National Pass Gas Day – January 7, 2024

Ever wondered if there’s a day dedicated to the natural phenomenon that both amuses and embarrasses us?

 Well, there is! Welcome to National Pass Gas Day – a day to celebrate, embrace, and even chuckle at the most human of bodily functions.

History of National Pass Gas Day

Humans have coined a myriad of inventive appellations for the physiological act of expelling intestinal gases, such as flatulence; emission; detonate; reverberation; sonic boom; aerate; cleave the air; lacteal disbursement; tympanic rumble; resonator, and effervesce. 

Generally, this act is perceived with disdain and revulsion. Should one inadvertently emit such a sound in proximity to others, the ensuing expressions are often ones of disdain and censure. 

However, despite the social taboos associated with public emissions, this biological occurrence is intrinsic to human metabolism. It represents a physiological response, enabling the expulsion of residual gaseous byproducts resulting from the digestive process.

On a daily basis, the human digestive tract generates and accumulates approximately 17 to 68 ounces of gaseous substances, subsequently discharging them intermittently through the rectum. 

These gases, a consequence of metabolic processes, comprise a medley of components, encompassing oxygen, methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and a minute 1% fraction of sulfur, responsible for its distinct odoriferous nature.

Historically, the term ‘flatulence’ made its inaugural appearance in 1632, denoting the “ejection of wind from the anal region.” Over time, myriad scribes and jesters integrated this term into their lexicon, ultimately cementing its ubiquity. 

The genesis of the observance known as National Pass Gas Day remains enigmatic. Its inception remains obscured, yet it is presently commemorated annually on January 7th. 

This occasion serves as an opportunity to embrace the idiosyncrasies of the human anatomy, foster awareness regarding the significance of flatulence, and engage in discourse concerning consumables notorious for inducing gaseous emissions, including eggs, cruciferous vegetables, legumes, lacteous produce, and other such edibles.

National Pass Gas Day Activities

  • Host a “Beans and Laughs” party: Serve up a bean-tastic feast (baked beans, chili, lentil soup) and challenge guests to the funniest fart-themed jokes, puns, or limericks. Award prizes for the most creative or side-splitting entries.
  • Organize a “Silent but Deadly” competition: Participants compete in a game of charades, but they can only communicate using air-powered sound effects. Bonus points for the most dramatic and silent-but-deadly fart impersonations.
  • Hold a “Whoopie Cushion Olympics”: Design wacky obstacle courses or silly challenges that incorporate whoopie cushions. Think hopping on whoopie cushions to pop balloons, racing with whoopie cushions strapped to your shoes, or blindfolded mystery box challenges with unexpected whoopie cushion surprises.
  • Host a “Gassy Guts” educational workshop: Partner with a healthcare professional or gastroenterologist to provide informative and lighthearted presentations about gut health, digestion, and common misconceptions about gas. Encourage questions and open discussions in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

5 Fun Facts About Passing Gas

  • Did you know that the average person passes gas about 14 times a day?
  • Contrary to popular belief, beans aren’t the only culprit. Broccoli, cauliflower, and even apples can contribute!
  • The gas we pass is primarily composed of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen.
  • Holding in gas isn’t just uncomfortable; it can be unhealthy! It’s essential to let nature take its course.
  • Every culture has its unique beliefs and superstitions surrounding passing gas – it’s a universal experience!

National Pass Gas Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

May your belly rumbles be merry and your toots bring cheer on National Pass Gas Day! Remember, everyone’s a musician in their own way, so toot your horn with pride!

Beans, Brussels sprouts, chili galore, today we celebrate the gassy encore! Let’s laugh at the quirks that make us human, and embrace the toots, both gentle and boomin’! Happy National Pass Gas Day!

Don’t hold back, let it rip! Today is a day to celebrate the silent symphony within. Happy National Pass Gas Day! Remember, a little air can go a long way in spreading laughter and joy.

May your whoopie cushions be plentiful, your fart jokes be clever, and your gut be happy on National Pass Gas Day! Let’s normalize the natural, embrace the silly, and remember, even diamonds make dust.

To the silent, the squeaky, the long and the loud, today we celebrate the soundtrack of our insides! Happy National Pass Gas Day! May your rumbles be rhythmic and your toots be tolerated (by most).

From bubbles in beans to rumbles in cheese, let’s raise a glass (of burp water, of course) to the gassy symphony within! Happy National Pass Gas Day! May your gut be healthy and your laughter be plentiful.

Don’t be shy, let it fly! Today is a day to break the wind (without breaking any rules). Happy National Pass Gas Day! May your cheeks jiggle and your nose wrinkle with laughter.

Forget the fireworks, it’s the whoopie cushions that light up the night! Happy National Pass Gas Day! Let’s celebrate the universal language that needs no translation, just a good sense of humor.

May your digestive system be strong, your sphincter be selective, and your toots be tolerated (at least on National Pass Gas Day)! Remember, laughter is the best medicine, even if it comes with a little gas.

From the depths of our bowels, we unite in a chorus of rumbles and roars! Happy National Pass Gas Day! Let’s celebrate the fact that even the smelliest toots make us all human.

Why We Love National Pass Gas Day

1. It’s a celebration of normalcy:

Let’s face it, everyone passes gas. It’s a natural part of our digestive process, and trying to suppress it can actually be harmful. National Pass Gas Day gives us permission to laugh at ourselves and accept this normal bodily function without shame.

2. It’s a stress reliever:

Holding in gas can be tense, both physically and mentally. Releasing it can be a surprisingly satisfying way to de-stress and relax. Think of it as a mini pressure valve for your body and mind!

3. It’s a bonding experience:

Shared laughter is a powerful way to connect with others. Whether you’re swapping funny fart stories or competing in a whoopie cushion challenge, National Pass Gas Day provides a hilarious opportunity to bond with friends and family.

4. It’s a reminder of our shared humanity:

No matter how different we may be, we all have this one thing in common. National Pass Gas Day is a quirky way to celebrate our shared humanity and the fact that, deep down, we’re all just a bunch of gassy humans.

5. It’s a chance to learn something new:

Did you know that the average person passes gas about 14 times a day? Or that the speed of a fart can reach up to 7 miles per hour? National Pass Gas Day can be a fun way to learn some interesting facts about our bodies and how they work.

National Pass Gas Day Dates

2024January 7Sunday
2025January 7Tuesday
2026January 7Wednesday
2027January 7Thursday
2028January 7Friday


What is National Pass Gas Day?

National Pass Gas Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the natural bodily function of passing gas with humor and acceptance.

When is National Pass Gas Day?

National Pass Gas Day is celebrated on January 7th every year.


National Pass Gas Day may be a day of humor and light-heartedness, but it also serves as a reminder to embrace our humanity, quirks, and all. So, the next time you feel a toot coming on, remember to laugh a little louder and celebrate the symphony of our stomachs!

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