National Save The Eagles Day – January 10, 2024

Every year, on January 10th, we come together to celebrate and reflect upon the importance of the eagle species. National Save The Eagles Day is not just a day; it’s a reminder of our duty to protect and preserve these magnificent birds.

Initiated by conservationists and bird enthusiasts, National Save The Eagles Day was established to raise awareness about the challenges faced by eagle populations worldwide. This day serves as a tribute to the resilience and beauty of these iconic birds.

Beyond their cultural importance, eagles play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystems. As apex predators, they help regulate prey populations, ensuring the health of our natural habitats.

History of National Save The Eagles Day

Eagles, with their formidable prowess and grandeur, rank among the apex avian predators. The illustrious bald eagles hold a revered status, embodying resilience, autonomy, and aesthetic allure within the United States’ ethos. 

The genesis of the National Save the Eagles Day weaves a compelling narrative. Initiated in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey—a locale enveloped in wintry tranquility, a sublime nesting epoch for bald eagles—it chronicles the odyssey of a devoted avian pair, christened Alice and Al, who established their haven along the verdant expanse of Overpeck Creek circa 2011.

By 2014, the Skymark Development Corporation of Paramus disseminated a disconcerting revelation: a research dossier postulating that a proximate landfill jeopardized the communal well-being, ostensibly warranting the excision of the venerable tree cradling the eagles’ sanctuary. 

Upon this disclosure, the collective populace, in synergy with the Bergen County Audubon Society, orchestrated the inaugural Save The Eagles Day on the cusp of January 10, 2015.

A subsequent consensus materialized, culminating in the preservation of a swath of terrain as a sanctum for these majestic raptors. 

Undeterred by the vicissitudes, Alice and Al persevered in their ancestral abode, their legacy enduring for numerous cycles, ultimately bequeathing their aerie to a burgeoning duo.

Contemporary legislation, epitomized by the Endangered Species Act, stands as a bulwark, safeguarding the avian kingdom’s denizens. 

Owing to the indefatigable endeavors of conservation vanguards and governmental stewardship, myriad eagle species, teetering on the brink of oblivion, have witnessed a resurgence. Thus, let us extol, champion, and fortify the sanctity of eagle welfare on this hallowed occasion.

How To Observe National Save The Eagles Day

Celebrating this day can be both enjoyable and impactful. Here’s how you can get involved:

Organizing Community Events

Host workshops, bird-watching sessions, or educational seminars to engage your community in eagle conservation efforts.

Educational Campaigns

Spread the word through social media campaigns, school programs, or local news outlets. Education is key to fostering a culture of conservation.

Supporting Conservation Efforts

Consider donating to organizations dedicated to eagle conservation or volunteering at wildlife rehabilitation centers.

Spread the word on social media:

Share informative posts about eagles and use the #SaveTheEaglesDay hashtag to encourage others to participate.

5 Facts About Eagles

  • Eagles have incredible eyesight, allowing them to spot prey from great distances.
  • They are known for their impressive hunting skills, often diving at speeds of up to 100 mph.
  • Eagles mate for life and often return to the same nesting site year after year.
  • Despite their size, eagles are agile fliers, capable of intricate maneuvers in the air.
  • Their talons are powerful, enabling them to grasp and carry prey that may be heavier than themselves.

National Save The Eagles Day Quotes, Wishes and Messages

“In the wings of an eagle, we find the spirit of freedom.”

“Protecting eagles today ensures a brighter tomorrow for all.”

“The eagle knows what is below; let those that climb look above.” – John Ruskin

“An eagle doesn’t hunt rabbits; it waits for lions.” – African proverb

“Every feather on a bald eagle screams freedom.” – Terri Guillemets

“Let us soar to our greatest heights, like the eagle that pierces the heavens.” – Christopher Marlowe

“No bird soars too high if he has his eye on the sun.” – William Blake

May National Save the Eagles Day inspire us to protect these majestic creatures and the freedom they symbolize.

Wishing for clear skies and open wings for all eagles on this special day and beyond.

Let our dedication to eagle conservation echo across the vastness of their domain.

May the spirit of the eagle soar within us, reminding us of strength, resilience, and unwavering hope.

Let’s build a world where eagles can forever dance on the wind, forever free.

Why National Save The Eagles Day Is Important

Conservation Importance

Eagles face numerous threats, including habitat loss, pollution, and illegal poaching. By raising awareness and supporting conservation efforts, we can ensure their survival for generations to come.

Symbolic Significance

Eagles symbolize freedom, strength, and resilience. Their survival is a testament to nature’s beauty and our collective responsibility to protect it.


Eagles help clean up carcasses, preventing the spread of diseases and promoting healthy ecosystems.

Habitat loss:

Destruction of forests, wetlands, and other ecosystems due to human activities poses a significant threat to eagle populations.

Spiritual connections:

In some Indigenous cultures, eagles are considered sacred creatures, embodying wisdom, guidance, and connection to the spirit world.

National Save The Eagles Day Dates

2024January 10Wednesday
2025January 10Friday
2026January 10Saturday
2027January 10Sunday
2028January 10Monday


What is National Save The Eagles Day?

National Save The Eagles Day is an annual observance dedicated to raising awareness about eagle conservation and promoting efforts to protect these iconic birds.

When is National Save The Eagles Day?

National Save The Eagles Day is celebrated every year on January 10th.

How do eagles impact our environment?

Eagles play a vital role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems by regulating prey populations and contributing to nutrient cycling through their activities.


National Save The Eagles Day serves as a poignant reminder of our shared responsibility to protect and preserve the majestic eagle species. By coming together and taking action, we can ensure a brighter future for these iconic birds and the ecosystems they inhabit.

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