International Geocaching Day – August 19: History, Activities & Quotes 

In the realm of modern adventures, International Geocaching Day stands out as a unique and thrilling occasion. Celebrated on August 19 every year, this day invites enthusiasts of all ages to embark on a treasure hunt that spans the globe. Geocaching isn’t just a recreational activity; it’s a captivating fusion of technology, exploration, and camaraderie.

History of International Geocaching Day

International Geocaching Day is celebrated every third Saturday in August. In 2023, it falls on August 19. The day is a celebration of the global geocaching community and a chance for people to come together and enjoy the hobby.

Geocaching is a treasure hunt using GPS. Participants use GPS coordinates to find hidden containers, called geocaches, which are typically placed in outdoor locations. Geocaches can be anything from small plastic boxes to larger containers, and they often contain a logbook for visitors to sign.

The first geocache was placed in May 2000 by Dave Ulmer, a resident of Beavercreek, Oregon. He called it “geocaching” because it combined the words “geo” (earth) and “caching” (hiding). The hobby quickly spread, and there are now millions of geocaches hidden all over the world.

International Geocaching Day was first celebrated in 2011. The event was organized by Groundspeak, the company that owns the geocaching website The goal of the day is to promote geocaching and get more people involved in the hobby.

International Geocaching Day Activities

On this exciting day, geocachers set out to find hidden treasures, explore new locations, and connect with fellow adventurers. Geocaching events and activities are organized globally, ranging from beginner-friendly hunts to challenging quests that test even the most experienced seekers. From urban areas to remote wilderness, geocaching offers an opportunity to discover unique places and create lasting memories.

Why We Love International Geocaching Day

The allure of International Geocaching Day lies in its ability to combine modern technology with the timeless thrill of exploration. It’s a day to escape routine, embark on an uncharted journey, and experience the joy of discovery. Geocaching fosters a sense of community as participants share their findings and stories, forging connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

International Geocaching Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

“Embark on a journey of hidden wonders and treasures on International Geocaching Day. Happy hunting!”

“May your GPS guide you to unforgettable adventures on this International Geocaching Day.”

“In the world of geocaching, every find is a triumph and every cache a story waiting to be told.”

“Wishing you a day filled with excitement, exploration and the joy of geocaching. Happy hunting!”

“On International Geocaching Day, may your path be clear, your coordinates accurate, and your treasures abundant.”

5 Interesting Facts About GEOCACHING

Global Phenomenon:

Geocaching has a presence in nearly every country, with millions of hidden caches waiting to be discovered.

First Geocache:

The very first geocache was placed on May 3, 2000, in Oregon, USA, marking the birth of this modern-day treasure hunt.

Varied Container Sizes:

Geocaches come in various sizes, from tiny “nano” caches to large containers that hold trinkets and logbooks.

Travel Bugs:

Some geocachers attach trackable items, known as “travel bugs,” to their caches, allowing them to journey from location to location.


Geocaching lingo includes the term “muggle,” borrowed from the Harry Potter series, referring to non-geocachers who might accidentally stumble upon hidden caches.

International Geocaching Day Dates

2022August 20Saturday
2023August 19Saturday
2024August 17Saturday
2025August 16Saturday
2026August 15Saturday


What is geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity that involves using GPS devices to find hidden containers, or caches, at specific coordinates.

How do I start geocaching?

Download a geocaching app, create an account, and enter the coordinates of caches near you. Follow the GPS directions to find the hidden treasures.

Do I need special equipment for geocaching?

A GPS-enabled device or smartphone with a geocaching app is essential. Some caches might require tools for retrieval.

Is geocaching only for experienced adventurers?

Geocaching caters to all skill levels. Beginners can start with easy finds, while seasoned geocachers seek more challenging caches.

What should I bring when geocaching?

Carry a pen to sign logbooks, trinkets for trading, and respect for nature and property as you explore.


International Geocaching Day is more than just a treasure hunt; it’s an opportunity to connect with a global community of adventurers, explore diverse locations, and create cherished memories. Whether you’re a seasoned geocacher or a curious beginner, this day invites you to step into a world where technology meets exploration. So mark August 19 on your calendar and prepare to embark on a journey of hidden wonders.

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