International Poke Day – September 28: History, Recipe & Quotes

International Poke Day is just around the corner, slated for September 28, and it’s time to embrace the Hawaiian way of culinary delight—by indulging in a sumptuous serving of poke. In the enchanting Hawaiian dialect, poke is affectionately referred to as a ‘chop.’ This delectable dish is a true gift from the sea, featuring meticulously sliced raw fish, enhanced with a medley of flavors including sea salt, candlenut, seaweed, and the intriguingly green sea plant known as limu.

Similar to sushi, poke is savored in its raw form, yet it boasts a burst of aromatic spices that elevate its taste to celestial heights. In the laid-back Hawaiian culture, poke has long been a favored snack-time treat. Now, it’s making waves and beckoning mainland America to join in on the gastronomic adventure. Surprisingly, poke has only graced Hawaiian palates since the 1970s, and today, it’s poised to conquer the hearts and taste buds of the entire nation.

The History of Poke

Before we dive into the tantalizing details of International Poke Day, it’s crucial to understand the rich history that surrounds this mouthwatering dish. Poke’s origins trace back to ancient Hawaii, where native Hawaiians would head out to sea to catch the freshest fish, often using their bare hands. The term ‘poke’ itself means ‘to slice’ or ‘cut crosswise into pieces,’ which aptly describes the preparation of this dish. Early Hawaiians would season their catch with simple ingredients like sea salt and seaweed, reflecting their profound connection to the ocean.

As time passed, poke evolved. Japanese immigrants who came to Hawaii in the late 1800s brought with them their sushi-making skills, which significantly influenced the development of poke. The addition of soy sauce and other Japanese flavors contributed to the distinctive fusion of tastes that we now associate with poke.

Different Types of Poke

One of the most alluring aspects of poke is its versatility. There are numerous varieties of this delectable dish, each with its own unique blend of flavors. Some of the most popular types of poke include:

Ahi Poke:

This classic poke features succulent cubes of yellowfin tuna mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, and green onions.

Salmon Poke:

Salmon lovers rejoice! This version combines fresh salmon with ingredients like sesame seeds, avocado, and spicy mayo.

Spicy Tuna Poke:

For those who crave a bit of heat, spicy tuna poke is a fiery delight made with spicy mayo and chili flakes.

Octopus Poke:

A more exotic option, octopus poke showcases tender, marinated octopus, often complemented by cucumber and a zesty citrus dressing.

Vegan Poke:

Even vegetarians and vegans can enjoy the poke craze with options featuring ingredients like marinated tofu, seaweed, and fresh vegetables.

How to Make Poke at Home

Creating your own poke bowl at home is a rewarding culinary adventure. Here’s a simple recipe to get you started:


Fresh fish (e.g., tuna, salmon, or octopus)

Soy sauce

Sesame oil

Green onions

Sesame seeds

Optional toppings (avocado, cucumber, edamame, etc.)


Begin by dicing your choice of fresh fish into bite-sized cubes.

In a mixing bowl, combine the fish with soy sauce and sesame oil to taste.

Add chopped green onions and sesame seeds for added flavor and texture.

Refrigerate the mixture for about 30 minutes to allow the flavors to meld.

Serve your homemade poke over a bed of rice or greens, and don’t forget to garnish with your favorite toppings.

Where to Find Poke Near You

If you’re not in the mood for cooking, fear not! Poke has gained immense popularity, and you can likely find a poke restaurant or food truck near you. Simply do a quick online search or ask locals for recommendations. It’s a delightful and convenient way to satisfy your poke cravings.

International Poke Day Events and Activities

To truly immerse yourself in the International Poke Day spirit, consider participating in events and activities happening in your area. Many restaurants and communities host special poke-themed gatherings on September 28th. Keep an eye out for promotions, tastings, and celebrations, all designed to honor this beloved Hawaiian tradition.

International Poke Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“On this special day, may your poke bowl be overflowing with happiness and deliciousness!”

“Wishing you a poke-tastic International Poke Day filled with flavors and memories to savor.”

“Let’s raise our chopsticks to International Poke Day and the joy it brings to our taste buds.”

“Poke lovers unite! Happy International Poke Day to all who relish in this culinary masterpiece.”

“In every bite of poke, there’s a taste of Hawaii’s ocean and culture. Enjoy!”

“May your day be as colorful and flavorful as a poke bowl on International Poke Day.”

“Sending you a virtual poke bowl filled with good wishes and great vibes.”

“Today, we celebrate the art of simplicity and the joy of poke. Happy International Poke Day!”

“Here’s to the dish that brings a taste of Hawaii to the world. Happy International Poke Day!”

“Whether you’re near the ocean or far away, International Poke Day brings a taste of paradise to your plate.”

International Poke Day Dates

Mark your calendar for September 28th, and prepare to embark on a culinary journey like no other. It’s a day to celebrate the rich heritage and exquisite flavors of poke, a dish that continues to capture the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide.

2023September 28Thursday
2024September 28Saturday
2025September 28Sunday
2026September 28Monday
2027September 28Tuesday


What is Poke?

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish made from fresh, raw fish that’s expertly sliced and marinated with various seasonings and toppings. It’s often served as a bowl over rice or greens.

Why should you Celebrate International Poke Day?

International Poke Day is a delightful opportunity to explore the flavors of Hawaii and appreciate the cultural significance of this iconic dish. It’s a day to savor the unique blend of tastes that poke offers and share in the joy of its worldwide popularity.


As International Poke Day approaches on September 28th, it’s time to dive into the world of this exquisite Hawaiian dish. Poke, with its rich history, diverse flavors, and culinary versatility, is more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of culture and taste. Whether you’re a seasoned poke enthusiast or new to the world of chop, this day is your chance to indulge in the flavors of Hawaii and experience the magic of poke.

So, mark your calendar, find your nearest poke spot, and get ready to celebrate International Poke Day in style. Don’t miss this opportunity to savor the sea’s bounty and experience a taste of Hawaii’s culinary heritage.

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