National Filet Mignon Day – August 13: History, Facts & Quotes

August 13th is National Filet Mignon Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the most tender and delicious cut of beef. Filet mignon is made from the tenderloin, which is the most tender part of the cow. It is also one of the leanest cuts of beef, making it a healthier option for those who are watching their weight.

Filet mignon is typically grilled or pan-fried, and it is often served with a sauce or butter. It can also be enjoyed on its own, with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, filet mignon is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

If there’s one thing that can tantalize taste buds and make carnivores rejoice, it’s a succulent piece of filet mignon. The delectable National Filet Mignon Day celebrated on August 13th pays homage to this culinary masterpiece that’s renowned for its tenderness, exquisite flavor, and mouthwatering experience. So, gear up to indulge your senses and learn all about the origins, cooking techniques, and the best ways to enjoy this steak sensation.

History of National Filet Mignon Day

The history of National Filet Mignon Day is a bit murky. The dish itself has been around for centuries, but the name “filet mignon” was not coined until 1906. The first known use of the term was in William Sydney Porter’s book “The Four Million,” in which he describes a filet mignon as “the very best cut of beef.”

It is unclear who first came up with the idea of celebrating National Filet Mignon Day, but it is likely that it was inspired by the growing popularity of the dish in the United States. Filet mignon had long been considered a luxury item, but by the early 20th century, it was becoming more affordable and accessible to the general public.

National Filet Mignon Day is typically celebrated on August 13th, which is the day that Porter’s book was published. On this day, people around the world enjoy filet mignon in honor of the delicious and decadent cut of meat.

The Origins of Filet Mignon

Filet mignon, often referred to as the “king of steaks,” traces its origins back to French cuisine. The term “filet mignon” translates to “dainty fillet” or “delicate small fillet,” aptly describing its tender and refined nature. This cut is extracted from the tenderloin, a muscle located near the backbone of a steer or heifer. The origins of this cut date back to the 19th century in France, where it was considered a gourmet delicacy served in upscale restaurants.

The Perfect Cut and Cooking Techniques

Achieving the perfect filet mignon experience begins with selecting the right cut. Opt for center-cut filet mignon, which offers uniform thickness for consistent cooking. As for cooking techniques, grilling and pan-searing are popular choices. A quick sear on high heat locks in the juices and creates a caramelized crust, while finishing it off in the oven ensures even cooking. Don’t forget to season the steak generously with salt, pepper, and perhaps a hint of rosemary for an aromatic touch.

National Filet Mignon Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

Celebrating National Filet Mignon Day on August 13th isn’t just about indulging in the finest cuts of steak; it’s also an opportunity to share your love for this culinary delight with others. Whether you’re a passionate foodie or simply appreciate a well-cooked meal, here are some quotes, wishes, and messages to spread the joy of this special day:

“Wishing you a sizzling National Filet Mignon Day! May your taste buds dance with delight as you savor each bite of this exquisite steak.”

“To the steak enthusiast in my life, Happy National Filet Mignon Day! May your day be filled with perfectly cooked, tender moments.”

“On this delicious occasion, let’s raise a fork to the art of savoring the finer things in life. Happy National Filet Mignon Day!”

“Here’s to a day of indulgence and culinary bliss. Happy National Filet Mignon Day – may your steak be perfectly cooked and your company delightful!”

“Sending you wishes for a mouthwatering National Filet Mignon Day. May your plate be filled with flavors that take you on a gourmet journey.”

5 Fun Facts You Nees To Know About Filet Mignon

Tenderloin Treasure:

Filet mignon comes from the tenderloin, a muscle that experiences minimal movement, resulting in its remarkable tenderness.

Royal Nickname:

Often referred to as the “king of steaks,” filet mignon lives up to its regal reputation with its exquisite flavor and luxurious texture.

French Culinary Roots:

The term “filet mignon” has French origins, translating to “delicate small fillet.” Its gourmet status dates back to upscale French restaurants in the 19th century.

Preferred Doneness:

For a perfect medium-rare filet mignon, aim for an internal temperature of around 135°F (57°C) to preserve its tenderness and flavor.

Global Delight:

While it began in France, filet mignon’s popularity has spread worldwide, making it a beloved delicacy in various cuisines.

National Filet Mignon Day Activities

Cooking Challenge:

Embrace your inner chef and prepare your own filet mignon masterpiece. Experiment with different seasonings and cooking techniques.

Fine Dining Experience:

Treat yourself to a luxurious dining experience at a steakhouse known for its exceptional filet mignon.

Grill Gathering:

Host a backyard barbecue and grill up filet mignon for your friends and family. Create a memorable feast filled with laughter and delicious food.

Foodie Adventure:

Explore your local culinary scene by trying out different restaurants that offer unique takes on filet mignon.

Culinary Workshop:

Attend a cooking class or workshop focused on perfecting the art of cooking filet mignon. Learn from the experts and enhance your culinary skills.

National Filet Mignon Day Dates

2023August 13Sunday
2024August 13Tuesday
2025August 13Wednesday
2026August 13Thursday
2027August 13Friday


Q1: Is filet mignon the most tender cut of beef?

Yes, filet mignon is widely recognized as one of the most tender cuts due to its limited muscle movement.

Q2: Can I cook filet mignon on a stovetop grill pan?

Absolutely! A stovetop grill pan is an excellent alternative for achieving those sought-after grill marks.

Q3: What’s the recommended internal temperature for medium-rare filet mignon?

For a perfect medium-rare, aim for an internal temperature of around 135°F (57°C).

Q4: Can I marinate filet mignon for added flavor?

While filet mignon’s flavor is already exquisite, marinating it for a short time can infuse additional flavors if desired.

Q5: What wine pairs well with filet mignon?

Red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Pinot Noir are excellent choices to complement the richness of filet mignon.


National Filet Mignon Day on August 13th invites us to celebrate the epitome of steak perfection. From its elegant French origins to its global popularity, this cut continues to capture hearts and palates worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned filet mignon connoisseur or a first-timer, take this day as an opportunity to revel in the artistry of culinary excellence. So, fire up those grills, heat up those pans, and savor the succulent delight that is filet mignon.

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