International Town Criers Day – July 10, 2023

International Town Criers Day: In a world dominated by technology and instant communication, the traditional role of town criers may seem outdated and obsolete. However, International Town Criers Day, celebrated on July 10th each year, serves as a reminder of the important historical and cultural significance of these charismatic figures. This day provides an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the unique role that town criers have played in communities around the world throughout history. 

In this article, we will explore the origins of International Town Criers Day, the role of town criers, and the ways in which this celebration is observed.

International Town Criers Day is an annual celebration that honors the historical profession of town criers and their contributions to society. Town criers were public figures who served as messengers in towns and cities, delivering important news, announcements, and proclamations to the local community. They played a crucial role in disseminating information in an era before newspapers, telephones, and social media.

The Origins of International Town Criers Day

The exact origins of International Town Criers Day are unclear, but it is believed to have emerged as a way to recognize the historical significance of town criers and preserve their traditions. This celebration aims to keep the art of town crying alive and remind people of the essential role that these individuals played in their communities.

The Role of Town Criers

Town criers were often appointed by local authorities or governments to act as official messengers. Clad in elaborate uniforms and armed with a handbell or a bellman’s staff, they would make their presence known by loudly ringing the bell and crying out their announcements in public places. Their loud and authoritative voices ensured that their messages reached as many people as possible.

Apart from delivering news, town criers also had other responsibilities. They would announce important events, such as public meetings, elections, and fairs. In addition, they acted as the voice of authority, ensuring that laws, regulations, and proclamations were communicated to the public in a clear and effective manner.

Celebrating International Town Criers Day

International Town Criers Day is celebrated in various ways around the world. Communities organize events and festivals that pay tribute to the historical significance of town criers. These celebrations often include reenactments of town criers delivering their messages, competitions to find the loudest and most skilled crier, and exhibitions showcasing the history and artifacts associated with this unique profession.

7 Different Forms of Town Criers From Countries Around the World

Furthermore, many towns and cities use International Town Criers Day as an opportunity to recognize the contributions of their local town criers, past and present. They may honor them with awards, public acknowledgments, or even the appointment of an official town crier for the day.

Town criers, or their equivalents, can be found in various forms across different countries, each with its own unique traditions and cultural significance. Here are seven different forms of town criers from countries around the world:

  • United Kingdom – Beadles: In the United Kingdom, particularly in cities like London, town criers were sometimes known as Beadles. These individuals wore distinctive uniforms and carried a staff of authority. They were responsible for maintaining order, making announcements, and representing the local authorities.
  • Germany – Stadtschreier: In Germany, the town crier is referred to as the Stadtschreier. They would dress in colorful costumes, often wearing a tri-cornered hat and a long coat. The Stadtschreier’s main role was to announce important events, public meetings, and declarations on behalf of the local government.
  • Spain – Pregoneros: In Spain, the town criers are known as Pregoneros. They have a rich history and are often seen during festivals and special events. Pregoneros would walk through the streets, ringing a bell and proclaiming the start of festivities or announcing the arrival of dignitaries.
  • India – Kottapurathu Mootam: In the state of Kerala, India, a unique form of town crier known as Kottapurathu Mootam exists. They are members of a community who serve as messengers and mediators in resolving disputes and conveying important information within their village. They play a vital role in maintaining peace and harmony in the community.
  • Netherlands – Stadsomroeper: In the Netherlands, the town crier is called the Stadsomroeper. They wear traditional clothing and carry a handbell or a bellman’s staff. Stadsomroepers were historically responsible for making important announcements, promoting local events, and maintaining order in the city.
  • Japan – Kan-uchi: In Japan, the town crier is referred to as the Kan-uchi. They are often seen in traditional festivals and ceremonies. Kan-uchi wears elaborate costumes and uses a large wooden clapper to grab the attention of the crowd. Their role is to announce the beginning of ceremonies, parades, and other significant events.
  • South Africa – Gaanman: In certain communities in South Africa, specifically among the Griqua people, a town crier is known as the Gaanman. The Gaanman plays a vital role in communicating important news, events, and messages to the community. They are respected figures who embody the traditions and customs of their culture.

International Town Criers Day Dates

2022July 11Monday
2023July 10Monday
2024July 8Monday
2025July 14Monday

International Town Criers Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages 

“Wishing a joyful International Town Criers Day to all the dedicated messengers who kept communities informed throughout history. Your voices resonate through time.”

“On this special day, we honor the town criers who bridged the gap between news and people. Happy International Town Criers Day!”

“May the spirit of town criers, who proclaimed important messages with conviction and clarity, inspire us to communicate effectively and connect with our communities. Happy International Town Criers Day!”

“To the town criers who carried the weight of words on their shoulders and delivered the news with pride, we salute your commitment and passion. Happy International Town Criers Day!”

“Let us remember the town criers who echoed the voice of the people, spreading news, and fostering unity. Wishing everyone a meaningful International Town Criers Day!”

“On International Town Criers Day, let’s appreciate the art of communication and the historical significance of town criers who played a vital role in the life of every community.”

“To all the town criers who made history come alive through their booming voices, we express our gratitude and celebrate their enduring legacy. Happy International Town Criers Day!”

“May the spirit of town criers continue to inspire us to embrace effective communication, keeping communities informed and united. Happy International Town Criers Day!”

“As we commemorate International Town Criers Day, let us reflect on the importance of clear, concise, and accurate information for the growth and well-being of society.”

“Today, we honor the town criers of the past and present, appreciating their dedication to delivering news and announcements. Happy International Town Criers Day!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of International Town Criers Day?

International Town Criers Day serves as a celebration of the historical and cultural significance of town criers and their role in delivering important news and announcements in communities.

How can individuals participate in the celebration?

Individuals can participate in the celebration by attending local events, learning about the history of town criers, and sharing their appreciation for the profession on social media.

Are town criers still active in modern communities?

While the role of town criers has diminished in modern times, some communities still maintain the tradition by having official town criers who participate in ceremonial and cultural events.

Are there any famous historical town criers?

Yes, there are several famous historical town criers, such as Henry Cooper in London, who served as the town crier for over 40 years during the 19th century.

Is International Town Criers Day recognized worldwide?

While International Town Criers Day may not be widely recognized in every country, communities, and organizations in various parts of the world celebrate this day to honor town criers and their contributions.


International Town Criers Day is a special occasion that highlights the historical importance of town criers and their role in delivering vital messages to communities. This celebration allows us to appreciate the unique traditions and skills of town criers, keeping their legacy alive. So, on July 10th, let us take a moment to acknowledge the town criers of the past and the impact they had on our societies.

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