National Poop Day – February 12, 2024

National Poop Day, observed annually on February 12th, is a lighthearted yet significant occasion dedicated to raising awareness about sanitation, hygiene, and overall health. While it may evoke giggles and raised eyebrows, its underlying message is crucial: understanding the importance of proper waste disposal and promoting discussions around bodily functions without stigma.

History of National Poop Day

Imagine a fun-filled day devoted to understanding and appreciating something essential (yet often shrouded in secrecy) – your poop! That’s the spirit behind National Poop Day, born in 2016 thanks to a referendum by the coolest voters – kids!

Forget the fancy names like “feces” or “excreta,” let’s call it by its most relatable term: poop!  This may sound unpleasant, but hold your nose (lightly!), because poop plays a vital role in your health.

From Yummy Food to Mighty Poop:

Our journey starts with the deliciousness of food. As you chew and your saliva works its magic, the fun begins! The food travels down the esophagus, takes a dip in the stomach’s acid bath, and then heads to the small intestine. Here, nutrients are like VIPs, getting absorbed into your body.

What’s left? The not-so-glamorous leftovers we call waste. This waste takes a slow train ride through the large intestine, losing water and becoming, well, poop!  Finally, it reaches the rectum, ready for its grand exit.

National Poop Day Activities

National Poop Day is not merely about humor; it’s about taking tangible actions to address sanitation challenges. Communities organize various activities to mark the occasion:

Community Clean-up Events:

Volunteers gather to clean up public spaces, highlighting the importance of proper waste disposal and its impact on the environment.

Educational Workshops:

Schools and organizations host workshops to educate people about the significance of sanitation and hygiene practices in preventing diseases.

Social Media Campaigns:

Influencers and health advocates use social media platforms to share informative content, encouraging followers to participate in discussions and spread awareness.

5 Crazy Facts About Poop

The Poop Emoji’s Cultural Impact:

Despite its comical appearance, the poop emoji has become a symbol of pop culture, transcending language barriers to convey various emotions and messages.

The World’s Largest Poop:

The record for the largest human feces ever recorded goes to an individual in the United Kingdom, weighing a whopping 26 pounds.

The Science of Fecal Transplants:

Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) involves transferring fecal matter from a healthy donor to a recipient to restore microbial balance in the gut, offering potential treatments for various medical conditions.

Animal Poop as Fertilizer:

Throughout history, animal manure has been utilized as a natural fertilizer, enriching soil with essential nutrients for agricultural productivity.

Poop-powered Energy:

Biogas plants utilize organic waste, including animal and human feces, to generate renewable energy, contributing to sustainable waste management solutions.

Why We Love National Poop Day

Poop Day after Super Bowl: 

Some lighthearted traditions connect the day after the Super Bowl (typically in February) to increased sewage activity due to the heavy indulging in greasy foods and drinks during the game. This “National Poop Day” is more of a humorous observation than a formal holiday.

Children’s Museum Celebration:

The Madison Children’s Museum in the US held a “Poop Day” event in 2016, emphasizing the importance of this natural bodily function through educational activities and fun. This was a one-time event, not a recurring national holiday.

Breaking taboos:

Poop is a natural yet often taboo topic, and humorously acknowledging it can be liberating and break down unnecessary shyness.

Educational opportunity:

It can be a lighthearted way to discuss health, hygiene, and bodily functions, especially for children.

Shared human experience:

Everyone poops! Recognizing this shared experience can be a source of humor and connection.

National Poop Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“Flush away your worries and embrace the joy of National Poop Day!”

“Here’s to celebrating the unsung hero of our digestive system. Happy Poop Day!”

“May your bowel movements be regular and your toilet paper plentiful. Happy National Poop Day!”

“Let’s give a round of applause to the miracle of digestion. Happy Poop Day!”

“Embrace the call of nature and celebrate the beauty of a well-functioning digestive system.”

“Wishing you a day filled with laughter and healthy bowel movements. Happy Poop Day!”

“Remember, everyone poops! Happy National Poop Day!”

“Sending good vibes to your intestines on this National Poop Day!”

“Life is like a toilet – sometimes messy but always in need of flushing. Happy National Poop Day!”

“Raise a toast to the brown stuff that keeps our bodies in balance. Happy National Poop Day!”

National Poop Day Dates

2022February 14Monday
2023February 13Monday
2024February 12Monday
2025February 10Monday
2026February 9Monday


What is National Poop Day?

National Poop Day is a humorous observance dedicated to recognizing the importance of poop and promoting awareness of digestive health.

When is National Poop Day?

National Poop Day is celebrated on February 12th each year.


As we celebrate National Poop Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the marvels of the human body and the processes that keep us healthy. By embracing humor and open conversation, we can break down taboos surrounding poop and promote better understanding of digestive health. So, whether you’re giggling at poop jokes or pondering the intricacies of digestion, Happy National Poop Day!

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