National Laura Day – December 23: History, Activities & Quotes

National Laura Day – December 23 Every year, on December 23rd, a special day is dedicated to all the Lauras around the world. It’s not just any ordinary day; it’s a celebration of a name, a legacy, and countless stories that revolve around it.

History of National Laura Day

The Legacy of Lauras: From Saint to Singer to Star

The name “Laura” carries a rich tapestry of history, symbolizing strength, victory, and fame. Rooted in Latin as a feminized version of ‘Laurus,’ meaning the bay laurel plant, Laura encapsulates a legacy of honor deeply embedded in Greco-Roman societies.

Saint Laura of Cordoba: A Symbol of Faith and Fortitude

One cannot discuss the name without mentioning Saint Laura of Cordoba, a beacon of faith and resilience. Rising from the ranks of a nun to become an abbess, Saint Laura’s life was tragically cut short as a Martyr of Cordoba in 864 A.D. Today, her memory is immortalized not only in the annals of history but also in the form of the Saint Laura Stadium in Chile, a testament to her enduring legacy.

Laura Branigan: A Melodic Journey of Triumph

Shifting from sacred to sensational, Laura Branigan’s journey in the music industry is nothing short of legendary. From humble beginnings as a backup singer for the iconic Leonard Cohen to gracing the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, Branigan’s ascent was meteoric. Her rendition of “Gloria,” originally by Umberto Tozzi, became a platinum sensation, dominating the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts for an impressive 36 weeks. Not to be outdone, her 1984 hit “Self Control” conquered charts globally, solidifying her status as a musical powerhouse. Today, the St. Louis Blues’ association with “Gloria” stands as a testament to its enduring impact on pop culture.

Laura Dern: A Stellar Rise in Hollywood

Completing our trifecta of Lauras is the illustrious Laura Dern, a Hollywood stalwart known for her impeccable performances. Born to acting royalty in the form of Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd, Dern’s destiny in the spotlight seemed preordained. Making waves from a tender age, she clinched the title of Miss Golden Globe at 15, setting the stage for her illustrious career. Her cinematic journey, marked by roles in iconic films like “Jurassic Park,” has been nothing short of stellar. With the eagerly anticipated “Jurassic World Dominion” on the horizon, Dern’s star continues to ascend, leaving an indelible mark on the silver screen.

In essence, the Lauras – Saint Laura, Laura Branigan, and Laura Dern – embody a spectrum of virtues, from faith and fortitude to fame and finesse. Their stories, each unique yet intertwined by the thread of their name, serve as an enduring testament to the legacy of Laura.

National Laura Day Activities

  • Get a laurel wreath. In ancient Rome, laurels symbolized victory or achievement in music, poetry, and sports. A laurel wreath is a fun and festive way to celebrate National Laura Day. You can find them online or at craft stores.
  • Listen to Laura Branigan. Laura Branigan was a Grammy-nominated singer with a powerful voice and a string of hit songs, including “Gloria,” “Self Control,” and “Solitare.” Put on a Laura Branigan playlist and dance the night away!
  • Light a candle for Saint Laura. There are several Saint Lauras, including Saint Laura Montoya, who was a Colombian missionary who worked with the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest. Light a candle in her honor on National Laura Day.
  • Read a book by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Laura Ingalls Wilder is the author of the beloved “Little House” series, which chronicles her childhood on the American frontier. If you’ve never read these books, National Laura Day is the perfect time to start!
  • Do something nice for a Laura you know. Send a card, give a gift, or simply tell her how much you appreciate her.

5 Intriguing Facts About Laura

  • The name “Laura” has its roots in Latin, meaning “laurel tree” or “victory.”
  • Famous figures bearing the name include Laura Ingalls Wilder, an American writer known for the “Little House” series.
  • The popularity of the name peaked in the 1980s but continues to be a timeless classic.
  • In various cultures, Laura is associated with qualities like grace, strength, and resilience.
  • The name has been immortalized in songs, literature, and movies, showcasing its enduring appeal.

National Laura Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages 

“To all the Lauras who light up our world, may your day be as special as you are.”

“A name that resonates with beauty and strength – Happy National Laura Day!”

“For every challenge you face, Laura, remember the strength within you.”

“Celebrating the spirit of every Laura today and always.”

“To the Lauras who inspire us daily, here’s to you!”

“May your day be filled with love, laughter, and endless memories, dear Laura.”

“Every Laura brings a unique touch to the world. Shine on!”

“Wishing you a day filled with joy and moments to cherish, Laura.”

“In the tapestry of life, every Laura is a unique thread.”

“Your name, Laura, is a testament to grace and elegance.”

National Laura Day Dates

While December 23rd remains the primary date, celebrations and events leading up to the day make the entire month special for Lauras everywhere.

2023December 23Saturday
2024December 23Monday
2025December 23Tuesday
2026December 23Wednesday
2027December 23Thursday


What is National Laura Day?

National Laura Day is an annual celebration dedicated to all individuals named Laura, honoring their contributions, stories, and the essence they bring into the world.

When is National Laura Day?

National Laura Day falls on December 23rd each year.


National Laura Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s a celebration of identity, stories, and the impact of a name. As we mark this special day, let’s remember and honor every Laura and the unique essence they bring into our lives.

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