National Freezer Pop Day – July 8: Celebrating, Facts & Quotes

National Freezer Pop Day is celebrated on July 8th each year. It’s a day dedicated to enjoying the refreshing and delicious treats known as freezer pops. These icy delights are perfect for beating the summer heat and are enjoyed by people of all ages. 

In this article, we will explore the origins of National Freezer Pop Day, the popularity of freezer pops, ways to celebrate this special day, and more.

The Origin of National Freezer Pop Day

National Freezer Pop Day was established to honor the invention of the freezer pop and recognize its contribution to summer enjoyment. The exact origin of this unofficial holiday is unclear, but it is believed to have started as a way to appreciate the simple pleasure of indulging in a frozen treat on a hot summer day.

National Freezer Pop Day History

National Freezer Pop Day, celebrated on July 8th each year, is a fun observance that pays homage to the beloved frozen treats known as freezer pops. These refreshing and icy snacks have been enjoyed by people of all ages for decades, particularly during the hot summer months. While there isn’t a documented historical origin for National Freezer Pop Day, its purpose is to recognize the joy and satisfaction these frozen treats bring to people’s lives.

Freezer pops, also known as ice pops, ice lollies, or popsicles, are frozen desserts typically made by freezing flavored liquid in a mold with a stick handle. They come in various flavors, colors, and sizes, making them a popular choice for beating the summer heat. These delightful treats are often enjoyed by children and adults alike and can be found in supermarkets, convenience stores, and ice cream trucks.

The exact history of freezer pops dates back to the early 20th century when a young boy named Frank Epperson inadvertently invented the first popsicle. In 1905, at the age of 11, Frank left a mixture of powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick on his porch overnight. The mixture froze with the stick in it, creating a tasty and refreshing treat that he called the “Epsicle.” Later on, Frank renamed his creation “popsicle,” inspired by the words “pop” and “icicle.”

In 1923, Frank Epperson patented the “Eppsicle Ice Pop” and began selling them at an amusement park in California. The popularity of the popsicles grew rapidly, and in 1925, Epperson sold the rights to the Joe Lowe Company in New York. The company further popularized frozen treats, and by the 1940s, freezer pops became a common sight across the United States.

National Freezer Pop Day serves as an occasion to celebrate the joy of freezer pops and the sweet memories associated with them. On this day, people often indulge in their favorite flavors of freezer pops, organize freezer pop-themed parties, or create their own homemade versions. It’s a time to share the refreshing and delightful experience of enjoying a frozen treat with family and friends.

So, on July 8th, embrace the summer spirit, beat the heat, and celebrate National Freezer Pop Day by treating yourself to a delicious freezer pop, relishing the nostalgic flavors, and creating new memories.

The Popularity of Freezer Pops

Freezer pops, also known as ice pops or ice lollies, have gained immense popularity over the years. These frozen treats consist of flavored liquid, typically fruit-based, frozen around a stick. The vibrant colors and delicious flavors make freezer pops a favorite among both children and adults. They offer a quick and convenient way to cool down and satisfy cravings for something sweet and refreshing.

Celebrating National Freezer Pop Day

On National Freezer Pop Day, people celebrate by enjoying their favorite freezer pops. It’s a day to indulge in the wide variety of flavors available, from classic fruit flavors like strawberry and orange to more unique options like watermelon mint or mango chili. Many individuals and families make it a tradition to have a freezer pop tasting party, trying out different flavors and sharing their favorites.

Making Homemade Freezer Pops

One of the exciting aspects of freezer pops is that you can easily make them at home. By using fresh fruit juices or purees, you can create your own unique flavors. Simply pour the mixture into molds, insert sticks, and let them freeze. Homemade freezer pops are a fantastic way to involve the whole family in the process and experiment with different flavor combinations.

Creative Freezer Pop Flavors

When it comes to freezer pops, the flavor possibilities are endless. Apart from traditional fruit flavors, you can get creative and make combinations like strawberry lemonade, pineapple coconut, or even chocolate-covered banana. Don’t be afraid to mix and match flavors to create your own signature freezer pop recipe.

Freezer Pops and Summer Fun

Freezer pops are synonymous with summertime and fun-filled activities. Whether you’re at a backyard barbecue, lounging by the pool, or enjoying a picnic in the park, freezer pops make the perfect cool-down treat. They provide a burst of flavor and refreshment that can instantly lift your spirits and make summer gatherings even more enjoyable.

The Health Benefits of Freezer Pops

While freezer pops are undoubtedly delicious, they can also offer some health benefits. Many freezer pops are made with real fruit juices, which contain essential vitamins and minerals. They can be a great source of hydration, especially during hot summer days. However, it’s important to choose freezer pops with natural ingredients and avoid those high in added sugars or artificial additives.

Freezer Pops for All Ages

One of the fantastic things about freezer pops is that they are suitable for people of all ages. Children love the vibrant colors and sweet flavors, while adults can appreciate the nostalgic feeling of indulging in a childhood favorite. Freezer pops are a treat that brings joy and happiness to everyone, regardless of age.

