National Sharon Day – March 7, 2024

National Sharon Day is a celebration dedicated to individuals named Sharon. This day, observed annually on March 7th, honors the name Sharon and celebrates the diversity and significance of individuals bearing this name. It’s a day filled with festivities, recognition, and appreciation for everyone named Sharon.

History of National Sharon Day

The name Sharon, now predominantly feminine, boasts a fascinating journey. While it appeared in the 18th century as a unisex name, it wasn’t until the early 20th century that it truly embraced its feminine side. This shift might have been influenced by the 1925 novel “The Skyrocket” featuring a female protagonist named Sharon, later immortalized in a film.

Furthermore, the association with various blooming plants like the “Rose of Sharon” likely added to the name’s blooming popularity. Interestingly, the name wasn’t an immediate hit. It wasn’t until the mid-1930s that its popularity skyrocketed, reaching its peak in the 1940s. This era saw “Sharon” consistently ranking among the top 10 names for girls. Variations like “Sharron” and “Sharyn” also enjoyed a brief period of popularity during this time.

However, the love affair with “Sharon” wasn’t meant to last. Since the 1940s, the name’s popularity has steadily declined, mirroring a similar trend in other English-speaking countries like the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. By the 21st century, “Sharon” had fallen out of favor, exiting the top 100 lists in most countries.

Despite its decline, “Sharon” remains a name steeped in history and cultural references. Its journey from a rare unisex name to a mid-century darling and back again serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving landscape of name popularity.

National Sharon Day Activities

Throw a party! 

People enjoy having fun, so gather some friends and family and celebrate Sharon with good food, drinks, and company. You can even make it potluck-style so everyone contributes a dish. 

Celebrate her name day like a birthday! 

Sharon Day is a great opportunity to celebrate Sharon’s name. Get her a card, or a small gift, or take her out for a special lunch or dinner. 

Tell the story behind her name. 

Names are a big part of someone’s identity, and Sharon’s name likely has an interesting story behind it. Ask Sharon’s parents or relatives about the meaning of her name and share it with her. 

Make a Sharon Day playlist.  

Put together a playlist of songs that mention the name Sharon or that Sharon just loves. You can play it at your party or give it to her as a gift.

Do something kind for her.  

The best way to celebrate someone is to do something kind for them.  Do something Sharon wouldn’t normally expect,  like running an errand for her or giving her a massage. 

5 Famous Names Sharon

Sharon Stone:

An acclaimed actress known for her roles in iconic films such as “Basic Instinct” and “Casino.”

Sharon Osbourne:

A television personality, music manager, and author, famous for her role in the reality TV show “The Osbournes.”

Sharon Tate:

An actress and model tragically known for her untimely death in the Manson Family murders in 1969.

Sharon Gless:

An Emmy Award-winning actress recognized for her roles in TV series like “Cagney & Lacey” and “Queer as Folk.”

Sharon Leal:

An actress and singer known for her performances in movies and TV shows like “Dreamgirls” and “Boston Public.”

Why We Love National Sharon Day

It brings people together: 

Sharing a name can create a sense of community and belonging. National Sharon Day is a chance for Sharons to connect and bond over their shared experiences and celebrate their unique name.

Sharon represents strength and courage: 

The name Sharon often evokes positive traits like strength, bravery, and honor.  This day is a chance to celebrate these qualities and inspire Sharon to embody them.

It’s a fun opportunity to celebrate:  

National Sharon Day is a lighthearted reason to have some fun and appreciate the Sharons in your life.  It’s a chance to throw a party, share stories, and show them how much you care.

It acknowledges a beautiful name:  

National Sharon Day is a moment to appreciate the beauty and history of the name Sharon.  There are interesting facts to discover about how popular it became and the meaning it may hold.

It’s a chance to be kind:  

National Sharon Day can be a springboard to show kindness to the Sharons in your life.  It’s a chance to do something special for them and brighten their day.

National Sharon Day Dates

2024March 7Thursday
2025March 7Friday
2026March 7Saturday
2027March 7Sunday
2028March 7Tuesday


What is National Sharon Day?

National Sharon Day is an annual celebration dedicated to individuals named Sharon. It’s a day for recognizing and appreciating the significance of the name Sharon and the people who bear it.

When is National Sharon Day?

National Sharon Day is celebrated on March 7th each year.


National Sharon Day is a celebration of a name; it’s a celebration of diversity, identity, and community. Through activities, recognition, and appreciation, this day brings people together to honor the individuals named Sharon and the unique contributions they make to the world.

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