Iglesia ni Cristo Day – July 27, 2023 in Philippines

Iglesia ni Cristo Day is celebrated on July 27th each year. The Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) is a prominent independent Christian religious organization in the Philippines. Founded by Felix Y. Manalo on July 27, 1914, it has grown to become one of the largest and most influential religious groups in the country.

This article explores the history, beliefs, spread, significance, celebrations, impact, and challenges of the Iglesia ni Cristo, focusing on its observance of “Iglesia ni Cristo Day” on July 27.

History of Iglesia ni Cristo

The roots of Iglesia ni Cristo can be traced back to the early 20th century when Felix Y. Manalo, a former Catholic, embarked on a spiritual journey to seek religious truth. He claimed to have experienced divine revelations, leading him to establish a new religious organization that aimed to restore the original Christian Church. On July 27, 1914, he registered the Iglesia ni Cristo with the Philippine government, marking its official foundation.

Beliefs and Doctrines

Fundamental Beliefs

Iglesia ni Cristo adheres to several fundamental beliefs, including the belief in one God, the divinity of Jesus Christ, the inspiration of the Bible, and the authority of the Church administration led by the Executive Minister.

Structure and Leadership

The Church follows a strict hierarchical structure with the Executive Minister serving as the highest authority. Ministers and evangelical workers play a vital role in propagating the faith and overseeing congregations worldwide.

Religious Practices

The Iglesia ni Cristo practices regular worship services, prayer meetings, and various religious gatherings. Baptism is an essential rite for membership, and they abstain from certain activities like drinking alcohol and smoking.

Spread and Growth

Expansion in the Philippines

From its humble beginnings in the Philippines, the Iglesia ni Cristo has expanded rapidly, establishing local congregations throughout the archipelago.

International Presence

The Church’s growth is not limited to the Philippines. It has reached different parts of the world, establishing congregations in various countries and continents.

Significance of July 27 for Iglesia ni Cristo

Felix Y. Manalo’s Birthday

July 27 holds a special place in the hearts of Iglesia ni Cristo members as it marks the birthday of their beloved founder, Felix Y. Manalo. They celebrate this day as a tribute to his life and dedication to the Church.

Commemorating the Establishment of the Church

Moreover, July 27 is a day of commemoration for the establishment of the Iglesia ni Cristo as an independent religious organization in the Philippines.

Celebrations and Activities on Iglesia ni Cristo Day

  • Special Worship Services

On Iglesia ni Cristo Day, members gather in their respective locales or chapels for special worship services, reflecting on the significance of the Church’s founding and renewing their faith.

  • Community Outreach Programs

In the spirit of giving back to society, members engage in community outreach programs, providing assistance to those in need and supporting charitable causes.

  • Cultural Events and Performances

Cultural events and performances are also held on this day, showcasing the rich heritage and talents of Iglesia ni Cristo members.

Impact on Philippine Culture and Society

  • Social and Charitable Contributions

Over the years, the Iglesia ni Cristo has been actively involved in various charitable activities, including disaster relief, medical missions, and educational assistance, making a positive impact on Philippine society.

  • Influence on Politics and Governance

Due to its significant number of followers, the Iglesia ni Cristo has garnered attention from politicians, and its endorsement during elections can sway votes in certain regions.

Challenges and Controversies

  • Criticisms and Oppositions

Like any large organization, Iglesia ni Cristo has faced criticisms from some individuals and groups, particularly on matters related to their doctrines and practices.

  • Legal and Political Issues

The Church has also encountered legal and political challenges over the years, which have put it in the spotlight and tested its resilience.

Iglesia ni Cristo Day Dates

2023July 27Thursday
2024July 27Saturday
2025July 27Sunday
2026July 27Monday
2027July 27Tuesday

Iglesia ni Cristo Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages 

“Iglesia ni Cristo has been a beacon of light and hope for a century. May its guiding principles lead us to a brighter future.”

“Let us rejoice in the unity and strength of our Iglesia ni Cristo family. Together, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.”

“On Iglesia ni Cristo Day, we express our gratitude for the blessings and guidance we receive as members of this faith. May we continue to grow in love and service.”

“Wishing all members of Iglesia ni Cristo a joyous and blessed celebration on this special day. May your faith be strengthened, and your hearts be filled with happiness.”

“May the spirit of Iglesia ni Cristo Day bring peace and harmony to your lives. Happy celebrations to you and your family.”

“Sending my warmest wishes to everyone in the Iglesia ni Cristo community. May this day remind us of the values we hold dear and the love we share with one another.”

“As we come together to celebrate Iglesia ni Cristo Day, may we find inspiration in our shared beliefs and continue to walk the path of righteousness.”

“May the teachings of Iglesia ni Cristo guide you in every aspect of your life. Wishing you a meaningful and spiritually fulfilling day.”


Iglesia ni Cristo Day on July 27 is a momentous occasion for members of this religious organization. It serves as a time of reflection, celebration, and community involvement. Throughout its history, Iglesia ni Cristo has grown from a small religious group in the Philippines to a global phenomenon, leaving a lasting impact on society, culture, and politics. As it faces challenges and controversies, its members continue to uphold their beliefs and contribute to the well-being of their communities.


Q: How did Felix Y. Manalo establish the Iglesia ni Cristo?

A: Felix Y. Manalo established the Iglesia ni Cristo on July 27, 1914, after experiencing divine revelations that led him to form a new religious organization.

Q: What are the fundamental beliefs of Iglesia ni Cristo?

A: The fundamental beliefs of Iglesia ni Cristo include the belief in one God, the divinity of Jesus Christ, the inspiration of the Bible, and the authority of the Church administration led by the Executive Minister.

Q: How has Iglesia ni Cristo grown internationally?

A: Apart from its strong presence in the Philippines, Iglesia ni Cristo has expanded globally, establishing congregations in various countries and continents.

Q: What activities are conducted on Iglesia ni Cristo Day?

A: On Iglesia ni Cristo Day, special worship services, community outreach programs, and cultural events are conducted to celebrate the Church’s founding.

Q: How has Iglesia ni Cristo contributed to Philippine society?

A: Iglesia ni Cristo has actively participated in various charitable activities, disaster relief efforts, medical missions, and educational assistance programs, positively impacting Philippine society.

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