National Bunny Day – September 23: History, Celebrate & Facts

National Bunny Day, observed on September 23rd, is a delightful occasion dedicated to our furry, floppy-eared friends. This day is all about celebrating the charm and cuteness of bunnies while raising awareness about their well-being and the importance of responsible pet ownership. 

History of National Bunny Day

National Bunny Day has a heartwarming history. It was established with the aim of promoting the welfare and protection of rabbits. This day is not only about celebrating the joy bunnies bring into our lives but also about highlighting the issues they face, such as abandonment and mistreatment.

The initiative for National Bunny Day started with rabbit lovers and animal welfare activists who wanted to create a special day to appreciate these gentle creatures. Over the years, it has grown into a global observance, with events, fundraisers, and adoption drives taking place in many countries.

How to Celebrate National Bunny Day

Adopt a Bunny: 

If you’ve been considering adding a furry friend to your family, National Bunny Day is the perfect time to adopt a rabbit from a shelter or rescue organization. Make sure you’re prepared for the responsibilities of bunny ownership, as they require love and care, just like any other pet.

Visit a Bunny Sanctuary: 

Many sanctuaries and rescue centers open their doors to visitors on National Bunny Day. It’s a great opportunity to interact with bunnies and learn more about their needs and behaviors.

Host a Bunny-Themed Party: 

Throw a Bunny Day party with friends and family. Decorate with bunny-themed decorations, serve carrot cake, and enjoy bunny-shaped cookies. You can even organize bunny-themed games and activities.

Educate Yourself: 

Take some time to research rabbit care and welfare. Understanding their needs can help improve the lives of these adorable animals.

Volunteer or Donate: 

Consider volunteering at an animal shelter that cares for rabbits. Donations to rabbit rescue organizations are also greatly appreciated and can make a significant difference.

Fun Facts About Bunnies

  • Bunnies have nearly 360-degree panoramic vision, allowing them to detect predators from various angles.
  • A group of bunnies is called a “fluffle.”
  • Rabbits are known for their prolific breeding. A single pair of rabbits can produce dozens of offspring in a year.
  • Bunnies have a unique way of showing affection by grooming each other.

National Bunny Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages

“Hoppy National Bunny Day! May your day be filled with joy and carrots.”

“Bunnies are the epitome of hop-timism. Happy Bunny Day!”

“Wishing you a day as bright and beautiful as a bunny’s nose wiggle!”

“Every bunny needs some bunny to love. Happy National Bunny Day!”

“Celebrate today by adopting a bunny and giving it a forever home.”

“Bunny kisses and carrot wishes on this special day!”

“Let’s make the world a better place for bunnies, one hop at a time.”

“Hoppiness is a warm, fluffy bunny in your arms.”

“National Bunny Day: Because every bunny deserves a day in the spotlight!”

“In a world full of bunnies, be a flopsy.”

National Bunny Day Dates

2021September 25Saturday
2022September 24Saturday
2023September 23Saturday
2024September 28Saturday
2025September 27Saturday


What is National Bunny Day?

National Bunny Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating rabbits and promoting their welfare. It’s a day to raise awareness about the needs of bunnies and to appreciate their cuteness.

When is National Bunny Day?

National Bunny Day is observed on September 23rd, 2023.

Why is National Bunny Day celebrated?

National Bunny Day is celebrated to raise awareness about rabbit welfare, encourage responsible pet ownership, and celebrate the joy that bunnies bring into our lives.


As National Bunny Day approaches, take the time to appreciate these lovable creatures and consider how you can contribute to their well-being. Whether it’s adopting a bunny, volunteering at a rescue center, or simply sharing bunny-themed joy with your friends and family, you can make a positive impact on the lives of these adorable animals. Let’s ensure that every bunny enjoys a happy and happy life!

And remember, the more we learn about bunnies and their needs, the better we can care for them and make a difference in their lives.

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