Freezer Pops and the Environment

As we celebrate National Freezer Pop Day, it’s essential to be mindful of our impact on the environment. Opt for freezer pop brands that use eco-friendly packaging or consider investing in reusable freezer pop molds. By making sustainable choices, we can continue to enjoy these frozen treats while minimizing waste.

7 Facts About Ice Pops That You Should Know

  • Ancient Origins: Ice pops have a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations. The ancient Chinese were known to enjoy frozen treats made from snow and fruit juices. Similarly, the ancient Romans and Greeks indulged in flavored ice desserts.
  • The Invention of the Ice Pop: The modern ice pop, as we know it today, was invented by accident. In 1905, an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson left a glass of soda with a stirring stick outside on a cold night. The mixture froze, creating the first-ever ice pop, which he called the “Epsicle.” Later on, he changed the name to “Popsicle” and patented the invention in 1923.
  • Different Names, Same Delicious Treat: While ice pops are commonly known as “Popsicles” in the United States, they go by various names around the world. In the United Kingdom, they are called “ice lollies,” while in Australia and New Zealand, they are known as “icy poles.” The names may differ, but the concept of a frozen treat on a stick remains the same.
  • Endless Flavor Possibilities: Ice pops come in a wide array of flavors, ranging from fruity classics like strawberry, orange, and lemon to more adventurous combinations like watermelon mint, coconut pineapple, and even savory flavors like cucumber lime. The possibilities for flavor combinations are limited only by our imagination.
  • Homemade Delights: Making ice pops at home has become increasingly popular. With simple molds and ingredients like fresh fruit, yogurt, or fruit juices, you can create your own customized ice pops. Homemade ice pops allow you to control the ingredients, experiment with flavors, and cater to specific dietary preferences or restrictions.
  • Healthier Alternatives: While some ice pops contain artificial colors, flavors, and excessive amounts of sugar, there is a growing demand for healthier options. Many brands now offer ice pops made with natural ingredients, real fruit, and reduced sugar content. These healthier alternatives provide a guilt-free way to enjoy a frozen treat.
  • Not Just for Kids: Ice pops are often associated with childhood nostalgia, but they are loved by people of all ages. Whether you’re a kid relishing in the sweet flavors or an adult savoring the refreshing coolness, ice pops bring joy and a sense of carefree delight. They are a timeless treat that transcends age boundaries.

National Freezer Pop Day Dates

2023July 8Saturday
2024July 8Monday
2025July 8Tuesday
2026July 8Wednesday
2027July 8Thursday

National Freezer Pop Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages 

“Wishing you a cool and refreshing National Freezer Pop Day! May your day be filled with icy treats and delightful flavors.”

“Here’s to a day filled with sweet memories and frosty delights. Happy National Freezer Pop Day!”

“May your freezer be stocked with a rainbow of flavors on this National Freezer Pop Day? Enjoy the refreshing goodness!”

“Sending you a popsicle-filled day of fun and laughter. Happy National Freezer Pop Day!”

“Cool down and chill out on this special day dedicated to freezer pops. Wishing you a fantastic National Freezer Pop Day!”

“Let’s raise our freezer pops and toast to the joy they bring. Happy National Freezer Pop Day!”

“May your taste buds dance with delight as you indulge in your favorite freezer pops. Happy National Freezer Pop Day!”

“On this National Freezer Pop Day, may the flavors be refreshing, the company is delightful, and the memories be unforgettable.”

“Here’s to the simple pleasures in life, like enjoying a freezer pop on a hot summer day. Happy National Freezer Pop Day!”

“Wishing you a freezer pop extravaganza filled with laughter, sunshine, and delicious frozen treats. Happy National Freezer Pop Day!”


National Freezer Pop Day is a delightful celebration of a beloved summertime treat. It’s an opportunity to savor the refreshing flavors and coolness of freezer pops while enjoying the company of family and friends. Whether you’re enjoying a store-bought freezer pop or getting creative with homemade recipes, this day is all about embracing the joy and nostalgia of these icy delights.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are freezer pops and popsicles the same thing?

Yes, freezer pops and popsicles are similar frozen treats. The main difference lies in their shape and packaging. Freezer pops are typically long and narrow, while popsicles are broader and come in a plastic sleeve or a stick.

2. Can I make dairy-based freezer pops?

Absolutely! While most freezer pops are fruit-based, you can also create creamy versions using ingredients like yogurt or milk. These dairy-based freezer pops offer a creamy and indulgent twist to the classic frozen treat.

3. Can I freeze leftover smoothies as freezer pops?

Yes, freezing leftover smoothies in freezer pop molds is a fantastic way to repurpose them. Simply pour the smoothie mixture into the molds and freeze them for a delicious and refreshing snack later on.

4. How long does it take for freezer pops to freeze?

The freezing time can vary depending on the size of the freezer pops and the temperature of your freezer. Generally, it takes about 4-6 hours for freezer pops to freeze completely. It’s best to check the instructions or the recipe you’re following for specific freezing times.

5. Can I enjoy freezer pops during winter?

Although freezer pops are associated with summer, there’s no rule against enjoying them during the winter months. If you’re craving a frozen treat, go ahead and indulge in a freezer pop. It can be a delightful way to bring back memories of warmer days or simply satisfy your sweet tooth.

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