still participate in the festivities without one. Join a picnic, engage in teddy bear-themed activities, and enjoy the spirit of the celebration.

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