Kool Aid Day – August 18: History, Activities, Facts & Quotes

Are you ready to dive into a world of vibrant colors and refreshing flavors? Well, mark your calendars for August 18, because it’s time to celebrate Kool Aid Day! This iconic drink has been a staple in households for generations, offering a delightful burst of sweetness and a touch of nostalgia. 

Kool-Aid Day is celebrated on the second Friday in August in Hastings, Nebraska. It coincides with the first day of Kool-Aid Days, a festival held from Friday, August 19 to Sunday, August 21. This year, the day falls on August 18. The theme this year is Mangonificent.

Kool-Aid was invented by Edwin Perkins in Hastings, Nebraska in 1927. He originally created a liquid concentrate called Fruit Smack, but he found that it was too expensive to ship. He then developed a powder form of the drink, which he called Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid quickly became popular and is now sold in over 100 countries.

History of Kool Aid Day

The story of Kool Aid Day dates back to the early 20th century, when Edwin Perkins, a chemist with an entrepreneurial spirit, stumbled upon a brilliant idea. He developed a powdered drink mix that could easily transform plain water into a flavorful and refreshing beverage. This invention paved the way for the birth of Kool Aid in 1927. Over the years, Kool Aid gained immense popularity, becoming a symbol of summertime fun and a beloved treat for all ages.

Kool Aid Day Activities

On Kool Aid Day, the possibilities for fun are endless. Gather your friends and family and embark on a journey of creativity and taste! Host a Kool Aid tasting party, where everyone can mix and match flavors to create their unique concoctions. Get artistic by using Kool Aid as a natural dye for tie-dye projects or even colorful hair streaks. For the culinary enthusiasts, experimenting with Kool Aid in recipes, from vibrant cupcakes to refreshing popsicles, can add a delightful twist to your culinary repertoire. Don’t forget to organize games like Kool Aid-inspired scavenger hunts or water balloon fights to make the day even more memorable.

Why We Love Kool Aid Day

There’s something magical about the way Kool Aid brings people together. It’s not just a drink; it’s a symbol of shared moments and cherished memories. The burst of colors and the sweet, tangy flavors can instantly transport us back to carefree summer days. Kool Aid has a unique ability to bridge generations, allowing grandparents to reminisce about their own childhood while introducing the joy of the drink to their grandchildren. It’s a reminder that simple pleasures can have a profound impact on our lives.

Kool Aid Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages

“Sip, savor, and celebrate – it’s Kool Aid Day! May your day be as vibrant as the flavors in your glass.”

“Cheers to the sweet moments and colorful memories that Kool Aid brings into our lives. Happy Kool Aid Day!”

“Just like Kool Aid, may your day be filled with sweetness and laughter. Have a ‘kool’ celebration!”

“On this special day, let’s raise our glasses to the classic taste of Kool Aid and the timeless joy it brings.”

“Life is brighter with a splash of Kool Aid. Wishing you a day filled with refreshing moments and delightful surprises.”


  • Edwin Perkins was not only an inventor but also an entrepreneur, establishing the Perkins Products Company to market his creations.
  • The original Kool Aid flavors included Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Grape, Orange, and Raspberry.
  • Perkins’ innovative packaging idea led to the creation of the “Kool Aid Man” mascot, who became an iconic symbol.
  • Kool Aid became popular among American troops during World War II, as it was included in soldiers’ rations.
  • Edwin Perkins’ legacy extended beyond Kool Aid; he was also involved in other successful inventions, showcasing his creative prowess.

Kool Aid Day Dates

2022August 19Friday
2023August 18Friday
2024August 16Friday
2025August 15Friday
2026August 21Friday


Q1: When was the first-ever Kool Aid flavor introduced?

The first Kool Aid flavors, Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Grape, Orange, and Raspberry, were introduced when Kool Aid was launched in 1927.

Q2: Is Kool Aid only meant to be consumed as a drink?

While Kool Aid is primarily known as a drink mix, creative individuals have used it as a natural dye and even as a flavoring agent in various recipes.

Q3: How did Kool Aid gain popularity during World War II?

Kool Aid was included in soldiers’ rations during World War II due to its long shelf life and ability to make plain water more palatable.

Q4: Can I mix different Kool Aid flavors to create unique combinations?

Absolutely! Mixing different Kool Aid flavors is a fun way to create your own signature drink with customized flavors.

Q5: Are there any sugar-free versions of Kool Aid available?

Yes, Kool Aid offers sugar-free and reduced-sugar options for those looking to enjoy the flavors without the added sugar content.


Kool Aid Day is more than just a celebration of a drink; it’s a celebration of the simple joys that unite us. From its humble beginnings to becoming a symbol of summertime delight, Kool Aid has etched itself into our hearts and memories. So, on August 18, let’s raise our glasses to Edwin Perkins’ ingenious creation, share laughter and creativity with our loved ones, and embrace the vibrant spirit of Kool Aid. After all, life’s moments are meant to be celebrated, one colorful sip at a time.

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