National Thank a Mail Carrier Day – February 4, 2024

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day is celebrated annually on February 4th to recognize and express gratitude to the hardworking individuals who deliver mail and packages to our homes and businesses. This day provides an opportunity for communities to show appreciation for the vital role mail carriers play in our lives.

History of National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

The inscription, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,” adorns the New York City Post Office, though not officially the USPS motto. Yet, it perfectly captures the spirit of National Thank a Mail Carrier Day, a day to honor the unwavering dedication of those who deliver our mail.

This tradition stretches back millennia. Herodotus, in 445 B.C., wrote of the Persian mounted couriers who “served with great fidelity” during the Greco-Persian wars. Today, that dedication echoes in the footsteps of American mail carriers.

Our postal journey began in 1692, with taverns acting as hubs for mail exchange. By 1775, Benjamin Franklin led the charge, establishing the United States Post Office and appointing America’s possible first female postmaster, Mary Katherine Goddard. These early “post riders” braved vast distances on horseback, some even alerting colonists of approaching British troops during the Revolutionary War.

The officially recognized Post Office Department followed in 1792, empowered by the Constitution. Since then, mail delivery has woven itself into the fabric of American society, fostering connections, fueling commerce, and serving as a cornerstone of democracy.

As Herodotus recognized, those who “serve with great fidelity” in delivering messages deserve our appreciation. National Thank a Mail Carrier Day allows us to express our gratitude to the modern-day messengers who uphold this timeless tradition. Let’s show our appreciation to these dedicated individuals who, rain or shine, ensure our letters, packages, and connections reach their destinations.

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day Activities

A sincere thank you:

A simple “thank you” can go a long way. When you see your mail carrier, take a moment to thank them for their hard work.

Leave a note:

Leave a handwritten note in your mailbox expressing your gratitude. You can also mention something specific you appreciate about their service.

Give them a treat:

Leave a small treat or drink for your mail carrier, such as a bottle of water on a hot day or a granola bar for a quick energy boost.

Help out:

If you see your mail carrier struggling with a heavy package, offer to help them carry it to your mailbox.

5 Famous People Who Worked as Postal Workers

Walt Disney:

Before creating his animation empire, Walt Disney worked as a mail carrier in Kansas City, Missouri from 1919 to 1920. He even credited this experience with helping him develop his storytelling skills, as he observed people and places on his routes.

Charles Lindbergh:

The famed aviator actually started his flying career thanks to his stint as an airmail pilot for the U.S. Postal Service in the 1920s. His success in delivering mail across the country helped him gain the experience and resources necessary for his solo transatlantic flight.

Benjamin Franklin:

This Founding Father of the United States played a crucial role in shaping the early American postal system. He served as Postmaster General for many years, implementing reforms that modernized and expanded the service.

Abraham Lincoln:

Before becoming the 16th President of the US, Lincoln briefly worked as a postmaster in New Salem, Illinois, from 1833 to 1836. This role involved managing the local post office and delivering mail on horseback.

John Prine:

The beloved singer-songwriter spent several years in the 1960s as a mail carrier in Maywood, Illinois. He credited this experience with providing him with inspiration for his songs, often portraying everyday characters and observations from his routes.

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“Thank you for delivering smiles with every piece of mail. Happy National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!”

“To our dedicated mail carriers: Your service is appreciated more than words can express. Thank you for all that you do.”

“Wishing all mail carriers a day filled with appreciation and recognition for their hard work and dedication.”

“Your commitment to delivering mail, rain or shine, does not go unnoticed. Happy National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!”

“On this special day, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the unsung heroes who make mail delivery possible. Happy National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!”

“To the ones who bring joy and connection to our doorstep every day, we say thank you. Happy National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!”

“Sending a big thank-you to all mail carriers for their tireless efforts in keeping our communities connected. Happy National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!”

“Your dedication to delivering mail is truly admirable. Wishing you a wonderful National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!”

“National Thank a Mail Carrier Day is a time to recognize the invaluable service of mail carriers who keep our mailboxes full and our spirits high.”

“Today, we honor and appreciate the hardworking individuals who ensure that our mail reaches us safely and on time. Happy National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!”

Why We Love National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

Recognition of essential service:

Mail carriers provide a vital service that touches almost everyone’s lives. They deliver not just bills and packages, but also important documents, birthday cards, and other items that connect us to others and bring moments of joy. Recognizing their hard work fosters a sense of community and appreciation for the often-overlooked aspects of daily life.

Celebrating dedication and resilience:

Mail carriers work in all kinds of weather conditions, navigating challenging routes, and ensuring deliveries are made. Their dedication and resilience, regardless of circumstances, inspire appreciation and gratitude.

A chance to show kindness:

The day provides a simple and direct opportunity to show kindness to someone who might not often receive it. A small gesture like a thank you note or a treat can brighten their day and create a positive interaction.

Nostalgia and personal connection:

Many people have fond memories of interacting with their mail carriers, especially during childhood. The day can evoke positive memories and remind us of the personal connections built through mail delivery.

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day Dates

2024February 4Sunday
2025February 4Tuesday
2026February 4Wednesday
2027February 4Thursday
2028February 4Friday


National Thank a Mail Carrier Day provides a wonderful opportunity to express gratitude to the hardworking individuals who deliver mail with dedication and professionalism. Whether through heartfelt thank-you notes or acts of kindness, let us take this day to recognize the invaluable service of mail carriers and show appreciation for their efforts in keeping our communities connected.

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