Emirati Women’s Day – August 28: History, Theme & Quotes

Emirati Women’s Day, observed on August 28th, is a momentous occasion that honors the invaluable contributions of women in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This day not only celebrates their achievements but also highlights the progress made towards gender equality and the empowerment of women in the region.

Emirati Women’s Day History and Significance

Honoring the Legacy

Emirati Women’s Day was established in 2015 by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, the Mother of the UAE, to mark the anniversary of the General Women’s Union, which was founded in 1975. This day serves as a tribute to the dedication and perseverance of Emirati women who have played a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s development.

Empowerment and Gender Equality

Emirati Women’s Day is a testament to the UAE’s commitment to promoting gender equality and ensuring that women have equal opportunities in all spheres of life. The UAE government has implemented various initiatives and policies to empower women, enabling them to excel in education, workforce, and leadership positions.

Emirati Women’s Day Theme 2023

The theme for Emirati Women’s Day 2023 is “Emirati Women: The Future“. This theme celebrates the achievements of Emirati women and their contributions to the development of the UAE. It also highlights the importance of empowering women and ensuring that they have equal opportunities to succeed.

Celebrating Achievements

Education and Professional Attainment

Emirati women have made remarkable strides in education, with higher enrollment rates in universities compared to their male counterparts. This progress has led to increased female representation in various professional fields, including medicine, engineering, finance, and technology.

Leadership and Government Roles

The UAE has set an inspiring example by appointing women to key government positions and decision-making roles. From ministers to diplomats, Emirati women have showcased their leadership prowess on both national and international platforms.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Emirati women have embraced entrepreneurship and are making their mark in the business world. With access to resources and support, they are establishing successful startups and contributing to the diversification of the UAE’s economy.

Nurturing Future Generations

Empowering the Youth

Emirati Women’s Day underscores the importance of nurturing young women and providing them with mentorship and guidance. Various educational programs and initiatives have been launched to inspire and prepare the next generation of female leaders.

Breaking Stereotypes

Efforts to challenge gender stereotypes and biases are central to the celebrations. By highlighting stories of successful Emirati women, society is encouraged to perceive women as capable and deserving of equal opportunities.

Emirati Women’s Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

Emirati Women’s Day, observed on August 28th, is a special occasion to celebrate the remarkable achievements and contributions of women in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s a day to honor their resilience, determination, and the progress they have made in various fields. Here are some quotes, wishes, and messages to commemorate this empowering day:

“Emirati women are the driving force behind the nation’s progress, proving that strength and grace go hand in hand.” – Anonymous

“On this Emirati Women’s Day, may you continue to break barriers, inspire others, and shine brightly on your path of success.”

“Wishing all the incredible Emirati women a day filled with appreciation, love, and recognition for all that you do.”

“Happy Emirati Women’s Day! Your achievements are a testament to your strength and resilience. Keep soaring high.”

“May this day remind you of the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Here’s to the Emirati women who shape a brighter future.”

“On this special day, we salute the Emirati women who enrich our lives with their accomplishments. Your contributions are immeasurable.”

“Happy Emirati Women’s Day to the women who turn challenges into stepping stones, making each accomplishment a milestone.”

“As we celebrate Emirati Women’s Day, remember that your strength, wisdom, and compassion continue to shape a brighter, more inclusive world.”

“Your achievements are a testament to the power of determination and dedication. Happy Emirati Women’s Day to the women who inspire us all.”


Education and Professionalism:

Emirati women have achieved significant milestones in education and are actively pursuing careers in various fields, including medicine, engineering, law, and business.

Government Representation:

The UAE boasts a higher percentage of women in its Federal National Council than the global average of women in national parliaments, highlighting the country’s commitment to gender equality.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Emirati women have been embracing entrepreneurship, with a growing number of female-led businesses contributing to the nation’s economy and innovation.

Leadership Roles:

Women in the UAE hold prominent leadership positions across sectors, including government, business, and diplomacy, breaking traditional gender norms.

Cultural Preservation:

Emirati women play a vital role in preserving the nation’s rich cultural heritage by passing down traditions, values, and customs to future generations.

Emirati Women’s Day Dates

2023August 28Monday
2024August 28Wednesday
2025August 28Thursday
2026August 28Friday
2027August 28Saturday


Emirati Women’s Day is a reflection of the UAE’s dedication to empowering women and recognizing their vital role in the nation’s progress. As the country continues to strive for gender equality, this day stands as a reminder of the remarkable achievements made by Emirati women across various domains.


What is the significance of Emirati Women’s Day?

Emirati Women’s Day commemorates the achievements and contributions of women in the UAE while promoting gender equality and empowerment.

Who established Emirati Women’s Day?

Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, the Mother of the UAE, established Emirati Women’s Day in 2015.

How do Emirati women contribute to the economy?

Emirati women are actively participating in various sectors, including entrepreneurship, business, leadership, and innovation, contributing significantly to the UAE’s economic growth.

What initiatives promote gender equality in the UAE?

The UAE government has implemented policies that encourage women’s education, workforce participation, and leadership roles to ensure gender equality.

How does Emirati Women’s Day inspire future generations?

Emirati Women’s Day encourages mentorship and support for young women, breaking gender stereotypes and empowering them to pursue their aspirations.

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