Aged Care Employee Day – August 7: History, Facts & Quotes

Aged Care Employee Day, Every day, millions of elderly individuals rely on the dedicated and compassionate care provided by aged care employees. These unsung heroes play a vital role in society by ensuring that the elderly receive the support they need to lead fulfilling lives during their golden years. To honor and appreciate these hardworking individuals, Aged Care Employee Day is celebrated on August 7th annually. 

History of Aged Care Employee Day

Aged Care Employee Day is a relatively new holiday, first celebrated in Australia in 2018. It was created by Whiddon, an aged care provider, to recognize the important work of all people who work in aged care, not just nurses and doctors.

The idea for Aged Care Employee Day came about when Whiddon realized that there was no single day to celebrate the work of all the people who make up the aged care workforce. International Nurses Day is celebrated on May 12, but this only recognizes the work of nurses. Many other people work in aged care, such as personal care assistants, kitchen staff, laundry workers, and administrative staff. These people are all essential to providing quality care to older Australians, but they often go unrecognized.

Whiddon decided to create Aged Care Employee Day to give everyone who works in aged care a day to be celebrated. The first Aged Care Employee Day was held on August 7, 2018. Since then, it has become an annual event in Australia.

The Importance of Aged Care Employees

Their Role in Society

Aged care employees are the backbone of a caring society. They work tirelessly to provide physical, emotional, and mental support to the elderly population who may require assistance with daily activities, medical needs, and companionship. Without their dedication, many elderly individuals would face isolation and neglect, hindering their overall well-being and quality of life.

Challenges Faced by Aged Care Workers

While their work is immensely rewarding, aged care employees also face significant challenges. The demanding nature of the job, emotional stress, and long hours can take a toll on their well-being. Additionally, the aging population is growing, leading to increased demand for their services. Thus, it is essential to recognize and address the challenges they encounter to ensure a sustainable and supportive environment for aged care workers.

Acknowledgment and Appreciation

Aged care employees often work behind the scenes, making their efforts go unnoticed by many. Aged Care Employee Day provides a platform to acknowledge and appreciate their hard work, dedication, and commitment. By showing gratitude, we can motivate these caregivers and create a positive work culture within the aged care industry.

How to Observe Aged Care Employee Day

Aged Care Employee Day is an opportunity to show appreciation and support for the dedicated individuals working in aged care facilities. Here are some meaningful ways to observe this special day:

Express Gratitude:

Take the time to personally thank aged care employees for their hard work and dedication. A simple “thank you” can brighten their day and make them feel valued.

Organize Celebrations:

Plan events and celebrations in aged care facilities to honor the employees. It could be a small gathering, a heartfelt speech, or a token of appreciation.

Share Stories:

Encourage residents and their families to share their positive experiences with aged care employees. Hearing stories of the positive impact they have can be uplifting for the caregivers.

Donate or Volunteer:

Support aged care facilities by donating essential items or volunteering your time. Your contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of the elderly and their caregivers.

Social Media Acknowledgment:

Use social media platforms to acknowledge and appreciate aged care employees. Share stories, pictures, and heartfelt messages using relevant hashtags.

5 Facts About Aged Care in Australia

Australia’s aged care sector plays a vital role in providing support and care to the elderly population. Here are five important facts about aged care in Australia:

A Growing Elderly Population:

Australia’s population is aging rapidly. It is estimated that by 2057, the number of Australians aged 65 and over will double, making aged care services increasingly crucial.

Types of Aged Care Services:

Aged care in Australia encompasses a range of services, including residential care, home care, respite care, and palliative care. These services cater to the different needs and preferences of the elderly.

Aged Care Funding:

The Australian government provides funding for aged care services through the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) and the Home Care Packages Program. These funds help ensure access to quality care for older Australians.

Caregiver Workforce:

Aged care employees form a significant portion of the healthcare workforce in Australia. Their dedication and commitment contribute to the well-being of the elderly population.

Reforms in Aged Care:

The Australian government has been implementing reforms to improve the quality and accessibility of aged care services. These reforms aim to address the changing needs of the aging population and enhance the support available to caregivers.

Why Aged Care Employee Day is Important

Aged Care Employee Day holds immense significance for several reasons:

Recognition and Appreciation:

It is a day dedicated to recognizing the hard work, dedication, and compassion of aged care employees. Their efforts often go unnoticed, and this day provides an opportunity to show gratitude.

Boosting Morale:

Aged care employees face challenges in their profession, and acknowledgment on this special day can boost their morale and motivation to continue their noble work.

Raising Awareness:

Aged Care Employee Day raises awareness about the importance of aged care services and the essential role these employees play in caring for the elderly.

Strengthening Bonds:

The day fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among aged care employees, residents, families, and the wider community.

Advocacy for the Elderly:

By celebrating this day, we advocate for better care and support for the elderly population, highlighting their needs and the value of aged care services.

Aged Care Employee Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

“Aged care employees are the guiding stars that bring comfort and care to the twilight years of the elderly.” – Unknown

“The warmth of your heart and the kindness of your soul make all the difference in the lives you touch. Happy Aged Care Employee Day!” – Anonymous

“In the book of life, aged care employees write chapters of compassion, love, and joy for the elderly.” – Author Unknown

Today, we celebrate the unsung heroes who fill the lives of the elderly with love and care. Thank you for making a difference every day. Happy Aged Care Employee Day!

Your dedication and kindness have touched the hearts of many. On Aged Care Employee Day, we salute you and express our deepest gratitude for your invaluable service.

Happy Aged Care Employee Day! Your dedication and love have made a profound impact on the lives you touch. May you continue to bring smiles to the faces of the elderly you care for.

Wishing all aged care employees a day filled with appreciation and recognition for your tireless efforts and compassionate service. You are beacons of light in the lives of the elderly.

Aged Care Employee Day Dates

2023August 7Monday
2024August 7Wednesday
2025August 7Thursday
2026August 7Friday
2027August 7Saturday


What is the purpose of Aged Care Employee Day?

Aged Care Employee Day aims to honor and appreciate the hard work and dedication of aged care workers who provide care to the elderly.

How can I show appreciation to aged care workers?

You can show appreciation by expressing gratitude, participating in events on Aged Care Employee Day, or supporting initiatives that benefit aged care employees.

What are the common challenges faced by aged care employees?

Aged care employees may face challenges such as emotional stress, long hours, and the increasing demand for their services due to an aging population.

How can I pursue a career in aged care?

Pursuing a career in aged care typically involves obtaining relevant qualifications and certifications, such as a diploma or degree in nursing or gerontology.

What are the key qualities of a successful aged care worker?

Successful aged care workers possess qualities like empathy, patience, effective communication, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of the elderly they care for.


Aged Care Employee Day on August 7th is a celebration of the remarkable individuals who dedicate themselves to caring for the elderly. Their compassionate service and selfless dedication are essential in providing the elderly with a nurturing and fulfilling environment. As the elderly population continues to grow, recognizing and supporting aged care employees becomes increasingly important. Let us all take a moment to show appreciation and gratitude for their invaluable contributions.

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