National Cheese Doodle Day – March 5, 2024

National Cheese Doodle Day celebrates one of America’s favorite snacks – the cheese doodle. On March 5th each year, cheese doodle enthusiasts come together to indulge in this cheesy, crunchy delight. This article delves into the history of National Cheese Doodle Day, fun activities to enjoy, interesting facts about cheese doodles, and why this day holds a special place in the hearts of many.

History of National Cheese Doodle Day

The Origin Story

National Cheese Doodle Day traces its origins back to the love affair Americans have had with cheese doodles since their invention in the 1940s. These cheesy snacks were first introduced by an innovative snack food company looking to create a new sensation in the snacking world. Over the years, cheese doodles have become a staple in households across the nation, earning their place in snack history.

Official Recognition

In 2020, National Cheese Doodle Day was officially recognized, giving cheese doodle enthusiasts a designated day to celebrate their favorite snack. Since then, it has grown in popularity, with celebrations ranging from small gatherings among friends to large-scale events hosted by snack companies.

National Cheese Doodle Day Activities

Cheese Doodle Tasting Party

One of the best ways to celebrate National Cheese Doodle Day is by hosting a cheese doodle tasting party. Invite friends and family over to sample different varieties of cheese doodles, from classic cheddar to adventurous flavors like jalapeno or buffalo ranch. Set up a tasting station complete with bowls of cheese doodles, napkins, and scorecards for guests to rate their favorites.

Cheese Doodle Art Contest

Get creative on National Cheese Doodle Day by hosting a cheese doodle art contest. Provide participants with blank canvases, glue, and plenty of cheese doodles to create their masterpieces. Encourage them to let their imaginations run wild, using cheese doodles as a medium to craft anything from landscapes to portraits.

5 Facts About Cheese Doodles

Born in the USA:

Cheese doodles are a truly American invention, first created in the 1940s.

Cheesy by the Pound:

Believe it or not, over 15 million pounds of cheese doodles are produced annually in the US alone! That’s a lot of cheesy goodness.

A Culinary Fan:

You might be surprised to learn that the famous cooking teacher Julia Child was a big fan of cheese doodles!

Flavor Wars:

In recent years, there’s been a bit of a “cheese war” between different brands, with Cheez Doodles even getting a “cheezier” makeover to compete with the bolder flavors of Cheetos.

More Than Just Cheese:

While cheese is obviously the star of the show, cheese doodles don’t actually contain any real cheese. The flavor comes from a special blend of cheese powder and other seasonings.

Why We Love National Cheese Doodle Day

The Cheesy Goodness:

That tangy, salty, cheesy flavor is simply addictive! It’s the perfect combination of savory and satisfying.

The Crunchy Fun:

The light, airy texture of the classic puffed cheese doodle provides a delightful crunch.

Nostalgic Snacking:

For many, cheese doodles are tied to childhood memories – school lunches, road trips, and simple snacking pleasures.

Messy Delight:

The cheesy dust left behind on your fingers is part of the fun! It’s like a badge of honor for true cheese doodle lovers.

Celebration of the Quirky:

National Cheese Doodle Day is a chance to embrace the silliness and indulge in a simple, yet utterly delicious snack.

National Cheese Doodle Day Dates

2024March 5Tuesday
2025March 5Wednesday
2026March 5Thursday
2027March 5Friday
2028March 5Sunday


What is National Cheese Doodle Day?

National Cheese Doodle Day is a designated day to celebrate one of America’s favorite snacks – the cheese doodle. It falls on March 5th each year.

When is National Cheese Doodle Day?

National Cheese Doodle Day is celebrated annually on March 5th.


National Cheese Doodle Day is more than just a day to enjoy cheesy snacks; it’s a celebration of community, creativity, and the simple joys of life. Whether you’re hosting a tasting party, getting artistic with cheese doodle crafts, or simply enjoying a handful of these crunchy treats, take a moment to savor the cheesy goodness and appreciate the camaraderie that comes with it.

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