National Report Upcoding Fraud Day – August 21: History, Facts & Quotes

In recent years, the healthcare industry has been facing a growing concern known as upcoding fraud, where medical service providers intentionally submit incorrect billing codes to receive higher reimbursement.

To address this issue and raise awareness, National Report Upcoding Fraud Day is observed every year on August 21. This day serves as a reminder of the importance of accurate medical billing and the impact it has on healthcare costs, patient trust, and overall industry integrity.

History of National Report Upcoding Fraud Day

National Report Upcoding Fraud Day is observed on August 21 every year. It was founded in 2017 by Joel D. Hesch, a former attorney with the Department of Justice (DOJ). Hesch spent over 15 years at the DOJ, where he helped the government recover over $1.5 billion from Medicare fraudsters. He also helped whistleblowers file for rewards for reporting fraud.

Upcoding is a type of healthcare fraud in which providers bill for a higher level of service than was actually provided. This can be done by billing for a more complex procedure, using a more expensive code, or adding on unnecessary services. Upcoding can result in millions of dollars in fraudulent payments to healthcare providers.

The Significance of Upcoding Fraud

Understanding Upcoding Fraud

Upcoding fraud, also known as code creeping, involves inflating the billed codes for medical services or procedures to receive higher reimbursement than what is actually provided. This unethical practice not only drives up healthcare costs but also compromises patient care quality.

Financial Impact on Healthcare

Upcoding fraud contributes to the rising cost of healthcare services, impacting patients, insurance companies, and government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. By overbilling for services, healthcare providers not only gain financially but also strain the resources of these programs, ultimately affecting access to care for those in need.

Unveiling National Report Upcoding Fraud Day

Purpose of the Day

National Report Upcoding Fraud Day serves as a platform to educate both healthcare professionals and patients about the dangers of upcoding fraud. By shedding light on this issue, the day aims to encourage transparency in medical billing practices and promote accountability within the healthcare industry.

Spreading Awareness

Through seminars, workshops, and online campaigns, National Report Upcoding Fraud Day engages healthcare professionals, legal authorities, and the general public in discussions about upcoding fraud. These discussions highlight the various forms of upcoding fraud, its impact on healthcare, and ways to combat this unethical practice.

Strategies to Combat Upcoding Fraud

Enhanced Training and Education

One effective way to curb upcoding fraud is by providing comprehensive training to medical billing and coding professionals. By ensuring that they understand the correct coding guidelines and practices, healthcare organizations can minimize the likelihood of intentional or accidental upcoding.

Utilizing Technology

Advanced medical billing software and technology can play a pivotal role in preventing upcoding fraud. These systems can flag discrepancies between the services provided and the codes billed, prompting reviews before submission.

Whistleblower Protection

Creating a safe environment for employees to report suspected upcoding fraud is crucial. Whistleblower protection programs encourage individuals within healthcare organizations to come forward with information without fearing retaliation.

The Road Ahead

As National Report Upcoding Fraud Day continues to gain recognition, it is imperative for the healthcare industry to unite against upcoding fraud. Accurate billing codes not only ensure fair reimbursement but also contribute to maintaining patient trust and the integrity of medical practices. By collectively addressing this issue, healthcare professionals, organizations, and patients can work towards a transparent and ethical healthcare system.


Scope of Impact:

Healthcare frauds not only affect patients and insurers but also contribute to higher healthcare costs, reducing accessibility to quality care.

Upcoding’s Toll:

Upcoding fraud leads to inaccurate billing, with healthcare providers intentionally using higher billing codes for financial gain, distorting the actual services rendered.

Government Programs at Risk:

Fraudulent activities like upcoding strain government healthcare programs, impacting their ability to provide necessary services to vulnerable populations.

Patient Trust Erosion:

Healthcare fraud erodes patient trust in medical institutions, making it crucial to address these issues to maintain a strong doctor-patient relationship.

Collective Responsibility:

Preventing healthcare fraud requires a collective effort involving professionals, patients, and authorities to ensure a fair and transparent healthcare system for everyone.

National Report Upcoding Fraud Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

“By reporting upcoding fraud, you become a guardian of ethical healthcare practices. Happy National Report Upcoding Fraud Day!”

“Choosing accuracy over fraud transforms healthcare into a beacon of trust. Celebrating National Report Upcoding Fraud Day!”

“May this National Report Upcoding Fraud Day inspire us to advocate for fairness in medical billing. Best wishes for a transparent healthcare system!”

“On this special day, let’s pledge to combat upcoding fraud and promote integrity in healthcare. Happy National Report Upcoding Fraud Day!”

“Wishing you a National Report Upcoding Fraud Day filled with awareness, education, and a commitment to ethical medical practices.”

“May the spirit of National Report Upcoding Fraud Day empower us to be vigilant against fraudulent billing practices and ensure patient well-being.”

“As we mark National Report Upcoding Fraud Day, let’s remember that accurate billing codes are the foundation of a trustworthy healthcare industry.”

“Happy National Report Upcoding Fraud Day! Let’s work together to eliminate upcoding fraud and ensure equitable healthcare for all.”

“On this important day, let’s amplify the message of honesty in medical billing. Your vigilance matters. Happy National Report Upcoding Fraud Day!”

National Report Upcoding Fraud Day Dates

2023August 21Monday
2024August 21Wednesday
2025August 21Thursday
2026August 21Friday
2027August 21Saturday


What is upcoding fraud?

Upcoding fraud involves intentionally submitting incorrect billing codes to receive higher reimbursement for medical services provided.

How does upcoding fraud impact healthcare costs?

Upcoding fraud drives up healthcare costs by inflating billed codes, affecting patients, insurance companies, and government programs.

When is National Report Upcoding Fraud Day observed?

National Report Upcoding Fraud Day is observed annually on August 21.

What strategies can combat upcoding fraud?

Strategies include enhanced training, technology utilization, and whistleblower protection programs.

Why is accurate medical coding important?

Accurate medical coding ensures fair reimbursement, patient trust, and the overall integrity of medical practices.


National Report Upcoding Fraud Day serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of maintaining ethical standards in the healthcare industry. By raising awareness about upcoding fraud and its consequences, this day encourages healthcare professionals, organizations, and patients to actively engage in combatting fraudulent billing practices. Upholding transparency, accuracy, and integrity in medical billing not only safeguards patient trust but also ensures a fair and reliable healthcare system for everyone. 

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