National Fortune Cookie Day – July 20: Recipe, Facts & Quotes

July 20 marks a delightful and unusual holiday – National Fortune Cookie Day. This lighthearted and whimsical celebration revolves around the beloved fortune cookie, a treat that has become an integral part of Chinese cuisine and culture. With its origins shrouded in mystery, this crispy, slightly sweet biscuit has captivated the hearts and taste buds of people around the world. In this article, we will delve into the history, significance, and fun facts about fortune cookies while unraveling their enduring popularity and cultural impact.

The Mysterious Origins of Fortune Cookies

The precise origins of fortune cookies remain a subject of debate and intrigue. Some sources claim that the fortune cookie’s invention can be traced back to Japan during the 19th century, where a similar treat called “tsujiura senbei” was popular. However, most evidence points to Chinese immigrants in the United States as the true creators of the modern fortune cookie.

The Fortune Cookie Recipe: A Culinary Marvel

Fortune cookies are made using a simple yet fascinating recipe. The basic ingredients include flour, sugar, vanilla extract, and sesame oil. The batter is then folded into its iconic shape and baked until golden brown. What sets fortune cookies apart are the personalized messages placed inside each one, offering a glimpse of the future or words of wisdom.

Fortune Cookies and Chinese Culture

While fortune cookies are not as prevalent in China as they are in Western countries, they hold significant cultural value. In Chinese festivals and celebrations, fortune cookies are often served to symbolize good luck and prosperity. The act of fortune-telling using these cookies adds an element of mystery and excitement.

Fortune Cookies and Popularity

Fortune cookies have garnered immense popularity in Western restaurants, particularly Chinese restaurants across the United States and Europe. Many patrons eagerly anticipate the end of their meal, excited to crack open the fortune cookie and read their personalized message. Fortune cookies have also made appearances in various movies and media, adding to their charm.

The Fortune Cookie Day Celebration

On National Fortune Cookie Day, enthusiasts come together to celebrate this delightful treat. Fortune cookie exchange parties are organized, where guests bring their personalized fortune cookies to share. Social media platforms are abuzz with challenges and trends related to fortune cookies, encouraging people to try out various fun activities.

Fun Facts About Fortune Cookies

Did you know that the largest fortune cookie ever made weighed over 350 pounds? Or that some fortune cookie messages get hilariously lost in translation? Additionally, fortune cookies have even made their way to space, accompanying astronauts on their cosmic journeys.

Fortune Cookies and Positivity

Fortune cookies have a unique way of spreading positivity and optimism. Beyond their role as a tasty dessert, these little treats often carry inspiring messages that lift spirits and bring smiles to faces. In uncertain times, a reassuring fortune can offer a glimmer of hope.

The Global Appeal of Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies have transcended cultural boundaries and can now be found in various cuisines worldwide. They have become cultural icons representing luck and good fortune. These delightful treats have also inspired creativity in the culinary and artistic domains.

Fortune Cookies and Charity

Fortune cookies have found a place in charitable endeavors, such as fundraising events or random acts of kindness. Some organizations use fortune cookies to raise funds for noble causes, making these sweet treats a force for good in the world.

5 Fun Facts About Fortune Cookies

  • Japanese or Chinese Origin?

While fortune cookies are commonly associated with Chinese cuisine, their true origins remain uncertain. Contrary to popular belief, they are not a traditional Chinese invention. Some argue that they have Japanese roots, with similar treats called “tsujiura senbei” being sold in Kyoto as early as the 19th century. The fortune cookie as we know it today is likely the creation of Chinese immigrants in the United States during the early 20th century.

  • Fortune Cookies in Space

Fortune cookies have even journeyed beyond our planet! In 1985, as part of a promotional campaign, a specially made, space-friendly fortune cookie accompanied the crew of the space shuttle Challenger. This unique treat, designed to withstand the challenges of space travel, was a whimsical addition to the astronauts’ menu.

  • Largest Fortune Cookie Ever Made

Fortune cookies usually fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, but there was one exceptionally giant fortune cookie that defied the norm. In 2014, the largest fortune cookie ever made weighed a staggering 1,984 pounds! This colossal cookie required over 700 pounds of dough, and its message was undoubtedly too big to ignore.

  • Fortune Cookie Messages Lost in Translation

Fortune cookie messages are meant to inspire, amuse, and provide a glimmer of insight into the future. However, sometimes the translation from one language to another doesn’t go as planned, leading to unintentionally hilarious or confusing messages. These language-related mishaps have only added to the charm and humor of fortune cookies worldwide.

  • Fortune Cookies During World War II

During World War II, fortune cookies played a unique role in history. Japanese Americans, many of whom were interned in camps during the war, made fortune cookies as a way to preserve their cultural traditions and find some sense of normalcy amidst difficult circumstances. These cookies offered a taste of home and a ray of hope during challenging times.

National Fortune Cookie Day Dates

2023July 20Thursday
2024July 20Saturday
2025July 20Sunday
2026July 20Monday
2027July 20Tuesday

National Fortune Cookie Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages 

“As you crack open this fortune cookie, may you find the key to unlock your dreams.”

May every fortune cookie you open bring you closer to your heart’s desires.

On National Fortune Cookie Day, I wish you an abundance of luck, joy, and prosperity.

May the messages inside your fortune cookies always guide you towards success and happiness.

Wishing you delightful moments of anticipation and excitement as you read your fortune today.

May your fortune cookies be a constant reminder of the sweetness that life has to offer.

Happy National Fortune Cookie Day! May each fortune be a stepping stone to your dreams.

Sending you a virtual fortune cookie with a special message: “Good things are coming your way!”

Today is all about delicious cookies and positive predictions. Enjoy National Fortune Cookie Day!

Let’s celebrate National Fortune Cookie Day with laughter, joy, and of course, fortune cookies!

Fortune cookies may be small, but their impact on our spirits is grand. Happy Fortune Cookie Day!


National Fortune Cookie Day on July 20th celebrates a confection that brings joy, excitement, and a touch of mystery to people’s lives. Whether you believe in the fortunes they reveal or simply enjoy the crisp, sweet taste, fortune cookies have become more than just a dessert – they are a symbol of positivity, hope, and goodwill.


What is the significance of fortune cookies in Chinese culture?

Fortune cookies are often served during Chinese festivals and celebrations as symbols of good luck and prosperity.

Who invented fortune cookies?

The exact origins of fortune cookies are uncertain, but they are believed to have been created by Chinese immigrants in the United States.

Can you eat the paper inside a fortune cookie?

Yes, the paper inside a fortune cookie is typically made from edible materials and can be consumed along with the cookie.

Are fortune cookie messages accurate?

The messages inside fortune cookies are meant to be lighthearted and fun, and their accuracy is not to be taken too seriously.

How do fortune cookies get their shape?

Fortune cookies are shaped by folding the batter over the edge of a cup or mold while they are still warm and pliable.

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