According to Hoyle Day – August 29: History, Facts & Quotes

Have you ever heard the phrase according to Hoyle and wondered about its origin? Well, August 29th is celebrated as According to Hoyle Day, a day that pays tribute to the renowned authority on the rules and strategies of card games. In this article, we’ll delve into the history and significance of this day, explore the life of Edmond Hoyle, discuss the world of card games, and reflect on how his contributions have influenced our understanding of fair play and game nights.

History of According to Hoyle Day

According to Hoyle Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on August 29th to honor Edmond Hoyle, an English writer who was best known for his works on the rules and play of card games. The phrase “according to Hoyle” (meaning “strictly according to the rules”) came into the language as a reflection of his generally perceived authority on the subject; since that time, use of the phrase has expanded into general use in situations in which a speaker wishes to indicate an appeal to a putative authority.

Hoyle was born in 1672 and died in 1769. He was a lawyer by trade, but he became fascinated by card games and began writing about them in the early 1740s. His first book, A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist, was published in 1742 and quickly became the standard reference work on the game. Hoyle went on to write books on other card games, as well as backgammon, chess, and other board games.

Hoyle’s books were so popular that they were translated into many languages and became the definitive guides to the rules of games. The phrase “according to Hoyle” became a way of saying that someone was playing a game according to the established rules. The phrase is still used today, even though many of the games that Hoyle wrote about are no longer played as frequently.

Who Was Edmond Hoyle?

Edmond Hoyle, born in 1672, was an English writer known for his definitive works on the rules and strategies of various card games. His contributions to the world of gaming have left an indelible mark, making him synonymous with fair play. Hoyle’s books, including “A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist,” were comprehensive guides that provided players with clear instructions, thus standardizing the way card games were played. His expertise led to the saying “according to Hoyle,” signifying the correct or established way of doing something.

The Legacy of Hoyle’s Rules

Hoyle’s rules were not just about the mechanics of games; they were about ensuring a level playing field for everyone involved. His attention to detail and clarity set a precedent for how games should be conducted. The rules he laid out were not just guidelines; they were a way of fostering camaraderie and healthy competition.

The Importance of Card Games

Card games have held a special place in human culture for centuries. They transcend age, gender, and background, providing a universal platform for social interaction and entertainment. From poker nights to family gatherings, card games have the remarkable ability to bring people together, encouraging laughter, strategy, and bonding.

Hoyle’s Influence on Fair Play

Hoyle’s emphasis on fair play went beyond the confines of card games. His principles underscored the value of integrity, respect, and adherence to rules in all aspects of life. The phrase “playing by the rules” finds its roots in Hoyle’s teachings, reminding us that success achieved through fairness holds greater satisfaction.

Celebrating According to Hoyle Day

“According to Hoyle Day” encourages us to appreciate the art of gaming and the traditions it encompasses. Whether you’re a seasoned card player or new to the scene, this day invites you to explore the world of card games, learn their rules, and enjoy the thrill of competition.

Gatherings and Game Nights

Card games often serve as the centerpiece of social gatherings and game nights. These occasions facilitate connections and foster a sense of community. As smartphones and digital devices dominate our lives, sharing face-to-face moments over card tables becomes increasingly valuable.

Learning Life Skills Through Cards

Card games aren’t just about luck and strategy; they also offer valuable life skills. Decision-making, critical thinking, and adaptability are honed as players navigate the challenges each hand presents. These skills extend beyond the game and into everyday life.

The Evolution of Card Games

While traditional card games remain beloved, the world of card gaming continues to evolve. New games are created, each with its own unique mechanics and rules. This evolution ensures that card games remain fresh, relevant, and appealing to new generations.


Card games have captured the hearts of people across cultures and generations. Here are five intriguing facts about card games:

1. Ancient Origins

The roots of card games can be traced back to ancient China, where paper-based playing cards emerged during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). These cards eventually spread to other parts of Asia and Europe, shaping the diverse array of games we enjoy today.

2. A Global Phenomenon

Card games are truly universal. From the classic game of Bridge in America to the strategic Mahjong in China, every culture has its own unique card traditions that reflect its values and social dynamics.

3. The Joker’s Evolution

The Joker card, often associated with laughter and mischief, wasn’t always a part of standard decks. It was introduced in the 19th century as a trump card for the game of Euchre. Today, the Joker plays a central role in games like Poker and Rummy.

4. A World Record Shuffle

In 2012, a team of mathematicians and computer scientists set a world record by shuffling a deck of cards an astounding 60 times. This achievement was part of a study to understand the complexities of randomness in card shuffling.

5. Cards in Space

Believe it or not, astronauts on the International Space Station have played card games in zero gravity! While the lack of gravity adds an interesting twist to the game, it also brings astronauts together for moments of relaxation and connection.

According to Hoyle Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

“As the cards are dealt, so are the opportunities in life. Play wisely, play boldly. Happy According to Hoyle Day!”

“Let the games begin! May your day be filled with lucky draws and unforgettable moments. Happy According to Hoyle Day!”

“Wishing you a day of good hands, strategic moves, and victorious moments. Happy According to Hoyle Day!”

“May your card games today be as exciting as the ones you play in life. Have a fantastic According to Hoyle Day!”

“On this special day, may your card table be surrounded by friends, laughter, and the spirit of healthy competition. Enjoy According to Hoyle Day!”

“As you shuffle through the deck of life, may you always find the aces up your sleeve. Have a wonderful According to Hoyle Day!”

“Sending you a deck full of wishes for joy, success, and memorable games. Happy According to Hoyle Day!”

“Here’s to the fun, the strategy, and the unforgettable moments that card games bring. Happy According to Hoyle Day!”

“May your day be filled with high stakes, lucky draws, and the joy of playing your best hand. Enjoy According to Hoyle Day!”

According to Hoyle Day Dates

2023August 29Tuesday
2024August 29Thursday
2025August 29Friday
2026August 29Saturday
2027August 29Sunday


According to Hoyle Day on August 29th commemorates the legacy of Edmond Hoyle and celebrates the enduring appeal of card games. Beyond the strategies and rules, card games remind us of the value of human interaction, friendly competition, and the joy of shared experiences. So, whether you’re shuffling a deck of cards with friends or engaging in a virtual game online, take a moment to appreciate the world of card games and the connections they foster.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the origin of according to Hoyle?

The phrase according to Hoyle refers to Edmond Hoyle’s authoritative rules on card games, indicating the correct way to play.

Why are card games significant?

Card games hold cultural and social significance, promoting interaction, entertainment, and skill development.

How did Edmond Hoyle impact fair play?

Hoyle’s emphasis on fair play in gaming translated to principles of integrity and respect in everyday life.

What is the purpose of “According to Hoyle Day”?

“According to Hoyle Day” encourages people to explore the world of card games, learn their rules, and enjoy playing them.

How do card games bridge generations?

Card games provide a platform for different generations to bond, share experiences, and create lasting memories.

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