National Consumer Rights Day – December 24: History, Facts & Quotes

Every year on December 24, India observes National Consumer Rights Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the rights of consumers. But what’s the history behind this day, and how can one celebrate it? Dive in to find out!

History of National Consumer Rights Day

National Consumer Rights Day commemorates the enactment of the Consumer Protection Act in 1986. This legislation aimed to protect consumers from unfair trade practices and ensure their rights were upheld. Over the years, the day has evolved into a symbol of empowerment for consumers across the nation.

In India, the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 was a milestone in safeguarding consumers against exploitation and ensuring rights like safety, information, choice, and education. As India’s economy evolved, the 2019 Consumer Protection Bill emerged to address the changing consumer landscape due to market competition and e-commerce.

Approved on August 9, 2019, and effective from July 20, 2020, CPA 2019 reflects the dynamic marketplace. Aligned with the Right to Information Act, it upholds transparency in governance.

Globally, World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, inspired by President Kennedy, echoes UN guidelines for consumer protection. Themes like ‘alternate dispute redressal’ mark this day, emphasizing the continual need for consumer awareness and empowerment.

The Importance of Consumer Rights

Consumer rights play a pivotal role in ensuring fair trade and protecting consumers from exploitation. As the marketplace grows more complex, understanding these rights becomes paramount.

Evolution over the years

From its inception in 1986, the Consumer Protection Act has undergone several amendments, reflecting changing market dynamics and emerging consumer needs.

Key milestones

Several landmark judgments and initiatives have strengthened consumer rights in India. These milestones serve as reminders of the ongoing battle against unfair trade practices.

How to Celebrate National Consumer Rights Day

Celebrating this day is all about promoting awareness and educating others.

Events and seminars

Many organizations host events and seminars to discuss consumer rights, recent developments, and ways to safeguard oneself from fraudulent activities.

Promoting awareness

One can also promote awareness through social media campaigns, sharing informative content, and engaging in discussions about consumer rights.

5 Interesting Facts About Consumer Rights 

  • The first consumer rights were recognized in the early 1960s.
  • India’s Consumer Protection Act is one of the most comprehensive in the world.
  • The redressal forums established under the act have a wide jurisdiction.
  • Consumer rights include the right to safety, information, and choice.
  • Several NGOs play a crucial role in advocating for consumer rights.

National Consumer Rights Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“Empower yourself with knowledge, celebrate your rights!”

“Every consumer deserves respect and fairness.”

“Stand up for what’s right, stand up for your rights!”

“Wishing everyone a happy National Consumer Rights Day! Let’s continue to stand up for our rights and ensure fair trade for all.”

“Wishing you a day filled with awareness, advocacy, and action. Happy National Consumer Rights Day!”

“Consumer power is people power.”

“Knowledge is the best protection against exploitation.”

“Fair trade for all, one consumer at a time.”

“May this National Consumer Rights Day inspire us all to be informed, vigilant, and proactive consumers!”

“Here’s to celebrating the rights that empower us as consumers. Happy National Consumer Rights Day!”

“May we always remember our rights as consumers and strive for a marketplace that values fairness and transparency. Happy National Consumer Rights Day!”

National Consumer Rights Day Dates

While December 24 marks the official observance of National Consumer Rights Day in India, various events and campaigns may extend the celebrations throughout the month.

2023December 24Sunday
2024December 24Tuesday
2025December 24Wednesday
2026December 24Thursday
2027December 24Friday


What is National Consumer Rights Day?

National Consumer Rights Day commemorates the enactment of the Consumer Protection Act in 1986 and serves as a reminder of the importance of consumer rights.

When is National Consumer Rights Day?

National Consumer Rights Day is observed annually on December 24.


National Consumer Rights Day is not just a day on the calendar; it’s a reminder of the rights every consumer holds. By understanding and advocating for these rights, we can create a marketplace that is fair, transparent, and just for all.

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